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Countdown to Election 2012: Week Eight in Review

By Sunnyjane

The left-wing media is taking Obama's side again!
What? It's not just the left-wing media?   Oh.

Mitt Romney should be thankful for the Affordable Healthcare Act because his pre-existing condition -- Stupidity -- will be covered.  No, there is no cure for that ailment as yet, but affected persons are advised an extended treatment of Sit Down and Shut Up.  Unfortunately, this advice is rarely taken by former governors and all other Republicans running for high national office.  As Albert Einstein saidThe difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

no-morning-after-bounce convention where the American electorate and the media only remember Chris Christie announcing his 2016 presidential run and a has-been actor debating an empty chair, combined with President Obama's twelve-point lead in the polls on foreign policy, have made the Republicans  desperate to counteract the President's remark that Romney might not be ready for diplomacy with Beijing if you can’t visit the Olympics without insulting our closest ally.   An international crisis would have been just the thing to demonstrate Mitt's global statesmanship, severely solidify his  geopolitical expertise, and ridicule President Obama's leadership capabilities. It is significant to note that less than twenty-four hours before the situation in Libya exploded, a Romney campaign spokesman had mocked the Democratic campaign, calling foreign policy issues a distraction: It doesn't surprise me that they're raising foreign policy because it's another distraction from the Administration's terrible economic record.  They're going from one shiny object to the next.   

The Smirk Jerk: An Inept Political Opportunist

Mitt Romney, with nothing but a clumsy propensity to shoot from the lip, an imaginary grasp of the intricacies of foreign relations issues, and a fanatical desire to grab our turn in the White House, simply flubbed his rub on the magic genie bottle. Such is the fate of rank amateurs and out-of-touch businessmen with all the political savvy of a  crab cake. 

A brief review of Mitt Romney's geopolitical astuteness consists of three other recent campaign bumblings:  

1.  In March, he called Russia our Number One geopolitical foe and doubled down on that theme during the Republican National Convention. Guess he's never heard of al-Qaeda, eh?

2.  In June, he warned that Syria is Iran's route to the sea.  Mitt obviously doesn't understand that Iran and Syria are not only separated by Iraq, but that Iran has two routes to the sea, the Caspian to the north and that big ole Persian Gulf thingy to the south.  Get a map and read some history, Mitt.  Or better yet, get out of U.S. politics altogether.  

3.  In July, Mitt took a little trip to Europe and the Middle East, which his campaign felt was   very successful.   If being called devoid of charm, warmth, humour or sincerity  is what Romney's people refer to as very successful, it would be absolutely frightening to know what they would call a complete disaster.

Perhaps Romney was a bit chafed when Laura Ingraham blasted him for the ineptitude of his   campaign consultants and advisers: Election after election, we hire people who have lost previous campaigns; who've run campaigns that have failed...You have one shot, man. This is going to be the first line of your obituary: you won or you lost. It's all on the line for the country, and it's all on the line for you.

Whatever the reasoning for redeeming his Carpe diem coupon by responding too quickly to the volatile situation in Libya about which he knew absolutely nothing, Romney and his staff chose the wrong time, the wrong circumstance, and the wrong president to mess about with.

Mitt Romney can be easily summed up by comparing him to a computer without software:  a dumb box taking up valuable space. 

Paul Ryan Goes Rogue

I'm pullin' a Palin on ya, Mitt.  Good luck 
with that Libya shit you just stepped in.
Throughout recent history, Republican presidential candidates have  had a propensity for choosing the dumbest nominees for the Number Two spot on their ticket.  Remember Spiro Agnew?  Dan Quayle? John McCain started a new trend in 2008 when he selected not only the dumbest and most unqualified person in the GOP as a running mate, but the most disloyal.  And so did Mitt Romney.

Where was Paul Ryan when the media, the Democrats, and most of the Republican party were bashing Mitt upside the head last week?  Such was the well deserved clamor surrounding the top of the ticket that the deafening sound of silence from Number Two hardly registered a ping on the media's radar screen.  So it's up to Politicalgates to ask: Where was the passionate defense of Mitt Romney?  Where was the campaign's well coordinated message with which Ryan could crisscross the country to counter these attacks at well staged GOP rallies?  Where were the strongly worded talking points to refute the criticism that was being heaped upon Romney?

With the campaign in tatters and fewer than fifty-six days left to get their right-wing message out to the American electorate, Paul Ryan was hunkered down in Wisconsin's 1st District, trying to save his ass congressional seat by using two million dollars of his campaign funds to buy ads that will only be shown in Wisconsin.  It appears that he has glommed on to the fact that he probably will not be able to demonstrate his questionable running skills by taking a victory lap around Washington on November 7.

Speaking to his constituents in coffee shops and other small venues, Ryan merely repeats the tired old Tea Party rhetoric. But when asked by one town hall attendant how the Romney/Ryan administration would have handled the Libyan situation, he gave a response that was so full of lies, hypocrisy, and ambiguities that it was utterly stupefying:

First of all, he began, peace through strength works.  It’s important that people around the world know who we are, what we believe, and the values we  stand up for.  We believe in women’s rights…we believe in plurality...we believe in tolerance and religious freedom...  He then went on to blame the situation on President Obama's proposed defense budget cuts.  Mitt Romney was never mentioned.

[Do not attempt to adjust your computer speakers, dear readers.  That sound you hear is this writer banging her head on the desk, which by the end of this campaign will have more dents in it than Sarah Palin’s refrigerator.]

Of course, Ryan did take time out to spew his filth with Michelle Bachmann at the Value Voters Summit, that despicable right-wing group that takes great joy in mocking diplomacy with Middle East countries.  As Right Wing Watch reported,  the video that sparked the unrest in Egypt and Libya was created and promoted by anti-Muslim activists who have worked with backers of Bachmann’s effort to purge the U.S. government of Muslim Americans and key players in the effort to block the so-called Ground Zero mosque.

I'm sick of these anti-American fools.

End Note

The Transfer of Remains:  Honoring the Four Who Fell in Service to Their Country

"The President has courage in his soul, compassion in his heart, and a spine of steel."

Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic National Convention, September 6, 2012


More media response to Romney's Libya fiasco. 

Courtesy of The Obama Diary


H/T Sleuth1

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