Sunday, December 4, 2016


By Patrick

This post will be very surprising for almost all of our readers, but unfortunately it was also inevitable at some point. Kathleen and I have decided that we won't continue Politicalgates, and that we will stop blogging. There are several reasons for this decision, and we have been thinking about this move for quite a long time. It was not an easy decision, as we have a wonderful community here, which has developed over several years, and which is also very unique.

It has been a long and ride wild ride for us, which started already back in 2008. Most of you know the history very well. After a particularly busy time at Palingates, in the very important year of 2010, we started Politicalgates as our own blog in early 2011. It has been an amazing experience in so many ways, and blogging became a huge part of our lives.

Even though many of you will now feel sad or even shocked, there is some good news as well. Our wonderful community can and will continue to exist. However, you all have to "migrate" to a different place. 

We would like this new place to be the blog "Nomadic Politics", which is a very active political blog, run by our friend Nomad. 

You all know Nomad already very well. I have spoken to him a short while ago, and he is very motivated to continue with his blog. He certainly would also be happy to expand his readership, and he truly deserves it, as he continues to publish excellent posts. 

As an American citizen, Nomad is particulary interested to provide a critical voice during these very difficult times. He uses "Disqus" on his blog for the comments as well, so the transition will be easy.

There certainly would be many things to say, but I am a bit lost for words right now. Kathleen and I hope that you will understand our decision. We need to get on with other things in our lives. Continuing this blog with other people in charge was never really an option for us, as we feel too emotionally attached to Politicalgates, and we do not want to worry all the time what is happening with the blog. We would like to have a proper conclusion, and believe that this is the best solution for our readers as well.

Please note that we have no plans to delete the blog. It should stay online as a point of reference.

Just for the record, our decision to stop blogging has purely personal reasons, and nobody "forced" us to do this. :-)

We would like to thank our contributors and readers who made this blog and this community a very special place over the years. We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to bring you all together. This blog has now come to an end, but we know that the community will survive and prosper. After all, we cannot allow  the "bad guys" to be victorious, and we have to continue to fight for freedom and democracy, every day. We hope to occasionally catch up with you all at Nomad's blog in the comments in the future. Lots of love to all of you!

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