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Revealed: Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, 23, from Geneva, Illinois, who planned "Valentine's" mass murder in Halifax, Canada and was arrested last Friday "at the last minute", is not just a "misfit", but a committed Neo-Nazi - UPDATES!

Everybody hates Illinois Nazis, but this young woman had a very different view, as she was an active member of the Neo-Nazi scene: Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, 23, who was arrested last Friday. However, her ideological background has not been reported yet, and the official line is that the planned attack had no "terrorist" or "cultural" background.

By Patrick

This post is about an incident which was reported only yesterday. On Friday, police foiled an attempt to commit mass murder "at the last minute":

Two suspects were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. One other suspect already committed suicide.

One of the two young people who were arrested on Friday is a woman called Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, 23, who lives in Geneva, Illinois. She apparently already made a confession, according to information from the Canadian police:

Canadian police identified Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, 23, of Geneva, Illinois, Saturday as one of three suspects who allegedly planned to open fire on Valentine's Day shoppers at a Halifax, Nova Scotia, shopping mall and then commit suicide. Souvannarath reportedly confessed to the plot after authorities arrested her at the Halifax airport.

Authorities said Souvannarath, along with co-conspirator Randall Steven Shepherd, 20, of Nova Scotia and an unnamed 19-year-old, was fixated on death and collected images of mass murders. Geneva, Illinois, police searched and removed evidence from Souvannarath’s home Friday, but did not describe what they discovered.

“This appeared to be a group of murderous misfits that were … prepared to wreak havoc and mayhem on our community. The attack does not appear to have been culturally motivated, therefore not linked to terrorism,” said Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay, according to the Associated Press.

Canadian Police moved on the suspects after receiving a tip on a Crime Stoppers phone line. Souvannarath was apprehended about 2 a.m., local time, Friday, CNN reported. Shepherd was arrested when he traveled to the airport to meet with the third suspect. Both Souvannarath and Shepherd were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and are to appear in court Tuesday. The third suspect died before police, who surrounded his home, were able to arrest him.

Note this passage in the quoted report:

"This appeared to be a group of murderous misfits. (...) The attack does not appear to have been culturally motivated, therefore not linked to terrorism", said Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay.

However, we can reveal that this statement is in fact false. We can present hard proof that Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath is in fact a committed Neo-Nazi, and has been an active member of the Neo-Nazi scene for several years. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that the planned mass murder in Canada had in fact a political right-wing terrorist background, which might be an inconvenient revelation.

This post is written on the basis of inside-information from Illinois, as well as ongoing research on internet forums. 

The media does not appear to have a lot of information about Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath yet. However, she left a long trail of very revealing information on the internet, and there is hard proof that she was a Neo-Nazi.

A lot of information about Lindsay's political views has already been uncovered on a forum where several people knew Lindsay quite well (this is currently work in progress, new information is being added constantly). Over the years, Lindsay used different identities and usernames on the internet.

We can confirm that Lindsay has a an active facebook profile under a different name: "Lindsay Shub-Niggurath":

It is not just our "assumption" that this is her facebook profile, but this fact is fully confirmed.

From a source in Illinois we received the tip that a photo from 2012 exists online, a group photo with Lindsay, which was taken at Coe College in Cedar Rapaids, Iowa, where Lindsay studied "creative writing and English" (see page 77).

In this photo from 2012, Lindsey is the girl standing at the upper right corner, positively identified through our source:

There is no doubt that this is the girl from the facebook account, who posted a lot of selfies there, for example this one:

Even without knowing about this group photo from 2012, the members of the "Kiwi Farms" forum independently confirmed her username, and also recognized the drawings from this facebook account:

Having identified this facebook account, we can take a look at the content. A lot of images are posted there, and quite a number of them have direct references to Nazism.

Particularly striking is the following one - simply posting "me taking notes in class", Lindsay posted the following drawing which she, according to her own description, drew herself "in class": 

"88" is in Neo-Nazi circles a code for "Heil Hitler", named after the position of "HH" in the alphabet.

More pictures from her facebook:









There is more on this facebook account, but this should be enough for the moment.

However, this is by far not the end of the material.

The folks at the "Kiwi Farm" reported that Lindsay was an active member of the fascist online community "Iron March":


The Iron March became an interest when someone posted it as one of Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath's grazing grounds. The Iron March is a community which Fascism is apparently still hip with the young people and because Nazism is cool, the website is full of edgelord nazis.

The Website is a 700-strong forum which is used to discuss Fascism which is a broad spectrum for extreme right-wing beliefs such as authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy, absolute rule, Nazism, rightism, militarism. The forum itself is falling apart, which can be identified via a Forum Coup post, which shows that some members are upset with the administrators choices. However this was 'quelled', so don't expect deep thoughtful posts by its members and more bitching from edgy teenagers.

Many of these users are interestingly very young, as there is no age requirement to join the forum. - Website - Facist Archive Website - IronSkype which is their podcast.

Alexander Slavros - Administrator

Alexander Slavros (Powerword: Alisher Mukhitdinov, Tverskaya,) is the Administrator for the Iron March forum. Slavros was basically a National Bolshevik, he has a fascist interpretation of Stalinism. He admired Stalin, and actively denied both the Holocaust and the Holodomor. Slavos is often known to upset his administrators and community members, rocking the boat which caused this community to crumble.

Slavros is apparently still living with his parents who host his website who he fights a lot with, my recommendation is to archive anything on the IronMarch.Org website in case the website goes down.

But the members on the"Kiwi Farm" forum found even more. Among the many names Lindsay used on the internet was for example the name "HackerOnHacker."

This leads for example to Lindsay's own blog "Basement Trooper":

If we go to the blogger profile, we find the following info:

Under "favourite music", Lindsay lists exclusively Nazi-material:

Favorite Music

Nekrokrist SS Warhead Wewelsburg Taake Sturmkaiser M8L8TH PS SS Totenkopf Nokturnal Mortum Nachtkult Kriegsmaschine Infernal War Immortal Capricornus Arghoslent Endstille

Lindsay also posted this picture in an online forum - easy to recognize as well, if one has seen her facebook pictures:

Compare it with this picture from her facebook:

There is much more. I would like to refer you to the Kiwi Farm forum, where the members are particularly motivated to reveal the full facts, as they discovered to their horror that Lindsay was at some point also a part of their community. However, this rather shocking discovery also has the advantage that some people over there had dealings with Lindsay, which apparently helps enormously to uncover her digital tracks. I myself had never heard about this forum before, and I don't really know what is usually going on there, but I also think that this is not relevant for this particular investigation.

One member of the forum wrote there yesterday:

This is somewhat embrasssing to admit, but I used to know her. I used to be a member of website known as It's a forum for fascists and Nazis. Her name on the website was "With Hate As My Sword" or something very similiar. Basically, Iron March is not a white nationalist website. It's Fascist, so people like her could stick around without getting banned. The man who runs the website is multiethnic - Russian and Uzbek.

Basically, she was involved romantically with the admin/owner of the website. He is known as Alexander Slavros. His real name is Alisher Mukhitdinov, but she was deeply in love with him. Slavros never really cared about her, and was pulling her around for a :ruse:, basically. One of the site users told her that Slavros was going to break up with her during a Skype group call, and she went absolutely ballistic. She wanted to kill herself and die. Because of her psychotic behavior, they were able to stick together for a little longer. They broke up, and she was a shell of her former stuff. She was deeply depressed and mentally ill after the incident. (...)

She was also legit necrophile. She got off on dead people and wrote stories about it, which explains her obession with that creepy skeleton shit. The only mystery regarding her sexuality was whether she wanted to be eaten or if she wanted to be the eater.


Lindsay's "Iron March" account can be accessed here:

Screenshots from some her postings on the "Iron March" forum (click to enlarge):

Her username at the "Iron March" forum is "Hate As My Sword". I think it is extremely likely, judging from the username and the content, that this twitter account is hers as well, although this can probably not been regarded as fully confirmed at this point. But the posted pictures there are also extremely similar to the above facebook account, maybe even identical, I haven't looked through all the pictures yet. Reviewing it again, I have no doubts that this is her twitter account:


A leading contributor at the "Kiwi Farm" forum has alleged that this is Lindsay's tumblr (screenshot):

Also, they wannabe mass murderers apparently posted this picture on 11th February as an "announcement" of their planned "Valentine's day" mass murder spree in Canada:

Even there, with the words "Der Untergang", the German title of the movie "The Downfall", about Hitler's last day in the bunker in Berlin, and the username "Cockswastika", the obvious right-wing background is only barely hidden. One would have to be totally blind to ignore it.

More material:

Here is the facebook of co-conspirator James Gamble, who killed himself when the police tried to arrest him.

From the material which has already been found online it is apparent that Lindsay is a Neo-Nazi, and it is proven that she is a very active member of at least one fascist online community. The statement by Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay that the planned mass murder is "not linked to terrorism" is therefore obviously false, and needs to be corrected. 

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath is not only obsessed with violence (see for example her postings here under the username "snoopyfemme"), but she clearly is a Neo-Nazi, as her "online contributions" prove beyond any doubt. It is therefore extremely likely, if not certain, that Lindsay's Neo-Nazi beliefs played a major role in planning the mass murder spree.



There are several items I would like to add to the post.

First of all, the fact that Lindsay had Nazi-views has now also been confirmed by ABC News:

In light of all the evidence, it is very disappointing to see that a report which was published by CNN today does not mention these Neo-Nazi views at all, and only repeats the quote by the Canadian Justice Minister, who called the young people "misfits", and claimed that the planned mass murder had no cultural or political background.

Second: This story, which has only received little attention in the US media so far, really reaches into the "heart" of "US white suburbia", and that is one of the most disturbing aspects here. While the Canadian Justice Minister quickly declared these youngsters to be "misfits", it should be noted that Lindsay for example was brought up in a middle-class, affluent and also very "white" part of the USA. She lived in the far west side of Geneva, Illinois, a middle-class, white area, and went to High School there.

Screenshots from the yearbook from Geneva High School which we obtained give an impression about the environment in which Lindsay grew up (yearbooks 2008/2009 and 2009/2010).

A "blue arrow" points to Lindsay - the "RPG-club" is the "Role-Gaming-Play" club. In the following picture on the right, you see one of Lindsay's drawings, and this looks already very, very familiar to us:

Lindsay took also part in a school play, and boy, this had a REALLY dark theme (see the explanation below). They might want to re-think their choice of plays, just saying! There are so many beautiful plays to choose from...

Lindsay's well-off, "proper" upbringing continued when she attended College. She studied at the rather posh Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for four years, where she obtained a degree in "Creative writing and English." Here she is in a group photo with her course from 2012 (I already mentioned this above as well):

Just as a reminder:

Lindsay apparently was already obsessed with violence back in 2007, as shown by her comments under the username "snoopyfemme" at the deviant art forum - screenshot from one of her comments:

"Also, they use sex in commercials all the time to sell products. Why don't they ever use violence? Wouldn't you love to see a bunch of guys tearing each other apart with machine guns to get a bowl of Cheerios? Sure, it might traumatize our children, but in my opinion, children aren't being traumatized enough. The only reason for Americans to breed is to create more soldiers to fight for freedom. We need to weed out the weaklings early on. Survival of the fittest, man.

Also, I genuinely have a problem with action heroines wearing tight leather. Not only is it mixing sex with the violence, it's incredibly stupid. Tight leather is not good for fighting in. It makes you sweat, makes loud squeaky noises whenever you move, and completely eliminates all flexibility.

So, basically, I just want my violence. It's a simple desire. I just want my guns, bombs, rocket-propelled chainsaws, tanks, swords, axes, and curbstomping boots. I don't want sex interfering with any of it. Okay? Okay."

Did nobody realize that this young woman was a ticking time-bomb? In 2007, she was still a freshman! Did anyone really care? Or is it just considered to be "normal" to be obsessed with violence these days, or to be extreme right-wing?

And to be "in love" with guns as well, of course:

Third: Lindsay's youtube account has been discovered, which she opened in July 2012:

There, she posted for example a very sick "self-made" video about a girl from her school. Our source from Illinois confirmed that this girl also attended Geneva High School, but her name is unknown. It is apparent that Lindsay developed a special kind of hate of this girl, and the girl is obviously Jewish (as referenced in the video). This video, which also uses some images which Lindsay uploaded to her facebook account, provides a very disturbing insight into Lindsay's sick mind.

The video was posted in December 2013, and it was simply called "death." The depicted girl will surely be relieved that Lindsay is now behind bars.

Caution - not for the faint hearted:


The posters at the "Kiwi Farm" forum found the solution of the puzzle: This girl is apparently not a woman living in the USA, but, as Lindsay explains herself on another forum, the "new girlfriend" of her "ex", who is living in Russia. He is apparently the guy who runs the fascist "Iron March" forum, which we mentioned above.

Here are links where which Lindsay posted this information:




Lindsay also clarifies that she considers herself to be a neo-fascist:


Finally: Dear media, do us a favor and report the facts! To call this young, very sick woman a "misfit" simply misses the point. Lindsay is a product of middle-class, wealthy, white America. It is worth exploring the reasons why it came to this. Please try to make an effort, media, for the sake of your children!



The very, very sick "tumblr" blog of James Gamble, who killed himself when the police tried to arrest him, has been discovered, and it is just as horrific as Lindsay's stuff - and again, it is full of Nazi-imagery, as well as Nazi-music! (CAUTION!)

He has the username "Shallow Existences", also mentioned in the gruesome "Der Untergang" poster above.

How does the Canadian Justice Minister explain this?

Sir, we show you the "cultural background" of these people. You just have to open your eyes.


He posted several "selfies" on his very sick tumblr - examples:



On Lindsay's very extensive "cockswastika" tumblr blog, titled "school shooter chic", Kathleen made a really interesting discovery.

On this blog, which main page is graced by a swastika...

...there is also "more of the same", for example a few more "selfies"...

...lots of images and short clips with Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold...

...many more Nazis...

...even pictures with former US Nazi party leader George Lincoln Rockwell...

...and then there is this: An explanation by Lindsay whether she considers herself to be a Nazi, and how violence is connected with her beliefs.

Anonymous asked: So are you a Nazi? And if so could you explain why you are? I don't mean this to be rude, I am just curious.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll say yes, I am. It is how I will be perceived regardless of how I choose to label myself, and I accept it. “Why” is such a broad question that I’m not sure where to start or what you’d need to know, but to make a long story short, it comes from a desire to refine the human race through violence. Humans are not born equal, and it is imperative that only the best specimens survive.

This is the final proof that for Lindsay, according to her own words, her Nazi-beliefs and the issue of violence cannot be separated.

Also, Lindsay made this comment on her blog on January 31, 2015, when she was in the middle of plotting the "Valentine's massacre." It was not just a random comment which was posted by her a long time ago.

Contrary to what the Canadian government tries to tell you, Lindsay regards violence as a necessity, because it is an integral part of her Nazi-ideology, and she is not shy to admit this.

This in my view is the final proof that Lindsay planned the "Valentine's massacre" in Halifax because she was a Neo-Nazi.

It can also hardly be seen as a coincidence in my opinion that this statement by Lindsay is immediately followed on her tumblr by this picture:



There is even more very disturbing, sick stuff.

The folks at the Kiwi Farm forum found more material which was created Lindsay.

In 2014, some people were discussing Lindsay's "artwork" on a picture discussion forum. They discussed the pictures she created while using the username "snoopyfemme."

(Note: You have to click on the pictures at this picture forum in order to enlarge them)

The people on this picture forum say that the following comic strip was created by Lindsay/Snoopyfemme. It provides another highly disturbing insight into Lindsay's mind. This time, it is about her hate for the gays and lesbians, and she explains in the comic strip in a very detailed way why they have to be destroyed, so to speak, and why hate is superior to love. At the end, Lindsay's female character kills the lesbian girl with a swastika.

Click here to see the (very unfunny) "comic strip"...!

Lindsay actually understands very well was Nazism was all about: It was about the elimination of all the "undesirables." It is the most violent, evil political ideology imaginable.

We do not know the exact details of the planned mass murder in Halifax yet. All we know is that the target was a shopping mall. This seems quite "random", however, we do not know at this point whether there were more "specific" targets as well. However, we already know a lot of what went on "within the heads" of some of the plotters.

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