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Oh the irony: Senator John McCain says that Susan Rice is "not qualified" to become the next US Secretary of State, and receives a forceful reply by an angry President Obama - BONUS: A "Spiegel" cover picture you surely will like!

By Patrick

After the election is before the election, and the first voices of the shellshocked Republicans start to emerge again. Well, they could not be quiet forever, could they, those funny Republicans!

Senator John McCain got himself back in the spotlight while trying to make a stand against the possible nomination of Susan Rice for US Secretary of State - and proves that he has no sense for irony whatsoever. Susan Rice is supremely qualified for the position of US Secretary of State, as we already discussed in the comments of the previous post - excerpt from Wikipedia:

Rice was born in Washington, D.C. to Emmett J. Rice (1919–2011), Cornell University economics professor and the second black governor of the Federal Reserve System[2] and education policy scholar Lois Dickson Fitt, currently at the Brookings Institution. Her parents divorced during her youth. Her brother, John Rice, received an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and is the founder of Management Leadership for Tomorrow, an organization which develops top minority talent for leadership roles in the business and non-profit sector. She is not related to Condoleezza Rice.

Rice was a three-sport athlete, student council president, and valedictorian at National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C., a private day girls' school. She played point guard in basketball and directed the offense, acquiring the nickname "Spo", short for "Sportin'".

Rice said that her parents taught her to "never use race as an excuse or advantage", and as a young girl she "dreamed of becoming the first U.S. Senator from the District of Columbia". She also held "lingering fears" that her accomplishments would be diminished by people who attributed them to affirmative action. After her father's death in 2011, she said, “He believed segregation had constrained him from being all he could be. The psychological hangover of that took him decades to overcome. His most fervent wish was that we not have that psychological baggage.”

Rice attended Stanford University, where she received a Truman Scholarship, and graduated with a B.A. in history in 1986. She was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, Rice attended New College, Oxford, where she earned a M.Phil. in 1988 and D.Phil. in 1990. The Chatham House-British International Studies Association honored her dissertation titled "Commonwealth Initiative in Zimbabwe, 1979-1980: Implication for International Peacekeeping" as the UK's most distinguished in international relations.

In addition, she had various roles within the Clinton administration and currently serves as the US Ambassador to the United Nations.

But the old maverick John McCain tries to shoot from hip and declares that Susan Rice is "not qualified":

The "Democratic Underground" gave the appropriate reply to John McCain:

Yes, that's John McCain with Sarah Palin - whose name became a synonym for a "hopelessly dumb politician."

President Barack Obama was not happy about John McCain's remarks. You could even say that became very angry, and minced no words in his forceful reply to John McCain:

My impression is that the "new Barack Obama" will be much tougher than the "old" one.

After all, America's patience with the obstructive, irrational and plainly dumb Republicans has run out.

My prediction is that Susan Rice will become the next Secretary of State.



Recently I reported about a rather depressing cover story by the German magazine "Der Spiegel" about the "decline" of America. This week also has a rather interesting cover story - and I am sure you will like this cover much better:

"Charisma - The Secret of the Special Aura"

Inside, there is a great picture of Michelle Obama:

"The Fire From Within

Barack Obama found it again, Angela Merkel will probably never have it: Charisma, the power to move others, to form our world and not only to administer it. Can the magic be learned? By Matthias Matussek"

So Barack and Michelle Obama will be able to "radiate" for four more years - good news for America!

And somebody really should explain to John McCain the meaning of the word "irony!"



Already an update! It turns out that there is somebody else who does not know irony: Sarah Palin, arguably the most unbearable woman in America. She and John McCain should get together again - I think they really have something in common.

Sarah, the clueless housewife from Alaska, just released the following statement on facebook:

Who is running our country? We've got a CIA Director sharing security info with his mistress using an unsecure gmail account. We've got the delusional Susan Rice blaming the death of an ambassador on a Youtube video. We've got Iran firing on one of our drones a week before the election. We've got the White House either ignorant of or covering up all of this. Who is minding the store? Everywhere we look we see the rank incompetence or corruption of the people who are supposedly running our country and our major institutions. Let's hope that responsible reporters at Obama's press conference today ask the right questions Americans deserve answers to.

Here's my question for the president: As our nation's chief executive you claim to be unaware of the most important and tragic situations we're facing; so, as a former chief executive, I'd like to know how long it takes for your staff to tell you things like: "Sir, your CIA Director is under investigation"?

- Sarah Palin

"We've got a CIA Director sharing security info with his mistress using an unsecure gmail account."

Says the woman who "routinely" used private email accounts, especially several yahoo email accounts, for state business while being Governor of Alaska.

See also herehere and here.

Oh the irony!

Why did the Republicans lose the election again...?

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