Thursday, July 21, 2016

The last day of the Republican National Convention has started, so the horror will soon come to an end! - BONUS: Meet the real Michelle Obama!

By Patrick

Yes, the last day of the horror show has started! It really was a bad as everyone expected. Ted Cruz caused a little upset, but he had not much to lose anyway. I still expected Cruz to endorse Trump though, to be honest. In any case, Donald Trump will pretty soon be history, as his chances to win a general election are virtually zero.

I enjoyed the fact immensely that Sarah Palin was absent from the Convention. Everybody knows that she is so toxic that not even her buddy Donald Trumpolini had the power to bring her to Cleveland. The GOP just wants one thing: To forget about Sarah Palin, and I am pretty certain that the same fate awaits Donald Trump as well.

Naturally, it had been a great time for cartoonists all over the nation as well. 

Don't miss the brilliant bonus clip at the end! :-)



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