Saturday, October 27, 2012

America, you have the choice: Vote for the black Mitt Romney, or the white Barack Obama

"I think that when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being President of the United States."

John Sununu, Mitt Romney's campaign co-chair, in an interview on October 25, 2012, after being asked why he believes that Colin Powell's support for Barack Obama is not only based on issues.

By Patrick

Well, it's simple! In this racially charged presidential election, all you have to do is to close your eyes and try a little experiment. Imagine that Barack Obama is white and that Mitt Romney is black. Just for the fun of it. You do not need to feel guilty. Anyone here knows that the colour of ones skin or ones ethnicity does not matter one bit. However, judging from what I hear and read on the internet, some citizens have a very different perception. Probably many more citizens than we want to believe simply do not like having a "black man" as president. That is a fact the USA has to deal with.

Therefore, I present to you: The white US President Barack Obama!

Photoshop created by Azure Ghost

Black or white, Barack Obama is a very handsome man, and also a man of many accomplishments.

Barack Obama's most important accomplishment is also possibly his most unknown one: He has saved the US-economy and brought it back on track.

On October 17, "Business Insider" celebrated an event you won't hear about on Fox News: The "full-on comeback" of the American consumer. As "Business Insider" is not a left-wing publication, they were forced to come to this conclusion due to undeniable facts. Here are some of the graphics they presented in this article (original screenshots):

For more graphics and details, see "Business Insider."

But that's not everything. Barack Obama also has an extensive and very well laid out plan of how to further improve America and to take the country forward (click here to for the PDF-document).

Now, what about Mitt Romney? Taking the fact into account that people from the right who complain heavily in public about Barack Obama do not like to be called "racist", these people certainly won't mind seeing Mitt Romney as a black man. Correct?

Photoshop created by Azure Ghost

He is a charmer, Mitt Romney, isn't he?

To refresh the memory of his fans, he is also the candidate who:

That should be sufficient for now.

America, black and white, white and black, you have the choice, and do not get confused, please.


Many thanks to our great friend Azure Ghost for creating the photoshopped pictures upon our special request!



The inspiring music video "Forward", published just yesterday, is the perfect addition to this post!

(h/t to "Got a life")

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