Sunday, June 16, 2013

She is baaaaack!!! Sarah Palin unable to shut up and quits quitting Fox News, prompts new blingee contest! Hilarity ensues!

Sarah Palin rejoins Fox News

By Patrick

What can you say! We almost missed her! If there is a secret weapon available for the Democrats to win elections in the United States of America, it is Sarah Palin! There is hardly a US politician alive who is more despised than Quitler from Alaska, and with not insignificant enthusiasm we welcome her back with our custom-made Palin-chant: "What could possibly go wrong?"

Governor Blood Libel obviously felt abandoned, and you cannot feed several hungry mouths including an unemployed husband on nothing, so Princess Sarah had to return to where the money-sack is. How did "taking my message to a broader audience" work out for ya?

So we will have more of the good old Palin-fun. It was probably inevitable. Sarah Palin will never go away quietly. She is the crazy relative who has to be invited to all the family parties, because you just HAVE to do it. No end in sight.

Sarah Palin also is, as I like to call it, America's biggest fraudster, but nobody really seems to care. I betcha that many blogs and news websites are actually quite happy to have her back, because stories about Palin are still like a click-machine. It is too tempting not to miss the trainwreck. Also, Palin-cultists and Palin-enemies love to indulge in sheer endless battles in the comments of Palin-related articles (myself included, on some occasions, a guilty pleasure), therefore a lot of entertainment is always guaranteed.

In addition, we have to feel happy for cartoonists, comedians and satirist who now will continue to receive new material about one of the favourite subjects. Sarah is not only doing the Democrats a big favour.

Already back in 1996, during Sarah Palin's fiscally totally irresponsible reign of terror as mayor of Wasilla, Sarah was the object of thankful cartoonists:

Therefore, in honour of Sarah quitting to quit Fox News, we thought that the time has come for a new blingee contest! Many of you will certainly remember the hilarious Palin-blingee contests we had some years ago at Palingates, and we believe that the time has come for a new contest!

Just go to he blingee website, upload a picture of your choice and then add your preferred symbols, in order to create your blingee. Make sure you get the link to the blingee at the end. Then post the link to the blingee in the comments! At the top of the post, you can see my new creation. But the possibilities are endless. It's great fun!

Welcome back, Governor Stupid! What can possibly go wrong?



Well, here are the blingees we have got so far. If I am not mistaken, you have to click on them in order to get the link. Thank you all for being creative!

But first, let me quote this spot-on excerpt from the article by Republican Jeb Golinkin in "The Week", discussing Sarah Palin's return to Fox News:

Before John McCain nominated Palin to be his running mate in 2008, the Republican Party was already in lousy shape. But Palin was rock bottom. She simply did not know enough to engage anyone on any matter of substance, and that was a highly damning fact that shaped the modern perception of the Republican Party. It plagued us in the last election, and continues to hamper us to this day. Because of Palin's lack of education on matters of substance, and because so many in the movement embraced her in spite of that utter cluelessness, most voters came to view the party as a movement driven by charismatic but uneducated leaders followed by hordes of hero worshipers too oblivious or uninterested to contemplate the sorts of disaster that might follow if someone like Palin were actually elected.

Well, the trainwreck will continue. It is bad for the GOP, but Sarah Palin is also pure poison for keeping up a reasonable political discourse - a discourse which is actually aimed at problem solving and not at spreading manipulative propaganda and demagoguery.

Also, please do not miss the new post at "see4pee" by Annes_123 about Sarah's latest performance.

Now, the blingees, with the names of the readers who created them:


Send Money


Palin Blingee - LameChange

KatieAnnieOakley found this one:

Boo Hoo


Mrs. Todd Palin


Palin 2016


Sexy Sarah


The Fishwife


Crazy Quitter Palin


Palin Blingee


YoungSarah & CreepyChuck


It's me, Sarah



This calendar for 2012 surely was a real joy:



The appearance of Sarah Queen of Alaska at Fox & Friends inspired me - here is my "Quitler joins Fox & Friends Blingee":

  Sarah Palin on Fox & Friends

Sarah always successfully manages to show off her bad taste - THE HOOVES:

Of course, the shoes did not fit, you betcha:

It doesn't matter, trainwreck Sarah marches on!



The wonderful and one and only John Oliver! Best British contribution to the world ever (apart from porridge and afternoon tea...):


Bonus 4: 

One more, guys - here is one of the sweetest exchanges in the comments of a Palin-related article I have ever seen:

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