Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sarah Palin fun post - Palin's number one fan "M. Joseph Sheppard" accidentally calls Palin-aide Rebecca A. Mansour "the most repulsive looking person I have ever seen" - PLUS: Sarah Palin 2016 bumperstickers!

By Patrick

Good evening, everyone! Time to have some fun! You all know "M. Joseph Sheppard" (not his real name), who Wonkette recently called "Sarah Palin's number one fan", and who runs the already legendary Palin-fan blog "Palin4President 2016." He is from New Zealand, and when he is pumped full of oxygen from the great New Zealand air, he proves over and over again that even a completely nutty Palinbot can be incredibly entertaining. Because let's face it, the entertainment value of the Palinbots is often quite limited. There are, however, some exceptions, for example "BrianusBerkleianus." His unique comments at C4P would be the best satire in the world, were they not real.

So let's start with one great idea that "M. Joseph Sheppard" had on Friday: Create you own "Sarah Palin 2016" bumpersticker! Sure, why not, Joseph!

All you have to do is to go to "Zazzle", because they have their very own "bumpersticker editor." It's great fun! I had some ideas, and our creative readers had as well! Some examples (click to enlarge):

Well, the possibilities are endless.

It's very timely as well! Because just today, Sarah Palin played the good old "I might run for President" game again when she was asked by the media in Arizona whether she plans to run for President. Her answer: "I don't know what I am going to do in 2016."


She might run! She might run! OMG - that would be the funniest thing in the world, ever.

But I assume that we most likely won't have the pleasure.

But that is not all: "M. Joseph Sheppard" today provided us with one of the most hilarious misunderstandings in Palin-cult history, ever!

(big h/t to "BinWI")

The story goes at follows: "M. Joseph Sheppard" was irritated by anti-Palin commenter "Gina." I don't know what her comments were, but in any case, "M. Joseph Sheppard" was also mightily irritated by Gina's avatar. Now: An intelligent person would probably understand that your avatar does not necessarily depict yourself, but might be the picture of another person. But "M. Joseph Sheppard" forgot to switch on his brain for a moment and commented on C4P:

In passing there is someone or something called "Gina" I can't tell if it is a man or woman but it says the avatar is them. It comes here regularly from Immoral Minority as it quotes my posts here especially the self-deprecatory ones (obvious it has no sense of humor or self-awareness). Gina is, frankly and sadly, the most repulsive looking person I have ever seen-it if has ever had an intimate partner of any gender I would be amazed and would consider that to be the main reason why it attacks Sarah in the most childish and idiotic language. Pity rather than anger is the only response one can feel.

The "most repulsive looking person I have ever seen"...?

Well, "M. Joseph Sheppard" was unlucky, because this "most repulsive looking person" was none other than the commander of Sarah Palin's internet brigade herself, the one and only "RAM", Rebecca A. Mansour. Gina had simply used RAM's picture as her avatar, and "M. Joseph Sheppard" apparently has some regrettable "gaps" in his knowledge of "Palin-cult history", because every faithful Palin-fan should of course know who RAM is!

I cannot find this exchange on C4P anymore. In any case, I had taken screenshots before it apparently disappeared:

Oh, come on, I almost feel bad for RAM! 

Rebecca, you haven't deserved this! After all, it's difficult enough to work for somebody like Sarah Palin. Take it with humour! He didn't know what he was doing, the silly "M. Joseph Sheppard" from New Zealand.

RAM: Getting paid big bucks by SarahPAC, 
but boy, it ain't an easy life!


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