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Sarah Palin Rewrites History - UPDATE: Son of Sarah Palin's best friend Juanita Fuller shot funny video clip at the "Casa Palin" in Arizona

By Kathleen

Several hours ago Sarah Palin, or her ghost writer, wrote the following on her Facebook blog

"Here's a feel good story from Wasilla High. Glacier is the son of my friend Jana. We were both pregnant at the same time when we worked together at City Hall when I was mayor and she worked in Parks & Recreation. My daughter Willow and her son Glacier were born just a few days apart. And a few days after Glacier was born, Jana told me he had Down syndrome. I didn't even know what to say, nor could I imagine what life would be like for her. All I could say was God knew what He was doing when Glacier became part of her life. She grinned and agreed, and she has been an inspiration to me ever since. And now all these years later, our Wasilla Warriors just elected Glacier Prom King!"   (Bold emphasis is mine)

Here is the screenshot that I took:

In this post Palin claims that she and Jana "were both pregnant at the same time when we worked together at City Hall when I was mayor and she worked in Parks & recreation." She goes on to claim "Willow and her son Glacier were born just a few days apart." According to Palin's autobiography, Going Rogue, and other sources Willow was born on the 5th July, 1994. 

Sarah Palin was first elected as mayor of Wasilla in 1996. Not 1994. So once again Sarah Palin embroiders a story to make herself seem more important. Not just a city councillor but mayor. Palin seems to think that a little tweak here or there will not be noticed but she should remember that some of us are paying attention. 

By the way, congratulations Glacier for being crowned Prom King. That is a powerful achievement and we here at Politicalgates wish you all the best for the future. 

Here is the link to Glacier being crowned as prom king:


Court documents reveal that Glacier was born on 7/08/1994 so he is presently 18 years old. 


Several of our readers have pointed out that Sarah has herself claimed that when she became pregnant and discovered that her baby would be born with Down Syndrome that she didn't know anyone with DS and that she knew nothing about the condition. MaeLewis writes:

"Another part of Sarah's post is that Jana has always been such an inspiration to Sarah. That's strange, because for being such an inspiration, neither Jana nor Glacier are mentioned in Sarah's book, "Going Rogue." When Sarah has told the story of first finding out that Trig was going to be born with DS, she embroidered the story by saying that she didn't know anyone with DS, and she didn't know anything about the condition. She had to educate herself by reading the pamphlets that her doctor gave her. Todd had to contact relatives to see how a cousin with DS was doing. How about Glacier? How about Jana? Where's the inspiration?" 

Yes Sarah, where is the inspiration? 

As usual Palin has momentarily hitched herself to Glacier's star because he is in the news. 

Glacier's older brother is Crosby Morrow. Crosby is one of Levi Johnston's closest friends. So close that last year Crosby obtained a licence and officiated over the wedding of Levi and Sunny. Levi thinks of Jana as a second mother and considers Glacier and Crosby to be his second brothers. The Morrow family and the Johnston family have maintained that relationship for many, many years. Now that is what I call friendship. 



Why not have a little fun update? Well, what we have here is not a "scandal", but very entertaining nonetheless, and if there is one thing that the Palin-family has given the world over the years, it is entertainment!

Our wonderful reader "HopeforAmerica" found a video on youtube which was posted there by Alex Fuller, a guy who asked Willow Palin out to prom last year (Bristol wrote a post about it on her blog).

This year, Alex Fuller asked another girl out to prom. This time, it is not Willow, but a girl called Kally. So far, so good. Why not have a little change? Alex had the great idea to make a funny little video clip in order to convince Kally to go with him to the prom. A charming and creative young man, well done!

However, the funny and entertaining part for us is that Alex decided to shoot the little video in "casa Palin", Sarah's and Todd's "luxury compound" in Arizona. He put in on youtube, in HD! Sweet! I hope that the Palinbots will be thrilled to see these unexpected "inside views" of the Palin-house. That's where their goddess lives, look! How we like to make them happy, they have so little reason to rejoice these days.

By the way, Alex Fuller is the son of Juanita Fuller, who happens to be Sarah Palin's best friend in Wasilla, part of what once was the "elite six."

Here is the video which Alex shot in "Casa Palin" and put on youtube:

Some screenshots from the video (click to enlarge):

Some details from the clip:

Compare this with some of the pictures from our long post about Palin's house in Arizona from May 2011.

Where Alex was sitting and writing the letter:

You can see the fireplace also in the clip:

The outside:

I am sure that the enthusiastic reality show stars Sarah, Todd, Bristol and Willow will appreciate Alex Fuller's talented efforts! We hope Kally said yes!

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