Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunny Oglesby Would Like To Set The Record Straight Regarding Levi's Custody Case Of Tripp

By Kathleen

Levi and Tripp September 4th, 2012 Courtesy of Levi Johnston, Facebook

Levi, Sunny and Breeze courtesy of Sunny Oglesby, Facebook

Much of the confusion about Levi’s intentions could have been caused by the following remark made by Alaska attorney Rex Butler who recently gave a statement to the Associated Press but did not make it clear that he no longer represents Levi. Becky Bohrer for the Associated Press wrote that Butler said:

The best way to interpret the development is that the parties likely will resolve any problems themselves.

However, Sunny Oglesby, Levi’s partner and the mother of his new born daughter Breeze, had this to say to me:

Levi hasn't talked to Rex Butler in almost a year. He is no longer Levi’s legal representative but he keeps trying to include himself in anything regarding Levi and Bristol in the press. Rex has nothing to do with Levi anymore at all.”

Butler’s interpretation that Bristol and Levi could have decided to resolve any problems themselves is only partly true. Sunny has revealed to me that Levi does intend to have any agreement between himself and Bristol regarding visitation and custody of Tripp legalised by the Alaska Court system. 

In a recent conversation Sunny also told me that: 

Bristol asked Levi if they could just make an agreement between them and avoid paying lawyers and going to court. So Levi said that's fine and we can try that but when they both have time go get an agreement court ordered.”

According to Sunny, at Bristol’s specific request Levi and Bristol have agreed that they should work out the specific details of access and custody of Tripp together, without the involvement of lawyers. 

When questioned further Sunny said that Levi was willing to try that approach but she also made it clear that Levi still believes that once the details have been agreed that a court order agreement would be the best outcome for everyone and that his goal is to have any informal agreement eventually formalised through the court system. 

Court cases involving the custody of young children can be both costly and time consuming. If the two parties concerned can possibly work out the details regarding arrangements before approaching the courts then issues can be resolved amicably and quickly. It’s my hope that both Levi and Bristol can resolve their issues regarding Tripp once and for all and get on with the real job at hand which is parenting him. 

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