Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finally arrived at Politicalgates: The new Disqus!

By Patrick

Hello everyone! The world keeps changing, and so do the features on "Politicalgates." We have finally switched from the "old" Disqus to the "new" Disqus commenting system, because the new system is far more advanced - with "real-time updating" and much more. Therefore: Welcome, "new Disqus!"

I can see that some of our readers are already getting a bit confused, which is understandable. It happened to me as well. Because: The "new" Disqus shows by default the oldest comments first - which is not helpful. You (the user) have to change it yourself, and your choice will be saved with a "cookie" on your computer.

You have to click on "Discussion" and then select your choice:

Easy, right? Now let's examine some of the other new features.

Unfortunately, the avatars have now become smaller. But luckily, that's not the whole story. Because when you "hover" with the mouse over the avatar, you will see the enlarged version. Therefore we can still display more or less hidden messages through the use of original avatars. :-)

Now, a very helpful new feature for all the tweeters:

If you leave the "comments" and click on "reactions" instead, then you can see all the tweets for this post. This is very helpful, because if you click on the time stamp, you can open the individual tweet and then re-tweet it immediately! I really like it a lot.

You can now easily share discussions on facebook or twitter with the new "Share" button:

Also, there is a new "Community" page, right next to the "Discussion" tab, which is great! We can take a look at previous posts and also see the top-commentators.

As you will have observed, the comments now refresh themselves automatically. It is not necessary any more to refresh the page in order to see the new comments! This will make reading much easier.

Disqus has some explanations about the new system on the website, for example here and here.

They also published a cool little clip about the new system:

There is no page numbering any more, just "Load new comments" at the bottom of the comments.

Well, apparently the bots now believe that the new Disqus with the possibility to "downvote" comments is an evil conspiracy by President Obama to prevent the bots to spread the truth about the good righteous Lady Sarah. One more reason to like the new system!

I am sorry that I have not written any posts for such a long time, but real life kept me pretty busy and exhausted. Hopefully things will improve in the future. I just need to gather my strength again! :-)

Finally, a different topic:

Kathleen saw on facebook that tomorrow is the "Day of Action" for Gun Violence Prevention - picture:

You can see on this page if there are events at a location near you.

Have a good evening, everybody!

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