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The Wild Ride – 5 Years Later

By JulaUSA

Sarah Palin, 26th March 2008 (click on picture to enlarge)

For some reason I had always had a visual picture of the Wild Ride as being late at night since Sarah and Todd Palin landed in Anchorage about 10:30 pm that Thursday night April 17, 2008. But they had been traveling all day during busy times. If their 4 hour flight landed in AK at 10:30 pm, that means they left Seattle (after the 2-hour layover) at 6:30 pm AK time (7:30 pm Seattle time). So the layover in Seattle was from about 5:30-7:30 pm.

Well, today (Thurs 4/18) I am traveling and as I write this post, I am sitting in the Alaska Airlines Board Room (their airline club) at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It is now about 7:00 pm local time and I have been here for a little over an hour – literally at the exact same time in the exact same airline club during the exact same Thursday evening of the year that the Palins spent that 2-hour layover during the alleged Wild Ride five years ago.

This is a busy time at the airport and there must be about 30 people here on my floor. There are two floors so probably double that number for occupancy of the entire lounge.

There looks like there are some new furniture coverings but the overall décor is the same as it has been for several years  – sort of low chairs and couch type things (some without arms) and low “coffee table” type tables. With some bar stools at a high table stretching along with windows. But many/most of the chairs have been low.

As it happened, there was a pregnant woman (medium height and build) who was sitting across from me for a while. Even though she had a coat in front of her, you could still definitely tell that she was pregnant. She had trouble leaning forward with the low seats and tables and her husband helped organize their refreshments. She had to lean back. I saw her get up and down a couple of times. She had to sort of get a “running start” to get momentum and had to do that back arching thing while holding onto the backrest of the low chair to stand up.

Sarah Palin with reporter Andrea Gusty, 13th April 2008. Several days later Palin flew with Alaska Airways whose only statement about her flight was that the stage of her pregnancy was not apparent (click on picture for high-resolution)

During this time two Board Room staff picking up dishes asked the pregnant woman if she needed anything, but she was fine.

While they were sitting there I also asked her about her trip and if the staff on the plane were as attentive. She confirmed that even though she and her husband were flying coach (so pretty cramped quarters) that the flight attendants made sure she was extra well hydrated. She had just arrived on a flight from back east. Apparently, the guy that had the aisle seat even traded places so she could have that one for a bit more room. Obviously he could tell that she was pregnant.

I asked a question at the front desk and mused out loud that they must get to know a lot of the VIP guests that travel frequently through here (high profile local media people, prominent politicians, sports figures, well known business people, etc.) One person responded that yes they do and make an effort to remember these people. Gosh – like maybe Governors from this part of the country……

I couldn’t help but think of another woman (a “VIP” no less) in the late stages of “pregnancy” who spent a Thursday evening in April around dinner time in this busy airport lounge and supposedly nobody here or on the plane even noticed that she was pregnant, much less in early labor.


The Wild Ride obviously never happened! 

Alaska Airlines: "The stage of Mrs Palin's pregnancy was not apparent by observation during her travel"

(Many thanks to our reader "comeonpeople" for writing to Alaska Airlines in 2010 
and then making the reply available to us!)

Listen to Sarah Palin's description of Trig's birth, in her own words, during the press conference from April 21, 2008 (complete recording):

In addition, we do not want to forget to mention the excellent video by our reader Lidia17, which she created in 2010. In this video, Lidia17 contrasted the two completely different versions that Sarah Palin told about her birth story - and both being "spoken" by herself (at the press conference on April 21, 2008 and on the "Going Rogue" audio book). I always loved that video! What a shame that the world is so easily fooled, when the fraudsters are in plain sight! 

The first two videos by Lidia17, her very convincing effort to create a comprehensive documentary about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy, can be viewed HERE and HERE.


Finally, I would like to add the comment that our reader Sondra, who is from Alaska, left on this post:

I can't tell you how thankful I am for all of you. Like you I've been banging my head for years. How can anyone not think this is a MAJOR issue? Is it really that hard for someone to show a birth certificate? If someone questioned my kids' births I'd whip those puppies out in an instant. Then all of this would have gone away.

The morning of April 19, 2008 I began contacting the media. I started with KTUU. Then it was local AP, then national AP. No one cared. Sarah who? I called ACOG, Alaska Airlines, Sen Murkowski's office, and of course ADN. Many times. People either didn't care or they were informing Sarah. She knew I was on to her. Our local AP director asked me to provide a list of questions to ask CBJ to none other than Steve Quinn....yep....the questions (very detailed ones) I'm sure went directly to Sarah via Ivy Frye.


I kept at it for a long time. I knew I had to give it up when my autistic kiddo threw my computer mouse and broke it. He was sick of looking at the back of my head. Priorities. Unlike Sarah my special needs kid HAD to come first. I did the right thing.

Then that day in August when my husband woke me to tell me "HE PICKED HER!!!" Of course, I knew in my head that he would. We immediately began calling McCain's campaign office, and though we were polite, they blocked our calls.

Then you came along. I can't tell you the relief I felt when I suddenly found, unlike here, like-minded people who knew Sarah was full of shit. Sarah's popularity was inflated here, but still high. Who doesn't love free money, right? Most loved Sarah or the idea of Sarah.

All of you have done what I could never have done. You're smart, savvy, and tenacious. You found evidence that I didn't look for. You asked questions. You found answers. You found the truth.

Have faith in karma. She won't get away with this forever.

PS. Dear Kristy--if you, your alter ego Julie Newman, or any of your other alias/fake accounts contact me again I will report you to the authorities. Coward.

I replied:
Sondra, thank you so much for all your efforts!! I cannot prove it, but I believe that you are the very first "babygater!" Well, "Alaska" decided pretty early that the true story has to be kept a secret. After Lisa Demer's ADN-investigation died in late 2008, all hope was gone that the Alaskans would reveal the secret. That is something we didn't know back then, and we certainly would have refused to believe it.

Also, looking back, the "Journolist" emails made abundantly clear that the liberals wouldn't touch the issue as well - because they believed that it could backfire on them. And the Republicans were (and are) not interested either. The GOP more or less quietly got rid of Sarah, she is not part of the political circles any more, they basically discarded her like an old dish-rag (even our delusional friends from the peepond have realized that). So there is nobody left who could be interested to investigate and to reveal this huge secret, especially now where Sarah Palin is sliding into political irrelevancy.

I agree with Leadfoot below, I would have liked to see her properly exposed and shamed, so that everyone would have seen that Palin is not just stupid and mean, but also a huge fraudster. But it seems that we will have to be content with the "status quo", with Palin being laughed off the political scene, but without the big public shaming she would have deserved. I guess that one cannot have everything. It's not satisfying, but let's face it: The situation could have been far, far worse. In 2009/2010 Palin had the chance to became politically powerful - and I believe that the people who kept a watchful eye on her and her dark secrets ultimately prevented that.

So as I said before, all the bloggers and investigators and readers can be happy and should be proud. The situation is not perfect, but still, a lot has been achieved, and we don't need to worry about Sarah Palin any more. 


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