Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Open Post - You Are All "Good as Gold" So Please "Carry on Regardless". We Will Be Back Soon

By Kathleen

This incident is just one example of why we presently feel depressed and dismayed. For almost eight years now we have been following American politics/culture and it is shocking for us to watch your country descend into a state of what can only be described as madness. 

Horrific incidents appear to occur on an almost daily basis and my American friend in Arizona told me just recently "how difficult it is to live in a very conservative part of America", another wrote that she "felt like throwing up" when she read that two reports concluded that Tamir Rice's shooting was "justified". Also a good friend of the blog who lives in Texas instinctively expects to daily hear that another awful incident has taken place there.

I realised lately that we ourselves have become almost immune to the increasing mayhem, and that as I stated above is both depressing and fills us with dismay.  Still we hesitated to state our true feelings because we know that many of you here are just as concerned as we are. More so because it's not our home country, it is yours and it is worth fighting for. 

So please, until the doldrums lift, carry on with your comments and contributions which are appreciated. I'll do my best to put a new post up every week or so and we will cover all the debates as well. 


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