Monday, January 31, 2011

Politicalgates welcomes Ennealogic, Leadfoot_LA and Blueberry Tart!

By Patrick

Politicalgates has exciting news, and we know that you all will love it:

Our friends Ennealogic, Leadfoot_LA and Blueberry Tart will join us as regular contributors on politicalgates!

We have great plans for this blog, and from now on, it's not just an "European" blog any more (which it never was supposed to be anyway). As many of you know, Kathleen is an UK citizen, and I am a German citizen. With taking three American citizens on board this blog will be an international effort, and can you betcha that there will be more American guest posters and possibly also more American regular contributors very soon as well.

But it's not just this aspect which excites us. Our new contributors have proven in the past to be excellent writers, and they all have their "special interests." We will therefore have a broad variety of topics on politicalgates, which will then hopefully result in lively discussions amongst our already thriving community.

All contributors will be individually responsible for their posts, and it's possible that we all won't always agree with each other on certain topics. But that's what we enjoy and appreciate: An open, stimulating and civil public discussion, ultimately with the aim of educating ourselves and our readers.

I hold the view that citizens are able to push the boundaries when it comes to blogging - the limits haven't been explored yet. Citizens can have a powerful voice, and we all should use this power for the good.

So let's start a new chapter. Especially during the next years, which might be very difficult times for America, a strong voice of the people is needed. Please join and support us in this endeavour.


Leadfoot_LA has already written her introductory post - here it is:

The top 10 most important things I have learned from this community

I am humbled that Patrick and Kathleen have asked me to be a regular contributor to Politicalgates. I already have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head and can’t wait to get to work!

As most of you know, my background is in entertainment PR. So my “beat” will probably be the tabloid-type stories and any area where politics meats Hollywood. I hope to be the more opinion-based yin to Patrick & Kathleen’s fact-filled yang. (Not sure that came out right!)

I am also a single mother to Bella, age 7 – so I’m sure she will be re-appearing from time to time. Since she is close in age to Piper, I also feel qualified to write about Sarah Palin’s parenting skills. I grew up in a racing family and love fast cars (hence, my nickname), so next time Sarah Palin (or any other teabagger) invades a NASCAR event, I will be all over it.

But I wanted to start my first post by saying that no amount of time investment can ever match what I have already received in return from this wonderful community. I have learned many valuable lessons from you all over the past year and a half – lessons I will carry with me throughout my life. So I thought I’d list them for anyone who might be new:

10. Always put lotion on your neck at night, so you don’t get a turkey neck like Sarah Palin’s.

9. Anyone can buy an empathy belly on the Internet for about $200.

8. If your dishes were made in China and get really hot in the microwave, they probably have lead in them. Throw them away.

7. Teenagers actually have a higher rate of pregnancies resulting in births of down syndrome babies than older women (because they have more babies overall than older women, and because they don’t get the tests for DS that older women get).

6. If your avatar has a cute pink wig, everyone will automatically assume you look just like her.

5. Nearly everyone has a right wing family member (or 5) and it is amazing how many of us have been involved with a sociopath in our families, places or work, or relationships.

4. A spudnut is a donut made from potatoes.

3. If you seek out in-person meetings with other Pogaters (that is what I am calling us now) in your area, you will likely make a new BFF. It is well worth the gas money.

2. Follow the money.Or the emails. Or both.

1. Yes, it is entirely feasible that a sitting governor would fake a pregnancy.

I’m looking forward to a 2011 filled with humor, friendship and justice. If you would like to contribute story ideas, please email me at


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