Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is on her way

By Patrick

Unless a little miracle happens, Hurricane Sandy will hit the East coast with full force. The very detailed and interactive "Google Crisis Map" currently shows this picture:

NASA provided stunning images of the storm.

From October 26, 2012 - already a few days old, but it provides a fascinating high-resolution view:

See this excellent post at Gizmodo with lots of other satellite images, more pictures and constant updates.

Also see the main article with live updates on Huffington Post.

When we looked for videos from today, we found the following:

We saw other clips on youtube in which New Jersey residents said that the situation at the coast already appears to be much worse then in 2011 with hurricane "Irene."

President Obama addressed the nation today:

In related news, Mitt Romney said during the campaign that he wants to get rid of FEMA and transfer its responsibilites to the states. Mitt Romney believes that Federal relief spending is "immoral":

But it is even worse: Mitt Romney also says in this clip that it would be "even better" to transfer these responsibilities to the "private sector." Mitt the twit just has the best ideas, hasn't he?


Sunday, 10:04 p.m.-- A Romney official reaffirmed the former governor's position Sunday evening in an email. "Gov. Romney wants to ensure states, who are the first responders and are in the best position to aid impacted individuals and communities, have the resources and assistance they need to cope with natural disasters," the Romney official said.


Monday, 9:10 a.m.-- The Washington Post's Greg Sargent adds: "There’s another nugget here worth highlighting, though. In that appearance, Romney also suggested it would be 'even better' to send any and all responsibilities of the federal government 'to the private sector,' disaster response included. So: Romney essentially favored privatizing disaster response."

If only all these Obama-haters would actually listen carefully to what Mitt Romney has to say! Oh well...

But let's forget about politics right now. We do hope that all our readers will get through the "Frankenstorm" unharmed. Take all precautions and be careful. Please tell us in the comments about the situation. Good luck and stay safe!


Sandy and planet earth (click for full picture):

The comparison of "Sandy" to "Irene" is quite a shocker:

GIZMODO provides the links to five webcams to watch "Sandy" live.

Link from USTREAM to several webcams.

The CBS News live stream is very good - watch:

Free live streaming by Ustream

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