Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekly Roundup, May 8-14, 2012

by BlueberryT

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This turned out to be quite a week for statements by idiots inserting themselves into issues of national importance.  It started out with Mitt Romney criticizing the Obama Administration’s handling of a highly sensitive human rights issue in China, the detention of civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng.  Romney sprang into pretend-action, which is to say that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut while Secretary Clinton was in the midst of negotiations to ensure Chen’s safety and broker a deal for him to leave China to study in the U.S.  But Romney had to play Mr. Tough-Guy.  He told China in no uncertain terms that if he were President, they had better respect human rights or else!  He also chastised the Obama Administration for mishandling the situation despite acknowledging that he didn’t how they had handled it, called it a “dark day for freedom” (feeling a bit hyperbolic, Mitt?), and made other inane jingoistic pronouncements.  Sunnyjane noted the hypocrisy of Romney’s statement about human rights, in light of his support for radical GOP policies and actions that abridge and undermine the civil rights of Americans here at home.   In my opinion, Romney’s response and uninformed criticisms of the President smack of some desperation to make himself seem relevant, tough and leader-y, even though he clearly did not know the facts.  A pitiful performance; and not his last of the week, either, as we shall see.     

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How can you tell when Bristol Palin herself writes something?  Hint: if it’s spelled correctly and doesn’t use words like “talking sh*t,” it’s probably not Bristol.  In typical Palin fashion, Bristol Palin’s ghostwriter (or Sarah, using Bristol’s identity?) inserted herself in the middle of the national dialog about gay marriage, admonishing President Obama not only for his historic statement in support of same-sex marriage but for having taken his daughters’ concerns on this subject into account.  Yes, you read that right: Bristol Palin has the audacity to advise the President about family values and the importance of raising children in a household with both a mother and a father.  Bristol – who is famous ONLY for being an unwed teen mother (who has been pregnant at least twice); who has denied visitation to her sons’ father and publicly described Levi as a “gnat” and insulted him on national TV in front of her son; who has raked in megabucks as a non-abstinent spokesperson for abstinence; who has writhed seductively in front of TV audiences; and who most recently talked about living with her then- boyfriend in a “trial marriage”… well, the hypocrisy is off the charts.  Patrick’s post focuses on the real Bristol – her self-described history as a “slut” and “stoner” who was sexually active when she was 15; her foul language and bigoted responses.  The post includes a lot of background material showing the true Bristol Palin, and believe me, she has no business offering any advice to anyone about anything.  What a loser.    

Friday, May 11, 2012

Last week, people thought it was odd for Ann Romney to describe Mitt as “wild and crazy,” as though that were a good thing that would endear him to the American people.  Little did we know that the interview scene was orchestrated to try to get out in front of a Washington Post article, which revealed that 18-year old Mitt was the ringleader in a vicious assault by five teenagers of a younger, non-conformist, vulnerable student.  Mitt also thought it was funny to trick a sight-impaired teacher into walking into doors, and called out “atta girl” to a then-closeted gay student (but claims homosexuality was not on his radar screen).  While teenagers can make mistakes and learn from them, 65-year old Mitt implausibly denied even remembering this “incident” and appears to be no more compassionate today.  His claim to not remember, denial that he attacked the boy because he was gay and worse-than-non-apology made things even worse: “I don’t remember the incident” (while laughing) and “If anyone was hurt or offended…obviously I would be very sorry and apologize…”  WTF is that supposed to mean?  The problem is not just this incident that took place when he was 18; it is that Romney is still a person who preys on the vulnerable, has little empathy, and lies through his teeth as easily as he breathes.     

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunnyjane offers a warm portrait of the remarkable woman who shaped Barack Obama into the man who would become our first President of color.  Stanley Ann Dunham was an unconventional woman who intuitively and naturally embraced diversity.  She was an eager explorer and citizen of the world who was drawn to other cultures and their people.  She was a trailblazer who combined her study of anthropology with then-innovative initiatives to promote women’s craftwork such as batik (now commonly marketed worldwide, but then certainly not) and other pathways to economic advancement for women, including what is now known as micro-credit.  She was a single mother to Barack during the years when she was completing her undergraduate degree – that cannot have been easy – and raised him and his sister Maya to appreciate and respect other people, their cultures and values.  She also raised him to navigate the challenges of being a biracial boy in often unaccepting and even hostile environments; she knew he would have to be able to handle difficult situations.  His mother really set high expectations for Obama, and at the same time helped him develop the compassion, calm demeanor and work ethic that have served him well in facing the daunting challenges of his presidency.

Some Comments and Links:

JCos:  When a paranoid hardliner like Nixon shows a better understanding of relations with China (forty years ago!) than the current frontrunner for the GOP nomination, it says alot about how deeply the party has fallen into the Abyss.  

Maelewis:  The people who are opposed to gay marriage, equal rights for gays or any other form of human decency and respect wouldn't vote for Obama anyway.  [Later:]  I am not judging Mitt based on what he did as an 18 year old kid… It's how 65 year old Mitt Romney reacts to the story today. He's not sorry. He wasn't sorry about putting his dog on the roof of his car. Ann tried to explain away Seamus's runs by saying that the dog ate turkey left on the counter. They are defensive about the story, not sorry.

Sunnyjane:  As Thomas Jefferson said about people worshiping no god or twenty gods, "it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket" if two people of the same gender decide to marry.   

AKRNC:  The hypocrites who are so willing to trample on the rights of homosexuals use the excuse that it somehow devalues their own marriage.  Are they referring to their first, second or third marriage as in the case of Newt Gingrich?  I never hear them speak of outlawing divorce yet if they want to pretend that homosexuals being granted the right to marry somehow lessens their marriage, how can they overlook divorce and the ease of which the same is granted?

Yknott:  Back to Bristol.....when did she become an expert on marriage and parenting?  Bwahahaha!

Linda1961:  Mittens' "defense" is that he did dumb things in high school.  So did I, and probably most American teens.  But my dumb things never harmed anyone, and neither would most pranks.  The worst thing about Mittens is that he doesn't seem to understand, even today, that what he did was wrong.  

Leadfoot_LA:  Bristol Palin 1862:  "Blacks are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about Slavery"

Sleuth1:  To paraphrase a tweet I saw, Bristol is just jealous that some kids have two loving fathers and hers doesn't have any.  Really, it's stunning how she can't recognize the irony and hypocrisy of everything in that blog post.

Annes_123:  A mother who trashed her son's dad and chooses to raise him by herself depending on funds coming from temporary "hollywood" life - the teevee show.. not getting any education, no job..and then trying to tell the world how a "real family" means a mom and dad - sticks it right to that little boy.

AzureGhost:  We're starting to see a pattern with Monsieur Romney, and it ain't a pretty one. Is mean to animals - check.  Doesn't treat people with respect - check. Has no feelings of regret for bullying someone at school - check.  Has no comprehension of the everyday struggles of the average American - check.  This isn't someone we want to lead America.  Hell, this isn't someone we'd want to lead a scout troop.  The country would be steered into the nearest iceberg with this guy at the helm, and then he'd hog all the lifeboats for his rich buddies.  Must. Not. Happen.

NJfan:  I don't think Bristol writes her own blog.  It's either Sarah or her ghost writer doing it for her.  I think Sarah sometimes takes over the blog, hiding behind Bristol, to take her cheap shots at the President and whoever else she may be pissed off at.  Bristol is too inarticulate and too dumb to have an independent thought of her own.  Bristol's style is more like saying she's giving us the "finger" like she did on DWTS.  I don't think she'll ever cut the apron strings from Mommy Dearest.  Like Louie said "the shit doesn't fall to far from the asshole."

Silver_desert:  President Obama was very fortunate to have such an unconventional mother who didn't cling to the role of being the traditional one that society seems to expect.

Here’s a good post from our friend Nomad on the strange lies of Mitt-R-money.  

BellPeppery linked to Leah Burton’s post onPoliticususa.  

How did I ever miss this gem: Sarah Palin wins Worst Mother Award (H/T CaliGirl22)  

Lillibird offered us this gem.  

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