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More discoveries in Sarah Palin's released emails: Palin's team wanted to launch "pre-emptive strike" against ADN-story about Palin's pregnancy, was shocked that Lisa Demer tried to put together a "timeline" of Bristol's pregnancies and contacted schools and hospitals

By Patrick

As we reported in detail yesterday, the newly released Palin-emails include several stunning discoveries: For the first time, we have seen hard evidence of how the Palin-team frantically tried to suppress the ADN-investigation into the rumours that Sarah Palin might not be the biological mother of Trig. Sarah Palin's spokesperson Bill McAllister even insulted ADN-journalist Lisa Demer in a shocking email message after Demer dared to ask straightforward questions about Sarah Palin's pregnancy and asked for example for Trig's birth certificate. Answers to these questions were never given. Instead, Bill McAllister announced to Lisa Demer on December 16, 2008: The inquiries about the pregnancy "are hereby permanently rejected."


For more stunning revelations, see also our follow-up post: Sarah Palin's spokesperson Bill McAllister wants to "cut the ADN off" if they continue to ask questions about Trig's birth, and ADN-editor Pat Dougherty's harsh reply to Bill McAllister: "The judgment of your office to go after the Daily News on this Trig stuff would constitute malpractice." Also: An Email exchange suggests that the Palins didn't have a birth certificate for Trig five weeks after Trig's birth.


ADN-journalist Lisa Demer was more than a nuisance, she was a threat to Sarah Palin.

Today, our reader Older_Wiser found another highly incriminating email exchange relating to Lisa Demer's investigation into the pregnancy. It turns out that Lisa Demer didn't just ask the AK government to provide information, but also proactively contacted Bristol's school in Anchorage and even hospitals apparently in order to find out whether Bristol was the real biological mother of Trig. This rumour already was in existence in Alaska in March 2008, as Sarah Palin herself confirms in the emails leaked by Frank Bailey and was also acknowledged by ADN-journalist Michael Carey in a stunning TV-interview on September 2, 2008.

ADN-journalist Lisa Demer: 
Tried to find the truth about Sarah Palin's pregnancy

The newly discovered email-exchange shows that the Palin-camp was virtually in shock about Lisa Demer's investigation into Bristol Palin's dealings - and it also shows that Palin's staff knew very well what is was all about, despite Sarah Palin herself "playing dumb":

"It sounds like they are putting together a timeline of pregnancies."

gasped Palin-aide Sharon Leighow, and she was talking about Bristol here, not Sarah!

The ever belligerent Bill McAllister (who now works again as a reporter for KTVA, so they expect any reporting from this side), who insulted Lisa Demer in an email message just three days earlier, suggested to go on the war path again and asked:

"Perhaps the sarcastic Anastasia press release to call attention to the Daily News shenanigans and to launch a preemptive strike on the story?"

Again there is extensive evidence that Sarah Palin and her camp feared nothing more than an investigation into the "pregnancy rumours", that Palin couldn't provide evidence that she birthed Trig and that instead her team tried to do everything possible to suppress and stop the investigation.

If this story continues to be ignored by the Alaska media, if the ADN, Alaska Dispatch, KTVA, KTUU etc. still refuse to touch it, than this would be shameful for journalism in Alaska.

The newly discovered email exchange in full:

What is striking from this email exchange is that Sharon Leighow especially knew exactly how damaging Lisa Demer's investigation could be. Not only did she realise that Lisa Demer was putting together a timeline of Bristol Palin's "pregnancies" (PLURAL!), but she also said straight away: "I am sure a very unpleasant article is in the works." Well, what would there to worry about if everything is just fine with Bristol?

For those readers who are not familiar with all the complex details of the investigation into Sarah Palin's pregnancy, the established facts about Bristol's school attendance are still rather sketchy, but highly suspicious.

Bristol Palin lived in Juneau, Alaska's capital, until about June 2007. From June 2007 onwards she worked at the Nordstrom's Coffee Shop in Anchorage, as we know from Bristol's old myspace comments. These myspace-comments also gave us fascinating insights into the "real" Palin family life like "tracks little bitch ass decided to tell my parents im a stoner" (April 18, 2007) and "haha, my mom was asking me who i was on the phone with last night, and she said she heard everything i was she thinks i am pregnant" (May 14, 2007).

She then apparently moved back to Wasilla and attended the High School there in autumn 2007, but rumours persisted that she was not attending classes and was out of school for months. In January or February 2008, she "appeared" at Anchorage West High, and she didn't look pregnant at this point in early 2008.

Then we have information which was posted on the reddit website on April 8, 2008 by the user "jibegod" - ten days before Trig's official birth. This post together with all the replies is still online.

"Jibegod", as we found out later when we checked this information, belongs to a politically connected family in Anchorage, and he appears to be a very intelligent person who wouldn't just make stuff up. On April 8, 2008, he posted the following on "reddit":

Cover-up? Alaska Gov. Palin (R) announced she was pregnant. Local rumors suggest she is covering up for her 16 y/o daughter.

On March 5th, 2008 Alaska's Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.

The controversy arises from two sources: First, Palin does not appear preganant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months. While this is debatable, you can judge for yourself here:

Second, Palin's daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

Apparently, this rumor has made the rounds in the upper echelon of the Alaska legislature, and is a closely guarded secret. As far as I know, this rumor has not been discussed by any media outlets, in Alaska or otherwise.

The points here are based mostly upon hearsay, and I'm not trying to destroy an innocent family. However, a Republican politician hiding a pregnant teenage daughter seems rather newsworthy.

The post by "jibegod" confirms that there were persistent rumours that Bristol was out of school for months, and that Bristol was pregnant, but it also adds to the confusion, because when it was posted in April 2008, Bristol was already "back" and attending classes. However, "jibegod" apparently didn't attend Anchorage West High together with Bristol, so it is understandable that his information is not 100% precise. In his defense, nobody has been able to establish a clear record of Bristol's school attendance from summer 2007 to spring 2008 up until today. This is exactly the record that Lisa Demer tried to research - and her inquiries immediately made her a target for hate for the Palin-camp. If there was no reason to be worried, there is also no reason to "launch a pre-emptive strike." It's that simple.

From our own inside information we know that some of Bristol's former friends in Juneau were aware that she was pregnant in 2007 - and that it was virtually impossible to contact her after summer 2007 any more (Bristol's myspace messages which the Palindeception team uncovered also end in June 2007). We also know that a leading Republican politician in early January 2008 confirmed in a confidential conversation that Bristol is pregnant.

There are still many open questions. Lisa Demer also knew this in 2008. She certainly still knows it today - but she also has a job, and her boss Pat Dougherty now declares the controversy on a par with the "Obama birthers" - because it's a big nuisance for him, for the ADN, and for Alaska.

Is there anyone left in Alaska who actually has still possesses journalistic integrity and will report about this?

Apart from this, anyone else in the USA media?

Sarah Palin and her team knew that it would be the end of Palin's career if a hard-hitting and well researched story about the fake pregnancy rumours would be published in the ADN. They reacted with threats, propaganda and obstruction. This strategy has never changed. It's now finally the time to end this charade once and for all.


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Thanks to our friend Irishgirl we now have some additional curious information to add. According to the following email sent to Sharon Leighow by Carol Comeau, the Anchorage School District Superintendent, Bristol Palin enrolled at West High on January 7th 2008 and withdrew on May 7th 2008. Comeau refused to answer a further enquiry by Lisa Demer who wanted to know the exact date that Bristol left the school. Reading between the lines we can assume that Bristol actually stopped attending West High before her official leaving date and that is why Comeau has refused to co-operate with a very frustrated Demer.

Palin: "And lisa doesn't need to know any of this, of course, but I think we have the right to know what the heck she's trying to piece together on her fishing expedition"

Palin's response which has been highly redacted is even more curious. What exactly is it that Palin does not want Demer or indeed the public to know about Bristol's attendance at West High? And why was this information redacted? Enquiring minds want to know.

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