Monday, November 5, 2012

The day of choosing has arrived

By Patrick

Tomorrow, the citizens of the USA will have the choice. Hopefully it will be a good one. This will be our election post for today and tomorrow, and it is supposed to get us all "in the mood."

Already a long time ago I decided to start the election day post with the following graphic, which was once created by German-born American photographer Henry Ries, because it is a reminder of what this election is all about:

So, there we are. Goodbye election 2008, here comes 2012!

Babies and children love Barack Obama, and the people should listen to them. That would save us all a lot of hassle!

Barack Obama, the family man:

Watch the magic:

So, if you make the right choice, America, you will surely make many babies happy...

Remember this guy:

Not again, please!

Finally, a message by Bruce Springsteen, published today on youtube:

It is "game on" now! The time for choosing has arrived.

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