Saturday, December 20, 2014


Glasgow, taken in December 2013 (click to enlarge!)

By Patrick

Another year has nearly finished again! Christmas is awaiting us. For many people, the best days of the year. It also is a time for reflection. We look back at a year filled with joy and tragedy, too much tragedy, unfortunately, and we feel with others who lost loved ones. We cannot change the world, but we should also not bury our heads in the sand. We can choose to be stupid, or to be educated.

So the team from Politicalgates wishes our readers a happy, joyful and merry Christmas!

May all your wishes become true.

In order to get into the Christmas spirit, here are some nice video clips.

"Peace on Earth", classic MGM Christmas cartoon from 1939:

George Harrison - Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth):

The "Nutcracker" as a cartoon:

"Yes Minister" Christmas sketch 1982, with Nigel Hawthorne:

Finally, if this was not enough Christmas for you yet, here is the ulimate clip: Christmas Carols and Victorian Christmas postcards. If this does not put you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will! ;-)

You are lucky that the football World Championship 2014 has nothing to do with Christmas, or I just would have posted clips from that. The Germans got their Christmas present already in July! Lucky, lucky Germans! :-)

However, this post would not be complete without the John Lewis Christmas advert 2014, which is a must-see if there ever was a must-see, and I am sure that more of 21 millions viewer on Youtube agree:

So, have a wonderful Christmas, everybody!

Don't forget to comment, message and tweet a lot, about everything. It's the season! :-)

Many thanks to our reader disqusux for the final picture:



I had to update this post with the Sainsbury's Christmas 2014 advert, after I discovered it - see for yourself, it features the famous "Christmas truce" from 1914, very moving indeed:

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