Thursday, May 28, 2015

Open Post - New Jersey Media Group Inc v Palin et al. - UPDATE: Bristol Palin Back in Alaska - UPDATE 2: Bristol Palin goes on another road trip

By Kathleen

Several readers have asked for an update on the court case between the New Jersey Media Group Inc and Sarah Palin. The Jersey based newspaper is suing Sarah Palin and her SarahPac for copy right infringement over its unpermitted  use of the iconic picture depicting firemen lifting the American flag over the debris of the World Trade Center after the 9/11 tragedy. 

On May 6th, Mark Falk, the Magistrate judge presiding over the case, ordered that there should be an "in person" conference before him on May 26th.

Unfortunately, according to our source, there’s nothing new in the court dockets since this order was entered on May 6th. Also, the order does not answer the question of whether or not Palin actually needed to attend.  

Here’s the text of the order:

"ORDERED that there shall be an in-person conference before the Undersigned on May 26, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. at the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, 1 Federal Square, Fourth Floor, Room 457, Newark, New Jersey." 

Hopefully there will be more information entered into the docket soon.

If I were Sarah I wouldn't want this issue dragging on and on like this. I would have wanted it resolved asap especially as it could have been a more or less distant memory by now. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin appears to be more concerned about the loss of her so called political clout than signing off on an all but signed agreement.  Can you imagine a country run by Sarah Palin? It would be chaos every day.

Here is a link to the original court order. We will upload the documents this evening.


Tripp Johnston photo taken from Bristol Palin's public Instagram

Tripp's getting very handsome and healthy looking. Unfortunately I see more disruptions ahead for him because I think that Bristol will consider any agreement over his care null and void now that she has announced that she is back living permanently in Alaska with him. Additionally I doubt that she will live with Sarah for too much longer as she made a tidy profit when she sold her house and now she has the cash to move on. I've had several reports that Bristol has been seen getting in and out of a brand new, very expensive car in Anchorage. Still buying expensive toys to fill the emotional gap so not much appears to have changed with her.


Our reader, Snowblondie has some news for us! Bristol's cousin, Kandice Palma, sent out the following message yesterday evening:

sweetplumcreations I won't be sewing anything this week as I make a 4300 mile journey with my family back to Alaska #roadtrippin #makinmemories #nonstop @jbender907 @bsmp2 5h 

Photo taken from Kandice Palma's sweetplumcreations public Instagram

Bristol is on yet another road trip! This time from the old Kentucky Farm to Wasilla.
As snowblondie noted in her comment Bristol has called on the support of her cousins Kandice and Jake Bender to help her collect her designer shoe collection and other expensive belongings from her one month stay at the Dakota Meyer farm in Kentucky. 

Notably absent is her mother, Sarah Palin, and her brother, Track Palin. Why didn't they help Bristol collect her things when they were at the Old Kentucky Farm at the weekend? Why aren't they there now, cheerfully helping her? Why does Bristol have to rely on the support of her cousins rather than her immediate family? Could it be that Sarah is "secretly" furious that Bristol has refused to go along with any more of Sarah's scheming and has lost the support of "Big Mama"? Was Dakota present? Does he still think that Bristol is "his world"? Will Sarah ever forgive Bristol? Find out in next weeks coming episode of "As God's Plan Turns".

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The weekend of the posers: While Sarah Palin "celebrates life" with Dakota Meyer in Kentucky, Bristol Palin spends a "getaway weekend" with her best friend, aspiring "exotic model" Marina Lupas, and they all like the world to know what they are doing! - UPDATE: The Daily Mail has the scoop with photos from the "re-branded" wedding/BBQ!

By Patrick

This is going to be a nice juicy post, and despite the fact that it contains "private pictures", there will be no invasion of privacy for the simple reason that all participants have been way too happy to let us know what they are doing by purposefully making their photos available to the whole world via the internet.

I am writing this post while I am simultaneously watching an absolutely beautiful documentary on TV about Yellowstone National Park. Who says that men are not able to multitask!

OK, so we have a famous family here, the Palin-family, who desperately needs to pretend in public that they are a conservative, God-fearing family. We know all about it, as we watched these people for years and also know quite a lot of their many, many secrets. While the interest of the public has waned considerably over the years, the Palins still know how to earn a buck. Sometimes, however, things don't go as planned.

Bristol and Sarah thought they they could get themselves a glittery, shining military medal, but they would soon learn that they had forgotten to "vet" the "vet." It was the bloggers who took the time to take a closer look at Dakota Meyer, and with the help of their readers discovered that Dakota not only had another girl-friend right up until December 2014, but that he also had a "secret wife", which he had hidden from the public and also had purged from his autobiography.

So the wedding was cancelled, the relationship between Bristol and Dakota looks like it is over, but in a desperate attempt to save face, Sarah Palin announced that the the families still want to "celebrate life" together in Kentucky on Saturday, May 23.

Sarah Palin, not wanting to upset the military community (which is supposedly her main "core fan base", and therefore invaluable) actually visited Kentucky yesterday. It was our impression that the Palins had possibly sold the wedding to "People Magazine", but surprise, Fox News has apparently stepped in:

Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal tweeted from the event:

Rick Leventhal apparently forgot to add "Big fat liar" to his description in the above tweet...

In any case, all we can see are Sarah, Dakota and a pretty empty tent.

So where is Bristol?

In an almost comical twist, Bristol Palin is very keen to let the world know that she "celebrates life" on a "getaway weekend" in Alaska - together with her new best friend, the "exotic (erotic) model" Marina Lupas, who has quite aggressively marketed herself across the internet.

From Marina's Instagram:

From Marina's twitter:

Bristol also posted some photos of the trip on instagram.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

At this time Tripp is staying with his father Levi Johnston, and his wife Sunny. Tripp is having a great time with his father, as usual.

Marina Lupas and Bristol Palin have been friends for a long time, as has been documented through many photos that each of them has posted on the internet.

However, Marina's profession may raise some eyebrows. She markets herself as an "exotic model" on the internet, and her public photos leave little doubt what that actually means:

Her twitter:

Some photos Marina posted only recently on the twitter:

Photo 1:

Photo 2:


Earlier photos of Marina with Bristol - Seattle airport in February 2015:

More pictures of Bristol and Marina:

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

OK, why am I posting this? Well, for the usual reasons: It's time again for some honesty!

If Bristol and Marina have found each other, well, good for them! Friends are important!

However, Bristol still markets herself in public as a faithful Christian girl, with a hugely hypocritical autobiography, and a blog, both ghostwritten by the fundamentalist Christian Nancy French.

(however, notably, Bristol's blog hasn't been updated since May 16th, 2015)

Christianity sells as well, you know?

While Bristol Palin does not hesitate to boast about "religious beliefs" in public...

...her private life (or "secret" life, to be more precise) has always been very different.

While the Palins will continue to pander to their Christian and military base in public, their real life has little to do with their public image, and it was always like this.

Therefore I feel that it's time for some truth.

By the way, we do not judge Marina Lupas for her line of employment. At least she presents herself in public in an honest manner.

Anyway: Bristol, here's some advice!

Also, try to be more careful in the future! If you must have a celebrity/hero type as a future husband you should read his autobiographies first. In Dakota's case, this would have been very insightful, as his intense descriptions of killing people, killing animals as a child, alcohol abuse and ignoring the advice of doctors despite suffering from PTSD would have urged at least some caution. 

Especially when you expose a vulnerable child to yet another "daddy".

If not for yourself but for Tripp please spend a little time and effort to "vet" the "vet" next time.

But for now, let's celebrate life! It is even more pleasant without hypocrisy and false pretences.

Bristol, maybe Marina Lupas could vet your next guy first! She definitely seems qualified.



OK, so Rick Leventhal from Fox News covers the event with Sarah in Kentucky, "celebrating life", without Bristol (see his tweets above).

Why him?

Kathleen googled him, and discovered that Rick is uniquely qualified to cover the cancelled wedding!

Rick Leventhal was once engaged to a journalist called Lauren Sivan. Back then, she worked with Fox News.

Guess what happened?

On a celebrity website, we found the following information:

Lauren is not married, but she was once engaged with her long-time boyfriend Rick Leventhal. They got engaged in September 2005. They were due to get married in 2006, but they called off the wedding a week before it took place, owing to some unforeseen circumstances. Apart from her news reporting skills, she is also widely considered to be one of the funniest reporters around. Her wit and humour has been the talk of the town, and one of the main points on her show that makes her stand out from the crowd. She was ranked the “Funniest News Reporter” in 2010.

The New York Daily News provided more information:

Breaking up is hard to do - especially right before Valentine's Day. But at least two high-profile couples have shattered their romances: budding real- estate mogul Ivanka Trump and socialite and sometime movie producer Bingo Gubelman - who split after 31/2 years. And Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal and News 12 reporter Lauren Sivan - who were supposed to have gotten married on Saturday. "We broke up a month ago," the 24-year-old Trump told Lowdown yesterday. "But we're very good friends. Prior to that, I was in another long-term relationship. For now, I'm just enjoying being single.

" The 25-year-old Gubelman - who was a producer on the 2003 documentary "Born Rich," in which Ivanka appeared - couldn't be reached for comment yesterday. Apparently he's been focused on renovating his huge SoHo bachelor pad. "He started the apartment while we were together," Trump said. "I think it will be done in a few more months.

" Meanwhile, the 46-year-old Leventhal and the 27-year-old Silvan canceled their wedding just a week before the date. The cable-news blog FTV Live theorized: "Apparently, Rick and the boys went to Las Vegas ... for his bachelor party and it's possible that what happens in Vegas did not necessarily stay there this time around.

" Leventhal denied that. "Our canceling the wedding had nothing to do with my bachelor party or her bachelorette weekend. We just decided to wait.

" But Sivan isn't on the market, Leventhal insisted. "We're still very much together. We went to South Beach together for a few days last week. We spend every possible minute together and that will absolutely continue.

" Still, he conceded, "We're returning everyone's gifts.

Lauren Sivan and Rick Leventhal

Therefore, the marriage never did take place, although according to Rick Leventhal, it was merely postponed. That was in February 2006. You do the math!

In July 2014 it was reported that Lauren Sivan is still unmarried, and is also "living a happy and satisfied life with her parents in Los Angles, California."

Her twitter can be found here, and here is her instagram. Her handle is "idiotsivan", which may or may not be "a pun" in regard to past events.



Here is a nice shot of Marina Lupas and Bristol, with Sarah and Todd in the background, taken when they made the fun trip to Las Vegas, where Bristol eventually met Dakota Meyer.

(h/t HIG & KAO)

From Bristol's instagram:



Here is a promo-video from Marina Lupas:

She also has an "unfinished" website, in which she gives some more details.



The Daily Mail sent a photographer to Kentucky, and they got the scoop with the photos from the "re-branded" wedding, and they also observed that Sarah Palin and Dakota Meyer had a "heated exchange."

The Daily Mail also makes some additional good points, similar to what we have been saying here as well:

The bizarre set of circumstances mean't that while the former vice presidential candidate hung out with her daughter's ex-fiance and ex-Marine Dakota Meyer and his family in Kentucky, Bristol made a very public showing of her non-attendance by posting a series of photos of her enjoying a 'weekend getaway' back in Alaska with her best friend who is an exotic model.

Sarah Palin had taken to Facebook last Monday to reveal that her 24-year-old daughter would not be marrying Meyer as previously planned just days after accusations emerged that the 26-year-old Marine had covered up a 'secret wife' he had married at 19 and then legally divorced.

Despite the cancellation, the former vice presidential candidate confirmed a celebration would still be held on May 23 and both families would be gathering for a barbecue at Meyer's Kentucky farm.

'This Kentucky farm is a beautiful setting for our friends and families to gather in celebration of life itself this Memorial Day weekend,' wrote Palin. 'Nothing is more precious to us than family, faith and America's freedom.'

But the 'celebration of life' appears to have quite heated at one point as this photograph showing Sarah Palin raising her finger in what appears to be a heated exchange with the man who was supposed to have become her son-in-law.

Days earlier Meyer had put out his own statement on Facebook page around the same time as the elder Palin and bearing striking similarities to her message, suggesting a concerted public relations offensive.

But if both sides were supposed to be maintaining a united front someone forgot to tell Bristol. She was absent from the 'celebration of life' in Kentucky and instead spent the weekend posting photos of her enjoying a 'getaway weekend' back home in Atlanta (typo by Daily Mail - "Alaska"). Sarah Palin makes a big issue of her family's supposed belief in traditional Christian family values, but after the embarassment of a cancelled wedding Bristol's choice of friend for her trip - 'exotic model and video vixen' Marina Lupas - was the last thing the family's tarnished image needed.

Lupas aggressively markets herself as an 'exotic model' on the internet, and her public photos leave little doubt about what she means. She and Bristol are long time friends and they spent the weekend enjoying the outdoors and driving an RV.

Photos from the family barbecue in Kentucky suggest Bristol didn't miss much with only about 100 people showing up.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

In a new interview, Sarah Palin declares that she will run for President...or maybe not, who knows? Todd, do you know? Todd, I am talking to you??? UPDATE: Cassandra Wain divorced Dakota Meyer because he displayed troubling signs of PTSD

By Patrick

We have had so much entertainment during the last few weeks, so let's get some more where this came from, shall we.

Sarah Palin has turned the "act of teasing to run for President" into an art form, and now we are being offered another version of "I might just run! Maybe, well, you don't know!", because it's apparently such a hit show!

Last Saturday website "Extra TV" conducted an interview with Sarah Palin on the historic battleship USS Iowa, which is anchored in Los Angeles. On Monday, the website published the part of the interview which dealt with the cancelled marriage between Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer.

Today, Extra TV published another part of the interview, in which they ask Sarah what she thinks about the Republican presidential candidates so far, and whether she will run for President herself.

Well, her answer developed into one of her very famous word salads, and it is almost admirable how she at first made it seem that she REALLY MAYBE will run for President. However, after being put on the spot by the reporter, she then immediately took it all back again, leaving everybody confused, although some of her fans will be overjoyed, without any doubt. Doesn't it sound like she will run? Doesn't it???

Sarah's main "job" these days is trying to attract donors to SarahPAC, and she really tries to go all the way. Yes, MAYBE she will run, and like she says, "NOW IS THE TIME" to make "SACRIFICES", to "PUT YOURSELF FORWARD"....if, well if it wasn't such a "huge commitment", and if there weren't all these things in the way, like "family", "time" and "resources", as Sarah helpfully explains.

Also, Todd, standing next to her, is of no help at all.

Go to the page of Extra TV to watch the clip, as it is not possible to embed it.

Typically Sarah truly is a "hot mess", as our readers like to call her.
Her word-salad sing-sang voice is truly unique, we give her that. She truly is the Sarah Palin of all the Sarah Palin's in the world.

The Palin-fans, they need to be kept happy, and they desperately need to open their wallets.

Yes, "commensense conservatives", give your money to Sarah, she really, really needs it!!!

OK, what is missing here? Oh yes, a screenshot from the interview! And what a screenshot that is! Please make good use of it, folks!


We are having way too much fun again:


The Daily Mail  today revealed that a close friend of Dakota Meyer's ex Cassandra Wain divorced him because he was displaying signs of PTSD. 

This information will come as no surprise to those of us who are aware that after his return from his first tour of duty in Iraq Dakota was already drinking so heavily that he was told to "knock it off" by his Platoon Sargeant. (Into The Fire, Meyer and West, pgs 41, 42)

Ms Wain is said to have been upset by Meyer's display of troubling PTSD symptoms and that she was "lonely" and felt "stuck" on Hawaii when Meyer was deployed back to Iraq almost "immediately after the marriage".

You can read the rest of the details here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

In the wake of the Dakota Meyer "secret marriage scandal", the big deleting begins: The website "Popular Military" cowardly deletes its article about the scandal, and Raelyn Marie, Cassandra Wain's best friend, who bravely spoke out against Dakota Meyer, deletes her facebook profile - UPDATE / BREAKING NEWS: The wedding is off! In most ridiculous statement ever, Sarah Palin blames the media!

By Patrick

We have had some exciting days, and once again it has been proven how powerful an investigative community can be. We pushed the story about Dakota Meyer's secret marriage and secret wife into the media, and also exposed that he lied in his book about being unmarried. Marines are not supposed to lie, but Dakota Meyer apparently thinks that this rule is discretionary.

The story was picked up by several big media outlets, for example the Daily Mail, InTouch Weekly and the New York Daily News.

It was also picked up by the major website "Popular Military", but unfortunately, their editors got cold feet and pulled the article. Soldiers are not expected to show cowardice in the face of the enemy, but a story about a lying Medal of Honor recipient is apparently too much to bear. If you click on the story now, it just shows a huge "Error 404!" message.

On google cache, the story by "Popular Military" can still be viewed, and I also made a hardcopy, which can be downloaded HERE, for the purpose of documentation.

But more things are starting to disappear from the internet. The brave Raelyn Marie, the best friend of Cassandra Wain, whose critical comments about Dakota Meyer received a lot of attention, deleted her facebook profile. As a result, her scathing comments on Dakota Meyer's page, which were widely quoted, also disappeared.

It is of course understandable that the brave Raelyn Marie deleted her profile, as she was certainly contacted by all sorts of unhinged people. In contrast, the cowards at "Popular Military" have no excuse.

What else is there to report? Well, Bristol Palin is back in Alaska, although Sarah Palin's fanatic fans don't want to believe it. Yesterday, Bristol also posted another rather curious photo on her Instagram, which continues to be widely discussed in our comments, showing her without a ring.

Also, now that Bristol is back in Alaska, and Dakota is still believed to be in Kentucky, one would expect an exchange of happy public messages, like has happened between the couple on Instagram in the past (Dakota Meyer's Instagram can be found HERE). The wedding was scheduled for May 23, as they both mentioned on Instagram,

But this is not the case. As I mentioned in our last post, Kathleen and I still believe that the wedding is postponed. However, this has not been finally confirmed yet.

Also, all the open questions which we raised in our previous post still remain unanswered. The most important unanswered questions: Why was the marriage kept secret? Why was the divorce supposedly sealed, as Radar Online reported?

Finally, a moderator at Conservatives4Palin, or the "Pond", as we like to call it (one of the nicer terms), thought it would be a good idea to get into a "twitter shouting match" with us.

I am still waiting for the answer to my question:

Let's see what he has to say. :-)

Marines don't lie, remember?

As a reminder, here is Dakota's big lie again, from his book: He claims that in summer 2009 the team leader was the only married man on his team, while Dakota himself only divorced from his wife in March 2010, as his lawyer now confirmed.

Dakota Meyer did not mention his marriage with Cassandra Wain at all, neither in his book, nor anywhere else.

The question still remains: Why did Dakota Meyer keep the marriage secret, despite the fact that he is very open in his book about all kinds of other personal weaknesses?



Sarah Palin was interviewed yesterday at an event aboard the USS Iowa in Los Angeles.

She does not make a very happy impression. Which comes as no surprise.

Watching her, it seems that it is not easy to be Sarah Palin these days.



We were right! The wedding between Bristol and Dakota is off!

Sarah Palin announced it with a facebook post which has to be her most ridiculous statement ever:

Bristol and Dakota couldn’t be more thankful for the love and support of family and friends over the past months while preparing for their wedding. They have informed loved ones that unfortunately the announced celebration planned for May 23 will not be held. Many friends and family still look forward to getting together that day in Kentucky anyway – and the Palins and Meyers are happily looking forward to still being at "the old Kentucky home" on May 23 to celebrate life, in general! Family members and close friends know they are welcome to share a great bar-b-que on the farm that day. All involved, especially Dakota, Bristol and Tripp, and their parents and grandparents, thank supporters for the love they've expressed.

And friends, please see Bristol's message clearing up rumors that tabloids salivate over:

“Regarding salacious headlines in recent days about “secret wives”, Dakota and I discussed our past relationships prior to our engagement. Dakota was legally divorced years ago, as any good reporter could and should have disclosed to readers. As usual, false stories and dramatically written headlines begging controversy should be disregarded, and we have faith that our privacy will be respected at this time by those with decency. Thank you! – Bristol”

-Sarah Palin

OMG, Sarah! Do you really think that people will believe this? They "discussed" their "past relationships prior" to the engagement, but now, the wedding is cancelled? Also, the media is to blame? One would need to have a pea-sized brain to believe this, Sarah!

There is not the slightest doubt whatsoever that Bristol did not know about Dakota "secret marriage", and I can also reveal that according to pieces of information we received from Alaska, it is extremely likely that Bristol in addition also did not know that Dakota had a girlfriend up to December 2014 (which we exclusively revealed in our post from May 7, 2015).

As I said before, Bristol should be incredibly thankful to us, because she clearly had no idea who she was actually going to marry.

This ridiculous statement by Sarah Palin is a desperate attempt to "save face" as well as not to insult Dakota Meyer. After all, the military circles are supposed to be at the center of the Palin-family income in the future. You had better not upset these people.

Again, not one of the questions we asked several times have been answered. For example, why did Dakota Meyer lie about being unmarried in his book, and why were the divorce records sealed, why did he keep the marriage a complete secret.

It was necessary for the media to "vet" Bristol's future husband. Unfortunately, the Palins were too stupid to do it themselves, as they were "blinded" by his shiny medal.

We have to wonder whether this story is over. If the military decides to look into the sealed divorce records, the medal could very well "disappear" again, as our sources suggests. We would definitely advise the military to take a closer look at Dakota Meyer.



During the event on the battleship USS Iowa in Los Angeles on Saturday, Sarah Palin was also asked about Bristol's marriage troubles, and she gave a statement which pretty much contradicts her later "well-crafted" statement on facebook. Yes, "issues have to be worked out", there are "challenges", you betcha, Sarah!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wikipedia refuses to acknowledge the first marriage of Dakota Meyer, despite the fact that a marriage certificate and a notification in the local newspaper exists, as well as a bride who then also used the surname "Meyer" for several years - UPDATE / EXCLUSIVE: Sources suggest that a very dark secret surrounds Dakota's marriage with Cassandra Marie Wain

By Patrick

Looking into the affairs of the Palin-family often provides us with lots of surprises. In the past we learned that the Palin-family has hidden many secrets, and therefore we probably should not be too surprised that the people who associate with them also have their very own secrets. Bristol Palin is about to marry Medal of Honour recipient Dakota Meyer, and the marriage will apparently take place in about 10 days in Kentucky.

While I was away during the recent weeks, our readers did the most amazing research about Dakota Meyer, and discovered that there is much to find. Many thanks to everyone!

Dakota Meyer is a self-identified public figure, who has appeared on TV many times, for example on Dave Letterman's show, he also wrote a book about his exploits in Afghanistan, called "Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War."  Therefore it is fair game to examine his life story.

Our reader KAO did excellent sleuthing and reported in her recent guest post that Dakota Meyer actually had another girlfriend right up until December 2014, and just about three months later, he became engaged to Bristol Palin. This was never reported anywhere in the media.

But there is another interesting detail, and it does appear that Dakota Meyer is even less inclined to make this fact public. He even seems to try to suppress it, as this information is "purged" from all his own accounts, including his book. Dakota apparently does not want you to know, but despite the fact that the media widely reported that the marriage with Bristol Palin will be Dakota's first marriage, he had indeed already married Cassandra Marie Wain on May 17, 2008 (click to enlarge):

The entry from the "Central Kentucky News Journal" - screenshot:

Apart from the original copy of the marriage license and the entry from the local paper, there is also the fact that Cassandra Marie Wain afterwards used the surname "Meyer" for years, and we don't even know if she has stopped using this name.

This is her current public facebook:

We know from several internet accounts that Cassandra Marie Wain used the surname "Meyer" for accounts she opened only recently, for example in 2013.

She joined Youtube with the name "Cassandra Meyer" only in September 2013:

She also joined Google Plus under the name Cassandra Meyer:

There might be even more accounts.

The University of Michigan also lists her under "Cassandra Meyer":

How much evidence does Wikipedia need to include the fact that Dakota Meyer already had a first marriage?

A lot of evidence, it seems. It appears that according to rules which were unfamiliar to me, and also to many of our readers, a marriage certificate, a notification in the paper and a bride who then changed her name is not enough to get this fact included in Wikipedia. Or this is what the administrators want to have us believe!

Apparently, a fact has to be mentioned somewhere in the media in order to be acknowledged by Wikipedia, and the original documentation is not good enough.

Some of our readers tried to include the undeniable fact about Dakota's first marriage in his Wikipedia page, and they were repeatedly rejected.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

This is beyond ridiculous, and the rejections were also in contradiction to Wikipedia's own guidelines.

Cullen328 said regarding this issue:

Hello KarenJ503. The clerk's office listing is a primary source, and the local newspaper blurb is a simple reprint of that primary source with no secondary coverage. In my opinion, those sources are not yet adequate to add that information to the article. It is not Wikipedia's job to break a scoop. My hunch is that actual news coverage will be forthcoming. Be patient. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 18:18, 13 May 2015 (UTC)

However, this is not about a scoop, it is about an undeniable fact.

Checking the Wikipedia-guidelines, it is apparent that "Cullen328" and another Wikipedia-Admin, a right-winger called "RightCowLeftCoast", who removed the information about the first marriage again, are wrong.

Reading the explanation in Wikipedia about "Verifiability", it becomes obvious that an original copy of a marriage certificate, which is being published on a government website, especially in combination with a marriage notice in the paper, should be enough to justify the inclusion in Wikipedia.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

In Wikipedia, verifiability means that anyone using the encyclopedia can check the information comes from a reliable source. Wikipedia does not publish original research. Its content is determined by previously published information rather than the beliefs or experiences of its editors. Even if you're sure something is true, it must be verifiable before you can add it.[1] When reliable sources disagree, present what the various sources say, give each side its due weight, and maintain a neutral point of view.

All material in Wikipedia mainspace, including everything in articles, lists and captions, must be verifiable. All quotations, and any material whose verifiability has been challenged or is likely to be challenged, must include an inline citation that directly supports the material. Any material that needs a source but does not have one may be removed. Please remove contentious material about living people that is unsourced or poorly sourced immediately.


All content must be verifiable. The burden to demonstrate verifiability lies with the editor who adds or restores material, and is satisfied by providing a citation to a reliable source that directly supports the contribution.[2]

Attribute all quotations and any material challenged or likely to be challenged to a reliable, published source using an inline citation. Cite the source clearly and precisely (specifying page, section, or such divisions as may be appropriate). The citation must clearly support the material as presented in the article. See Citing sources for details of how to do this.

Any material lacking a reliable source directly supporting it may be removed and should not be restored without an inline citation to a reliable source. Whether and how quickly this should happen depends on the material and the overall state of the article. In some cases, editors may object if you remove material without giving them time to provide references; consider adding a citation needed tag as an interim step.[3] When tagging or removing material for lacking an inline citation, please state your concern that there may not be a published reliable source for the content, and therefore it may not be verifiable.[4] If you think the material is verifiable, you are encouraged to provide an inline citation yourself before considering whether to remove or tag it.

An original marriage certificate, available online from a government website,

- comes from a reliable source 
- comes from a published source
- can be cited clearly and precisely
- is easily verifiable, also for example through the marriage notification in the paper, and through the above mentioned fact that the bride subsequently used the surname "Meyer"

Therefore, no reason exists to exclude the fact about Dakota Meyer's first marriage from Wikipedia!

It is obvious that Dakota Meyer himself is not interested at all in letting the world know about his first marriage, as he has not mentioned his first marriage anywhere, neither in an interview, nor in his book. Also, he left the false recent reporting uncorrected, when the media widely reported that it was his and Bristol Palin's first marriage (see above).

So we really have to wonder what his reasons are for this curious omission.

Also, in his book "Into The Fire", we learn a lot about how Dakota Meyer killed his enemies, but we don't learn anything about his first marriage. In contrast, he included in the introduction of the book, talking about "Summer 2009", that his team leader was "the only married man on our team" - screenshots:

So was Dakota Meyer already divorced by Summer 2009?

No divorce records have yet been found, although it is possible that he was divorced in a state where records are not available to the general public.

Curiously, in a mortgage document from February 2013, Dakota Meyer calls himself "single" (and not "divorced"):

Regardless of what happened after his marriage in May 2008, one thing is certain: Dakota Meyer did marry, and the fact that he is not keen to have this fact "on the record" cannot serve as a valid reason for Wikipedia to exclude it.



Cassandra Marie Wain (Meyer) took down her facebook page, it is not available any more.

This happened several minutes after this post was published.

We sent an email to Cassandra Meyer/Wain on May 14 at 15.10 EST and asked for the date of the divorce, but we have not received a reply yet.



Somebody edited Dakota Meyer's Wikipedia page again, and let's see whether this edit is going to stay:



The University of Michigan now removed Cassandra Meyer's name from their website!

Now it looks like this:

Yesterday it still looked like this (click to enlarge):

This truly is the most pathetic cover-up I have ever seen!



The first media outlets have now picked up the story, with Radar Online and the Daily Mail Online making a start.

The Daily Mail also posted some potentially explosive information:

Bristol's rep told that it was the first he had heard of the relationship and had not discussed the issue with his client. is still awaiting a response from Meyer.

Therefore this once very secret marriage is not secret anymore, and the new revelations raise even more questions.



We are finally making the first steps towards the solution of the puzzle, and it seems that it is getting ugly - which does not surprise us at all, given the extreme secrecy which surrounds Dakota Meyer's marriage with Cassandra Marie Wain/Meyer.

An extremely revealing comment was left today on Dakota Meyer's facebook page, by a woman called Raelyn Marie, who is apparently not afraid to speak out. We could immediately confirm that this woman is connected to Cassandra Marie Wain.

Raelyn Marie left this comment:

Raelyn Marie "Tell the truth Dakota....Cassie doesn't deserve to be in your mess."

This comment immediately seemed to be genuine, and a diligent search revealed that Raelyn Marie is friends on facebook with Erin Foster, who is the sister of Cassandra Marie Wain.

Screenshots from the public facebook pages:

Raelyn Marie was possibly friends on facebook with Cassandra Marie Wain herself as well, but we cannot confirm this, as Cassandra's facebook account has apparently been deleted. However, on Raelyn Marie's public facebook profile, there is also a picture which shows Raelyn Marie together with Cassandra Wain/Meyer:

Therefore, there can be no doubt whatsoever that Raelyn Marie knows exactly what she is talking about, when she mentions Dakota's "mess" and urges him to come clean!

In addition, from our reader who originally gave us the tip to the marriage certificate, which was based on inside info, we have now also heard that the details of the apparent divorce with Cassandra Wain are so ugly, that Dakota Meyer possibly would have not been eligible to receive the Medal of Honor. However, at this point, the details are still sketchy.

It is now up to Dakota Meyer himself to come forward with the truth!

Dakota, be a man and clean up your mess!



Raelyn Marie left a new, much longer comment on Dakota Meyer's facebook page, and this actually unintentionally raises far more questions in my opinion:

Raelyn Marie

Dakota.....who we use to call "Mater" from the movie cars because if his southern accent.... Remember that? We never discredit you as a marine, you were a great soldier. We took you in after you came back from the hospital in Ohio and wanted to be there for you. What I'm not understanding is why this marriage to my best fiend is something you are trying to hide. You guys were young and infatuated with one another. You got married, then realized it was a mistake. No scandal, no abuse, no nothing. It was short lived and we thought you all remained civil. To read the bullshit of people putting their two cents into this issue they know nothing about is hard to read. Cassie is a small town girl who is beautiful and intelligent and just wants the past in the past. Now she's suffering from other peoples opinions of her based off your lies Dakota. She doesn't want the spotlight like you do....she wants to move on and you aren't letting her. The last time you contacted her was in October of 2014.....leave her alone and let it go. We wish you all the best with your future Dakota. Just be honest.

I am very thankful for Raelyn Marie for this comment, as it provides much more details, but there are several things I still do not understand.

Raelyn Marie says: "You got married, then realized it was a mistake. No scandal, no abuse, no nothing."

So far, so good. But if this is true, I have the following questions:

- If there was no abuse etc., why was the divorce sealed, as Radar Online reported? Very sorry, Raelyn Marie, but it is very difficult for us to believe that there was "nothing."

- Why was this marriage kept secret in the first place? Why has it never been mentioned anywhere by Dakota Meyer, despite the fact that for example his book is full of highly embarrassing details, as he openly describes his own violence, his ill temper and his alcoholism?

- If there was no "scandal" and no "abuse", if there was really "nothing", what is the reason for all the secrecy? Also, why does Cassandra not respond to our questions? All we wanted to know is that date of the divorce! If there is "nothing", as Raelyn Marie says, why is this all so embarrassing and inconvenient for Cassandra? I simply do not understand it.

- What does this mean exactly: "She wants to move on and you aren't letting her"...?

How is he "not letting her"...? How are supposed to interpret this? Should this be a hint that they might actually not be divorced?

- Also: Why is Cassandra still using his name, if she is so keen to leave everything behind her?

- What does this mean: "Now she's suffering from other peoples opinions of her based off your lies Dakota."

What lies exactly is Raelyn Marie talking about? Does she refer to the fact that Dakota simply "omitted" the marriage from his autobiography, and never mentioned it elsewhere as well, or are there other lies as well?

- This also needs to be explained further: "The last time you contacted her was in October of 2014."

So, despite that fact that his marriage is purged from the official story of his life, he still wants to be in contact with her? Is Cassandra refusing to have any contact with him any more, is he basically harassing her?

Also, was he contacting her in a kind of "affectionate" way? At this time, in October 2014, his girlfriend was still Regan Judd...!

These are just a few of the questions which should answered!

Why is nobody keen to speak about this? Again: What was the reason for the secrecy in the first place?

Why was the divorce supposedly sealed?

Why does nobody want to talk about it?

While we really appreciate the comment by Raelyn Marie, and while we can understand that she is upset that other people like us now speculate about the details of the marriage, or write "bullshit" about it, as she puts it, it should be easy to understand that the discovery of this very secret marriage, and the fact that nobody is keen to talk about it at all, neither Dakota nor Cassandra, raises a lot of questions. Most of them are still not answered, for reasons which are still unknown.



Finally, an answer from Dakota, or more precise, from his lawyer!

His lawyer told the Daily Mail that the divorce happened in March 2010.

But this is apparently the only piece of information about the "secret marriage" which has been released to the media!

All the other open questions still remain unanswered.

Now it has also been proven that Dakota Meyer blatanly lied in his book "Into The Fire", when he wrote in the book that in summer 2009 his team leader was "the only married man on our team." So Dakota Meyer not only completed omitted the marriage from this book, but even purposefully claimed that he was actually not married - which was a lie.

It is very telling that still no statements have been made so far from anyone why the marriage was being kept secret.

Several hours ago, I tweeted to Dakota's co-author Bing West, asking why the marriage was not mentioned in his book:

I received no reply, but maybe Mr. West is busy with writing other fantasy books.

This is by far not the first time that facts which are included in Dakota Meyer's book are being challenged. In 2013, an extensive investigation by the media group McClatchy concluded that various pieces of evidence exist that "dispute crucial events" which are described in Dakota Meyer's book.

Finally, it is interesting to note that the date of the divorce from Cassandra Wain in March 2010 falls together with the suicide attempt which Dakota Meyer describes in detail in his book, and which happened in "spring 2010", according to his account.

In his book, he says that he tried to commit suicide because he grieved for his fallen team members.

Dakota Meyer was very forthcoming about many other very private details of his life in his book, including many personal weaknesses, and many instances of alcohol abuse, violence and killing, but mentioning the marriage was too much, even for him. This is very strange, and still unexplained.



Bristol posted this picture today on her Instagram:

Kathleen and I believe that the wedding has been postponed.

We have no inside info yet, but we know Bristol Palin well enough to come to this conclusion. So this is just speculation at this point.

We did Bristol a huge favor here, as she obviously had no idea who she was actually about to marry. She should send us a very big bunch of flowers! We like roses!



In the wake of the Dakota Meyer "secret marriage scandal", the big deleting begins: The website "Popular Military" cowardly deletes its article about the scandal, and Raelyn Marie, Cassandra Wain's best friend, who bravely spoke out against Dakota Meyer, deletes her facebook profile