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Sarah Palin hates Brian Williams, Sarah Palin hates the media, because they supposedly tell lies about her - But the liar, as always, is Sarah Palin herself!

By Patrick

Sarah Palin is virtually begging us to write a new post about her, so I guess we have no real choice. Sarah, the eternal victim, struck again in her latest facebook post. She asks her readers to "read it through", and yes, why not. Her post isn't exactly Shakespeare, but she obviously has something very important to tell us.

The summary of her facebook post: According to Sarah Palin, NBC-reporter Brian Williams is a liar, the media constantly lies, they all first and foremost love to spead lies about Sarah Palin, and Sarah Palin assures her readers that she definitely is"my son's mother." 

So what exactly does she say?

She says that Brian Williams falsely claimed that Palin tried to ban books from the Wasilla public library, and writes:

My parents just reminded me that right after my acceptance speech at the RNC in 2008, Brian Williams repeated on national television a completely false story that I banned books while I served in office. He did so by reading on air a completely false op-ed by another unethical character who's never clarified nor apologized for including that outrageous censorship lie, among many others. (Thanks, Joe Klein, hope you're keeping it classy.) Those lies – proclaimed on air as if Williams was merely reporting "the news" – were heard by many that night. Lies like that were like a gut punch to my parents that knocked down the foundation of trust they've lived their good lives upon, for they realized, defenselessly, the power of a corrupt press. The media lies rung a bell that can never be “un-rung.” In the minds of millions of Americans, I was tainted as an anti-First Amendment book banning wacko. Brian Williams lied about me in order to affect the way I would be perceived by Americans during the 2008 election. He lies. There is no other way around it. But what’s especially disgusting is the way his corrupt colleagues covered for him. I have never and will never let the shroud of victimization cover me – God's given me way too many undeserved blessings to dishonor His goodness by wasting time crying "victim" – but I'm happy to recall the hundreds of Palin-centric false reports if it helps America understand you must never trust JournoList-types. (Well, not exactly "happy" to do it, but willing – all the whilst throwing up a little bit in my mouth, believing the reason the harshness perpetuates may be for others' edification.)

So, first question: Did Brian Williams in fact say anything about the "book banning story" back in 2008? I couldn't find any confirmation for this on the internet. However, what I did find was that Brian Williams actually gave Sarah Palin the opportunity to make a comment about the "book banning allegations," in an interview he conducted with her on October 24, 2008. So Brian Williams actually gave her the chance to set the record straight, and Sarah herself immediately jumped on this opportunity and created the meme of the "media victim", her favorite role up until this day.

This particular part of this interview was for example back in 2008 included in a news broadcast (from about 2:00):

Fortunately, the full interview with Brian Williams from October 24, 2008 with Sarah Palin has been preserved, and it is well worth watching the full clip:

The mainstream media did actually look in these allegations about the book banning, and for example ABC News back in 2008 published an excellent, balanced and factual report on this issue:

Even this very balanced report by ABC News still did not look good for Sarah Palin at all, and given her long track record of vindictive behavior, it is hardly surprising that she hates the media with a passion. If there is one thing that Sarah Palin has always hated, it is to be investigated.

But there is another, even more important thing about the above mentioned interview by Brian Williams with Sarah Palin from October 24, 2008. First the first and only time in public during the 2008 campaign, a reporter actually pressed Sarah Palin for her medical records. In doing so, Brian Williams committed the cardinal sin. If there is one thing that Sarah Palin did not want anyone to see in 2008 or after, it was her medical records.

In the interview with him, she promised Brian Williams to hand the records over, but nothing happened, up until the day before the election, when Sarah Palin's campaign suddenly released a rather strange medical letter. This letter dealt more with Sarah Palin being Trig's mother, than with anything else concerning her medical history.

It may have come as a surprise for some political observers in 2008 that Sarah Palin was not really in the mood to show her medical records, but at home in Alaska, nobody should have really been surprised. As veteran Alaska journalist Michael Carey already confirmed in a TV-interview in September 2, 2008 during the Republican National Convention, it was an open secret at home in Alaska that Sarah Palin actually did not give birth to her "son" Trig:

Note: Back in 2008, this remarkable interview with Michael Carey was quickly buried in an obscure internet archive, and was not really seen by anyone. We only "rescued" it from there later in 2009, and made it available to a broad audience.

So what else is Sarah Palin concerned about? Oh yes, the lies of the media about her, as she explains again for the 1000x time in her latest facebook post:

Let’s consider the herd mentality these journalists use to empower and cover for each other. It’s precisely the way a corrupt organization works, like a crime syndicate. Remember the “JournoList” scandal where hundreds of prominent members of the media were finally exposed for operating a secret internet chat group to strategize on how they would cover (read: spin) the news of the day to fit their leftwing agenda, regardless of truth? I haven't forgotten. They would stop at nothing. I was aware of their collective unethical character not only because my college degree was earned using the complete opposite journalism tactics of JournoList's, but also because I lived it first hand as they began their relentless BS about my family, my hometown, and my record when I was asked to come on the national scene in 2008.


There is a serious problem with the liberal media’s herd mentality. It's too late for their mea culpa because they've already lost America’s trust, and that is a dangerous thing. But while they're still on our airwaves, they need to clean up their act as the rest of us turn to new media that will be held accountable. A free press is a cornerstone of our democracy. They have the tools to be our watchdogs, not liars and lapdogs for the powers that be.

The "JournoList"...? I had written about the these emails in details for example here, and the emails show how at the beginning of September 2008, journalists try to come to terms with the discovery that Sarah Palin might not be Trig's biological mother. At the end, however, the journalists decide that this subject should be buried, due to the fear of negative political repercussions.

Yes, Sarah Palin, a free press indeed is the "cornerstone" of any democracy. Oh well, I found something that we and Sarah Palin can agree on! Miracles do sometimes happen.

The only problem with the free press is that they, much to Sarah's displeasure, have the habit to ask pesky questions. One day they want to see Sarah Palin's medical records, the other day they wonder whether Sarah Palin actually is the biological mother of Trig, and the next day they might ask which university degree Sarah Palin has obtained.

Sarah Palin's strange journey through four universities and colleges (not counting the University of Hawaii) in five years in three different states has been well documented and researched, for example by the blog Palingates in 2010. However, nobody could so far conclusively answer the following question: Ẁhich degree did Sarah Palin actually obtain in the end?

This question is very relevant indeed, as Sarah Palin over the years based her constant criticism of the media also on the fact that she herself has profound knowledge on this subject, due to a rather unspecified degree in "journalism" that she claimed to have obtained from the University of Idaho. She does this again in the latest facebook post, and says:

"I was aware of their collective unethical character not only because my college degree was earned using the complete opposite journalism tactics of JournoList's..."

OK, let's see. While nobody has seen a copy of Sarah Palin's college or university degree, there is some other fact that many people are not aware of, and which was revealed by author Geoffrey Dunn in his excellent, very well sourced and researched book "The Lies of Sarah Palin", published in 2011. Dunn's book is required reading for anyone who wants to get to know the "real" Sarah Palin.

Geoffrey Dunn revealed in his book for the first time that a document exists in which Sarah Palin actually explained herself which degree (or degrees...) she supposedly holds - and this is a "notarized" document.

Geoffrey Dunn writes (pages 56 and 57):

Just a few weeks ealier, Palin had submitted an application to the city of Palmer for the position of police dispatcher. It is a fascinating document. Attached to it was a one-page resume, which included some classic Palin schmaltz and self-promotion. Under her "strengths", she declared: "Lifelong resident of Alaska. An innate ability to 'be in the right place at the right time.'"

Palin signed that everything in the document "is true or complete to the best of my knowledge" and that "any intentional misrepresentation or omission" would disqualify her from employment and "may be considered for immediate discharge from employment." The document was notarized on March 12, 1996.

Rather than list her home address, Palin listed a post office box in Wasilla. She also noted that she was "unemployed" at the time of the application and curiously checked the "yes" box when asked: "If you are under 18 years of age, can you provide required proof of your eligibility to work?" She was thirty-two at the time. She checked every box in terms of her availibility - full time, part time, shift work, and temporary.

Under the listing of "Education", she declared that had graduated from Wasilla High in 1982 with a "college prep" course of study. In respect to her "Undergraduate College", she listed solely the University of Idaho, where she indicated that she had completed five years, with a course of study in "Political Science/Journalism" - in that order. On her resume accompanying the application, she says that she completed a minor in "political science" and also added "political science studies" to her list of "specialized training."

And then comes a more curious representation. Under "Graduate Professional" education, she declared "Post-Grad General Studies" for one year. Just where this graduate school education took place she did not indicate, nor has there ever been a record of such postgraduate work made public by Palin, in her memoir or elsewhere.

In a sworn deposition, taken in 1998 for a case related to her performance as mayor of Wasilla, she was asked, "And did you have any further degrees or seek any further education (following your graduation from the University of Idaho)?"

PALIN: Yes, seeking a - hopefully - will be able to some day work further for a master's degree.

So there you have it. Not only did Sarah Palin lie in this notarized document from 1996 about her "postgraduate" studies and distorted her checkered college history. In addition, she also mentioned a "minor" in Political Science which has been absent from all the following "descriptions" about her college history. Furthermore, she did not specify which degree she actually obtained. Finally, as we will show below, Sarah Palin never studied "Journalism."

As a reminder, this Sarah Palin's actual "college history", excluding her "aborted" attempt to attend the University of Hawaii:

Fall 82: Hawaii Pacific University

Spring 83: North Idaho Community College

Fall 83: North Idaho Community College

Spring 84: Out of school.

Fall 84: University of Idaho

Spring 85: University of Idaho

Fall 85: Mat-Su Community College (reportedly part-time)

Spring 86: University of Idaho

Fall 86: University of Idaho

Spring 87: University of Idaho

Therefore the liar is Sarah Palin, and has always been. It is apparent that she had "delusions of grandeur" from an early point onward, and that her own self-perception is at odds with reality.

Sarah Palin entertains the notion that she holds some sort of "important" degree in journalism, and even Wikipedia states:

"Palin returned to the University of Idaho in January 1986, and received her bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism in May 1987."

It appears highly doubtful whether this is true. What exactly Sarah Palin received from the University of Idaho has never been seen by anyone, and it is certainly no coincidence that Sarah Palin never showed the original copy of her "degree" from the University of Idaho to anyone, although she talks about her "degree" at every given opportunity.

One thing is obvious, however: Sarah Palin did not receive a degree in "Journalism", nor did she study "Journalism." 

This is already proven beyond doubt through the original yearbook excerpts from the University of Idaho from 1987. In this yearbook, she is listed there under "Communications", and not "Journalism" (click to enlarge)

 The students who actually studied Journalism were listed under "Journalism", and not "Communications":

Also for example here:

 You can search the 1987 yearbook HERE.

In a Bloomberg article from September 2008, it is even mentioned that Sarah Palin supposedly received a "Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism." But this assertion definitely seems to be false. In fact, there seems to be great confusion virtually everywhere what exactly Sarah Palin received from the University of Idaho.

In her "autobiography "Going Rogue", Sarah Palin is particularly clever.

There she says, on page 45 (italics by me):

"I planned on a political science minor because I loved studying U.S. history and government and knew poli sci would mesh well with a journalism major."

But she actually never studied journalism, and there is no evidence of a completed "political science minor" as well.

Then, in typical Palin-fashion, her autobiography contains no more information about Palin's degree! Nothing!

It APPEARS to the reader that she got this degree that she "planned", but Palin actually never confirms this.

Some people think Sarah Palin is dumb, but she actually is a master in deception.


But let's move on. Sarah Palin ends her latest facebook post on a very curious note. In the post, she mentions the "JournoList" emails from September 2008, in which the participants discuss Trig's strange birth story, and which were published by the Daily Caller only in 2010.

The last sentence of her post then reads like this:

Thanks for hearing me out. And, *sigh*, for the umpteenth time – for the benefit of the most unprofessional among the herd who will never clarify nor apologize – yes, I am my son's mother.

- Sarah Palin

Well, many thanks to you, Sarah Palin, for bringing this subject up again. Sarah, you may be your son's "mother" in the sense that you in your head somehow you formally regard him as your "son", or you might very well have adopted him, but you definitely did not give birth to him, as half of Alaska knows, and as virtually every journalist knows by now as well.

The fact that Sarah Palin is still raving mad about the fact that the media had the audacity to question her "pregnancy" with Trig (with very good reasons), and that she brings this subject up at every given opportunity, just as her "degree" in journalism, is reason enough for me to believe that this is actually the issue that stopped her from running for president in 2012. Although I have no "hard proof" for this conclusion, I am convinced that this is the truth, and I am sure that somebody from her inner circle will spill the beans sooner or later, after the SarahPAC-money has finally run out.

In 2010 and 2011, Sarah Palin had almost everything prepared for her run for president: She had published a (ghostwritten) "serious" book about policy called "America by Heart", her "supporters" even created a massive propaganda film called "The Undefeated", which was just one big campaign commercial, and her minions had even started to create a volunteer organization on the ground called "Organize 4 Palin". She continued to grace the covers of various major magazines, for example "Newsweek" with the headline "I Can Win" in July 2011:

Sarah Palin's run for president seemed inevitable.

But then, there was suddenly trouble in paradise.

In April 2011, Professor Brad Scharlott from Northern Kentucky University published a research paper about Sarah Palin's pregnancy with Trig, concluding that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig. Even after the publication of this paper, Professor Scharlott remained outspoken and started for example to give interviews.

Through the combined effort of the "Trig Truthers", the issue of Sarah Palin's pregnancy finally got noticed by the mainstream again. While most of the media outlets still flatly denied that there could have been anything wrong with Sarah Palin's pregnancy, and even published phony "debunkers", there were exceptions. The most important exception came from an unexpected source: Henry Blodget, publisher of the mainstream media outlet "Business Insider."

Today, it has almost been forgotten how visibly the issue of Sarah Palin's pregnancy was in the headlines in 2011. The headlines from "Business Insider" from 2011 proved that the subject could not have been ignored any longer, and we are very grateful to Henry Blodget for being brave enough to pursue this subject.

Here are just some of the headlines about the Sarah Palin's pregnancy from "Business Insider":

April 13, 2011:

April 15, 2011:

April 27, 2011:

May 26, 2011:

June 13, 2011:

August 2, 2011:

September 20, 2011:

Henry Blodget was no fool - and Sarah Palin had no answer. She could not produce a birth certificate for Trig. 

Then, on October 5, 2011, the seemingly unthinkable happened, which shocked Sarah Palin's supporters to the core:

Sarah Palin hit a brick-wall, as her lies caught up with her.

UPDATE: One of our readers sent us the copy of the comments at "Conservatives4Palin", from the day when the news broke that Palin won't run for president in 2012. These comments by the mostly deeply shocked Palin-fans have now apparently been removed by the website. They make for fascinating reading, and they are basically a "historical" document.

Now, we continue to witness the decline of a woman who is slowly going insane due to the fact that her secrets and lies brought her down, but who on the other hand has to uphold the impression that she has been the victim of the evil media, in order to save face.

It is not a pretty sight.

Bill Maher had a field day with Sarah Palin during his most recent segment about her, talking about the fall-out from her disastrous Iowa-speech:

If Sarah does not stop giving speeches, there will be more where this is coming from.

But as we already know, she will never stop. In her head she still has this idea that she is great, that she can beat anybody, and that one day, she will win. And if she does not achieve what she is looking for, then there can be only one possible explanation: That she is the biggest media victim that has ever lived. At least this is full time job: Sarah Palin, the eternal victim.



Out friend James Rustad, who writes and performs political songs, today published another particularly sweet song, and I am under the impression that he got some inspiration from our post, which is great! :-)

Therefore we proudly present: James Rustad sings "Palin Don't Preach."

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