Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brexit: It's like having a very bad dream, except that it's not a dream

By Patrick

Yes, it's Brexit again, because I am still pretty, pretty upset. Rabblerousers like Nigel Farage and others managed to convince a majority of the Britons that "Brexit" would be good for them, would give them back their "freedom" and would remove all these strange foreign looking people from the streets. What they didn't tell them is that "Brexit" would cause a catastrophe of epic proportions, and would economically devastate Britain for decades to come. What a shame.

Some people might believe that the EU is just part of an evil German conspiracy, with Angela Merkel trying to conquer Europe and suppress the other member states. Nigel Farage probably believes something like that. He is an idiot, and together with other idiots, like Boris Johnson, now leads Britain into the abyss.

The EU spent billions of British pounds in Britain each year, in order to help those regions which are disadvantaged, as well as in order to help farmers.

Cornwall in England for example received billions of pounds from the EU over several years, but the majority of the voters still voted for the "Brexit." They are now waking up to a grim reality:

So what has the evil EU been doing in Cornwall all these years?


Newsagent Nick Carey is one of the 182,665 Cornish people who voted to leave the EU even though Brussels has ploughed many millions of pounds into the area where he lives and works.

His arguments are familiar ones: “I want our sovereignty back. I want control. And, yes, I’m worried about immigration. It’s fine to share what we’ve got with others, but let’s make sure we’re OK first. Since the result and all the fuss, I must admit I’ve got a bit worried the economy may suffer, but we’ll get through – the British stiff upper lip and all that.”

The Cornish result was stark. Seventy-seven per cent of the county’s population turned out, of whom 56.5% opted for Brexit.

According to figures from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the region was on course by 2020 to have benefited from a total of £2.5bn of funding – EU cash matched with public and private investment – since the turn of the century.

Headline projects completed with EU backing have included a £132m scheme to bring super-fast broadband to the far south-west, three innovation centres, rail line improvements and the development of a glitzy university campus at Penryn, near Falmouth.

It wasn’t going to end there. Between now and 2020, key projects supported by EU funding were set to include exciting work around aerospace – with Newquay touted as a possible site for the proposed spaceport announced in the Queen’s speech – and in geothermal energy.

The UK farmers will also soon be confronted with the reality after "Brexit" - from the "Brexit-friendly", conservative Daily Telegraph:

Farmers are demanding that the victorious Leave campaign honours its promise to provide them with financial support to replace the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, which currently provides 55pc of their income.

Pro-Brexit farming minister George Eustice insisted during the campaign that a “Brexit dividend” meant the Government could and would do so.

Meurig Raymond, president of the National Farmers’ Union, called for a new “British agricultural policy” with “guarantees that the support given to our farmers is equal to that given to farmers in the EU, who will still be our principal competitors”.

UK farmers receive between £2.4bn and £3bn in subsidies from the EU each year, while the average income of a farmer was just over £20,000 in 2014. Farmers also want to see the bureaucracy of the CAP, which was widely criticised by eurosceptics, replaced with a simpler scheme tailored to Britain’s needs, and assurances that they will still be able to access seasonal labour.

Yes, they will all want something, the poor regions and the farmers.

There is only one little problem:

They will only receive very little or nothing, because they money will simply not be available any more. "Brexit" will lead to a loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the UK, and the tax revenue will fall dramatically. 

Also, another fact well know to anyone who has ever lived in the UK: The British conservatives despise nothing more than poor people, so the poor regions should not expect much pity from the government in London.

Good luck with celebrating your new "freedom"...!

Finally, three new clips about "Brexit", for entertainment and education:

John Oliver:

Samantha Bee:

The German international channel "Deutsche Welle" (in English):

But why do I even bother - it's too late. The British have democratically decided to cripple themselves, this is a fact.

I am very hopeful, however, that the Americans will not repeat the same mistake and will make the right choice in November. Yes, they will!

Good night and good luck!

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