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Meet the REAL Bristol Palin - She wrote on Myspace in 2007: "Track told my parents that I am a stoner", "Mother thinks I am pregnant", "I am a slut" - BONUS: Bristol's (non-ghostwritten) "foul facebook mouth" from 2010

By Patrick

Bristol Palin decided that the world needed to learn about the innocent victim Bristol Palin, and so she wrote about it (or her ghost did.) It's even worse when you hear it in Bristol's very own voice. The world wonders if the Palins can get any lower. I bet they can, but right now, they would appear to have hit rock bottom.

Bristol's colourful life and connections have been researched for a long time - especially by those people who are interested in Sarah Palin's pregnancy with Trig. For example, the research team which once supported the blog Palindeception, and several of its members who later went on to support Palingates and now Politicalgates, took a very close look. In late 2008 and early 2009, two members of this team examined myspace pages which had connections to Bristol's circle of friends. It was a painstaking task, but they were very successful and not only collected a lot of information about life in Wasilla, but also discovered myspace comments by Bristol Palin herself, written in 2007.

Although back then we even managed to get a website like Gawker interested , those myspace comments never received a lot of attention. Hopefully this will now change, as the world which "Bristol the victim" now describes in her book appears to be very different from the world we got to know through myspace, as well as through other personal sources in Alaska. I myself was in contact with sources in Alaska in 2009 who had a lot to say about Bristol's eventful love life and other "habits" of hers. However, let's allow Bristol to speak for herself, in her comments on myspace from 2007, uncensored and unfiltered.

+++ In April 2009, I compiled a summary of Bristol Palin's myspace-comments with the full page screenshots and further explanations in a PDF-document, which can be downloaded here, together with myspace-comments of her friends. This is a must-read in order to understand the issues I am talking about in this post! +++

In the comments, Bristol Palin for example openly flirts for months with Johnny C., who was known to be quite a heartbreaker in those days, describes how Track told her parents that she was a "stoner", and most importantly, describes how Sarah overheard a phone conversation with Johnny C. and at the time thought that Bristol was pregnant. As a result of this conversation, Sarah Palin then took Bristol's phone away for a few days (incredibly effective parenting, surely). So what did Bristol say that made Sarah Palin think that Bristol was pregnant? We don't know for sure. But in my opinion it's safe to assume that it was quite explicit. Which also would make Sarah Palin's claim on Barbara Walters in 2009 that Sarah didn't know that Bristol was sexually active a big fat lie:

These are the most important comments by Bristol (click to enlarge):

In order to make Bristol's myspace comments from 2007 even more accessible, I created a video clip with the comments, also good for sharing (click on 1080HD to watch in High Definition and in lower-right corner to watch full-screen):

These myspace comments are not the only pieces of documention which show that Bristol's description of events in her upcoming book do not sound quite right. The fact is, if Levi really took advantage of Bristol and basically raped her when she was fifteen years old (which I do not believe for one second), if he is such a creep, as she insinuates in her book, why did she get engaged to him afterwards, and even famously got back together and became engaged for a second time to Levi in 2010?

We receive more insights into what happened back then in 2010 from an unlikely source - from the former C4P commenter Toki De La Vega. At some point in the past, Sarah Palin's (ex-)confidante Rebecca Mansour ("RAM") felt an insatiable urge in 2010 to write Toki De La Vega masses of private twitter messages with highly confidential information about the Palins - despite that fact that RAM, as she admitted in the messages,had never met Toki.

In those days, Toki De La Vega was still a faithful Palinbot, but times have radically changed, because in the meantime Toki has became an outspoken critic of Sarah and Bristol and their fanatic fans. He has made RAM's private messages available to the Daily Caller. The Daily Caller only published a selection of RAM's messages and apparently omitted the most interesting ones. Yesterday Toki released the first unpublished private messages by RAM.
For Toki's merciless take on the latest news about Bristol, read his post "2012 Campaign Slogan: I Lost My Virginity While Drunk."

Some of Rebecca Mansour's messages are revealing, for example the information that "Bristol & Levi are not welcome in the Palin home, only Trip is":

RAM doesn't see the irony (family values, anyone...?) and also provides another glimpse into Sarah's perceived mindset when she says that "We're trying to get her to push the wedding date back as far as possible because we know he'll fuck up & we'd have them break up now then have to divorce later. It would be best if she could meet someone else. Know anyone upstanding? I'm serious?"

RAM's summary about Bristol is pretty damning:

"Lonely and dumb."

I know it sounds quite harsh, but I think that sums it up rather well, even if RAM couldn't foresee the latest developments. I never thought I would like a quote by Rebecca Mansour. Strange times indeed!



In honour of Bristol Palin "trending" on twitter today...

...we decided to re-publish this post about Bristol Palin's myspace comments from June 22, 2011.

Look, I am throwing something else in as well!

Remember the story from November 2010 when Bristol's sister Willow suddenly got in the news due to her "gay slurs" on facebook?

What is sadly forgotten about this affair is that Bristol Palin proved on facebook in the same exchanges that she has a pretty foul mouth as well! 

Note a role betcha.

See this screenshot:

CLICK HERE to download the PDF-document with the full exchange! There is more! :-)

If you want to know how the real Bristol Palin "expresses herself", on myspace and on facebook, without the assistance of her ghostwriter Nancy French, then you need to look no further.

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