Sunday, August 16, 2015

Donald Trump on "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd: The world is so unfair to Americans, but now comes the Donald to fix everything, and he will bully the world into submission

By Patrick

OK, I just listened to the extensive new interview with Donald Trump on "Meet the Press", where Trump talks to Chuck Todd, and the interview is truly revealing. However, it is not really worth to get into too much detail, because the pattern is always the same: It's Donald Trump and the USA against the rest of the world. Also, he is still a Obama-birther, can you believe it.

Chuck Todd was doing a pretty good job during this interview in my opinion, but he avoided to talk about a few "hot issues" in detail, for example about the Fox News controversy and the "Mexico sends us their rapists" controversy.

Basically, if you want to turn the USA into a fascist nation, then Donald Trump has to be your first choice. He wants to take on everybody, friends and foes alike: Iran, Asia in general, China, ISIS, Europe (Germany in particular), Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico - and these are only the countries he actually names in the interview!

There seems to be no country in the world that the Donald does actually like. Also, according to Trump, the world should reimburse the USA, for all the great things the country is doing all over the world.

This interview is truly shocking. It does not bother Trump at all that his explanations are full of contradictions, and devoid of any knowledge about world affairs. The only thing that the Donald knows is that virtually all other countries in the world are out to get the USA and want to do harm to the USA, for selfish reasons, of course. According to him, lots of other countries steal jobs from Americans, and of course he will take the jobs back to the USA (how he will do this, remains his secret).

Trump also wants to invade Iraq again in order to fight ISIS, and of course it would totally pay for itself, because the USA will pay this new war with the oil they will...well, loot, after the invasion. Trump is not bothered by the fact that this concept already failed once before.

Also, what will the people of Iraq will think about the fact that the USA wants to claim their oil? Trump does not care, as he does not care about anyone else, apart from Donald Trump. The world of Donald Trump is a very simple world.

So, if you want a big American bully for President, then Donald Trump is your first choice.

He also blatantly lied about Ronald Reagan in this interview, in order to paint himself as a great Republican, saying the he liked Ronald Reagan, and Ronald Reagan liked him.

I really wished that a journalist would confront Donald Trump one day with this excerpt from his 1989 book "The Art of the Deal", in which Trump compared Ronald Reagan to a con man and ridiculed him, stating that seven years after Reagan's election "people are beginning to question whether there's anything beneath that smile."

On abortion, women won't have much too smile about under a Trump administration, as their right to choose would virtually vanish, but do not despair, because at least Trump knows "the importance of women." In Trumps world, they surely are incredibly important, because from time to time every man needs to stick in his dick into something, and women come in handy in this respect, especially since they also look very nice and can be shown around (I hope I do not need a SNARK sign here...).

What else was there? Yes, Donald Trump doesn't like NATO either, and these lazy Germans are not leading regarding the Russia/Ukraine conflict, according to Trump. Apparently, he does either not know or not care about the fact that the Germans and other European nations were in fact leading in brokering a peace deal in February 2015, in order to avoid an European war, but I guess that in Donald Trump's world, peace is simply a very boring thing. We want the fireworks, and the total submission of the enemy! USA, USA, TRUMP, TRUMP!

Watch the interview:



NBC also has a "bonus-clip" with Chuck Todd on Donald Trump's place, in which Trump explains his insane "immigration plan."

In case you didn't know yet, "Mexico should pay for the wall."

Also, all the illegal immigrants "have to go."

So, apart from taking on virtually the whole world, Donald Trump will also deport 13 million people from the USA.

Sounds like a winning concept, for sure.

Watch the clip:



Just a few days ago, the BBC conducted an excellent interview with famous British TV-presenter Selina Scott, and her shocking experiences with Donald Trump. This clip is an absolute must-see, and unfortunately only received little attention so far.

Watch the clip:

More background:

A scary misogynist who sees nothing wrong in stalking somebody/anybody with his ridiculous opinions of himself. As Scott says in today's Sunday Times, Megyn Kelly got off lightly compared to her - she says he has an ego "the size of the Empire State" and "is as ridiculous as his thatch of hair". BBC TV presenter Selina Scott has had problems with Donald Trump for a long time - since 1995.

It all began when Ms Scott broadcast what she calls a "realistic" profile of the business tycoon, who is now running for US president. (This DVD was sent anonymously to councillors in Aberdeenshire to warn them what they were getting into if Trump were to purchase land for a golf course - which they ignored). He then started sending her letters rubbishing her looks and questioning her morality, and still brought it up years later, she told the BBC's Newsnight.

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