Friday, November 6, 2015

Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee Join the "Kiddies Table". New GOP Lineup for 10th November Debate Announced. News from Alaska Franci Havemeister - FIRED! TONIGHT! Democratic Discussion at Winthrop University, South Carolina, with Rachel Maddow Moderating.

By Kathleen

Line-up for the main GOP debate on Tuesday, 10th November.

Fox News has announced that the line up of candidates for the main debate on Tuesday, 10th November, remains mostly the same. That is apart from the rather delicious fact that both Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie will now join the "Kiddies Table". Both candidates failed to reach the required 2.5% polling required and will face off against Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum. 

This will be a huge blow to Chris Christie in particular but I'm glad to see Mike Huckabee getting his marching orders. 

The polling figures for George Pataki and Lindsey Graham were so low that they will not take part in any debate and the likelihood is that we will see several campaigns fold down over the coming days. 

Let me know what you think about these latest developments in the comments. Thanks.


News reaches me that there has been a shake up in Alaska and Palin buddy and appointee Franci Havemeister has been fired from her position as Head at Agriculture after an investigation. Details are sketchy and as I learn anything new I will update. 



Democratic Forum Moderated by Rachel Maddow. Tonight between 8 - 10 pm ET. 

Tonight on MSNBC Rachel Maddow will put questions to the Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Saunders and Martin O'Malley live from Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina. 

The candidates will appear individually on the stage - this is not a debate  and Maddow will talk to the candidates "sequentially, one on one". 

Feel free to leave your impressions in the comments. I'll try and join you but can't promise to be free. 

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