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Oscar-nominated songwriter and composer Shawn Patterson currently writes a musical about Sarah Palin - Title: "It Came From Wasilla"

By Patrick

Sarah Palin, former Republican vice-presidential candidate and Governor, already inspired quite a number of artists during her reign of terror as America's most notorious right-wing political entertainer. The winking bi-polar bear from Alaska over the years triggered the creation of a number of artworks, for example paintings like this one:

A large collection of fascinating paintings and other graphics featuring Sarah Palin can be found here.

These days, Sarah Palin pretty much falls apart right in front of our eyes, mercilessly exposed especially by her bizarre speeches and her fruitcake interviews. It really has become a pitiful display, almost too embarrassing to watch.

However, she still manages to inspire artists. Shawn Patterson is the composer and songwriter of the song "Everything is Awesome", written for highly acclaimed "Lego Movie", for which he for example earned nominations for an Oscar and a Grammy.

In case you haven't heard the song yet - here it is, and there's a pretty good chance you might want to listen to it over and over again:

There is even an one-hour-version - and the version from the Oscar night.

Shawn Patterson

So, what has Shawn Patterson to do with Sarah Palin? Nothing, it seems - at first.

However, that is not true at all.

In a major recent interview with the "Daily Beast", Shawn Patterson explains that he has great and sincere plans in regards to Sarah Palin:

That musical. We must talk about it. It’s about, and correct me if I’m wrong, Jesus and Sarah Palin saving the world?

Yup. It’s called It Came From Wasilla. It’s really over the top. It’s very silly. I haven’t really discussed it much publicly. It’s a buddy picture [laughs]. Jesus arrives to the Promised Land of Alaska to retool and save the world with Sarah and make sure things are set right with the GOP. It’s a very wild telling. It’s not based on specific factual events in her life. I’ve seen a lot of parody done on her on YouTube and this and that. I haven’t been impressed with very much of it. This is more Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz meets Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure got hold of a crack pipe. I am confident that it’s going to upset some people.

Oh I’m sure she’s going to be thrilled.

[Laughs] You know, she may like it. There’s elements about it that, without giving too much it away, the goal is that the audience feels a lot of sympathy towards the character. And not in a “she’s pathetic” way. But, again, it’s not exactly Sarah Palin. I want to say it’s a character heavily inspired by her. There’s not a lot of specifics that take place from her life.

Oh boy, oh boy, I hope that Shawn Patterson knows what he is getting into...LOL!!

Jesus and Sarah Palin saving the world! Sounds promising. After all, if there is one thing that this world truly needs, than it's to be saved!

But seriously...while Shawn Patterson says that the audience might feel "a lot of sympathy towards the character", we should not forget that it is Sarah Palin, the Queen of hate and vindictiveness, who we are dealing with here.

Apart from being quoted verbatim, there are probably only two other things that Sarah Palin hates more: Being parodied, and watching other people trying to make money with "her name."

So even with tons of "sympathy", there is no way she is going to like such a musical one bit, and this also applies to her shrinking group of fanatic fans, who of course never like anyone apart from Sarah Palin anyway.

But do not get me wrong here: I am not suggesting that Shawn Patterson is writing such a musical for money. I get the impression that he really has fun with the subject matter. In fact, this appears to be a pretty risky project. Would for example somebody on Broadway really touch this material? Would people really want see a musical that features Sarah Palin?

Time will tell. In any case, I am very curious what the result will look like.

Sarah has always been an entertainer in the first place, therefore it would only be appropriate for her "character" to end up on Broadway one day. Also, "Sarah the politician" is more like a fictional character anyway. She was always just trying to play a role. In her whole life as a "politician", there is not one single political idea or thought that could be connected to Sarah Palin.

Apart from the statement that all the bad guys should be killed...

So, let's see if Jesus can bring her back on the right path. One can still hope!



Shawn Patterson retweeted us:

Here is his twitter.

He liked our post and would also like our readers to know that he is represented by Amos Newman at William Morris Endeavor.

Yes, he is serious about this project.

By the way, any ideas who should play the role of Queen Esther...oops, I meant Sarah?

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