Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In Republicanworld, the Times They Ain’t A'changing

by Sunnyjane

Christ Almighty I hope the Mayan calendar's got  
its act together this time!

As I write this post, the Mayan calendar is ticking away, predicting the End Time will happen on or about eleven days from now, December 21.  (Should you cancel your dental appointment?)  Well, either the Second Coming will occur or the regular calendar will flip over and alert us that the Winter Solstice has officially arrived.  FineThen we can get on with winter, let it have its say, and move forward into spring and summer.

Moral Rehab for a Can of Mixed Nuts

The fifty or so people in this country who actually thought the Republican Party would change after it got bopped so badly in this last election are similar to the star-spangle-eyed idiots [full disclosure, including yours truly] who thought racism in this country had died with the 2008 election of Barack Obama.  Lord, what fools we morals be...  A modern-day next line to Shakespeare's quote should be As we drown in our own stupidity.

Anybody who actually thinks the GOP can/will/wants to change is smoking an illegal substance that I'd like to try.  No, no, this divided party of ideologues is not about to change their stance on the way they view America.   And of course, for the far-right adherents, Fox Noise is the only fair and balanced network worth watching.  As has recently been reported, a four-year study concluded that Fox watchers have an IQ that is twenty percent lower than the average American.  That's pretty scary, considering not only do these people vote, but they procreate, sometimes at an alarming rate.

Fox News should have sidelined Karl Rove and Dickless Morris before the election.  Rove is still wandering in the political wilderness muttering about his polling numbers and trying to come up with a plausible explanation for why his expertise in that arena deserted him.   Morris, who once said he'd leave the United States if Hillary Clinton won in 2008, predicted six days before the November 6 election (with careful adherence to his stupidity) why President Obama would lose by a landslide.  As an example of his complete misunderstanding of the campaign and his misjudgment of the national electorate, it's definitely worth reading.  Yes, dear readers, this is the same fool who wrote on November 7, that while he been wrong that Romney would win by a landslide, President Obama only won by a squeakerThat Dick Morris.  [Note to Morris:  Obama 332, Romney 206; it was not exactly a squeaker, moron.

Smaller Government Still Demanded by Far-Right -- Sort Of

The race to the past continues unabated.  Even though some Republicans want us to believe that they're having a sudden and dramatic change of heart on immigration, women's rights, LGBT issues, etc, etc, etc, there is little reason to believe them.  Hell, out of nothing but sheer spite, they just recently refused to pass the United Nations treaty to ban discrimination against people with disabilities.  

Those who want the party to change have even come out against legislators and candidates who say stupid things, like Akin and Mourdock.  [Translation: think, feel, and believe whatever you want, just don't let the voters know it!]

And, of course, the far-right Christianistas believe that the GOP was not conservative enough for voters in 2012, which was why they lost.

Ya think this is a party that will survive four more years?


This Office is Still Occupied: President Obama enters the Oval Office on January 21, 2009

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