Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Signs of the Times

by Sunnyjane

Such has been the malaise, anxiety, disquiet, and resentment over the last week or so that I decided it might be a good idea for all of us to step back, breathe deeply, and...well, laugh a bit.  

These are in no particular order; I just chose ones that hit a chord -- for a variety of reasons with which we can all identify.  It isn't hard to figure that out. 

Readers are welcome to add their own signs in the comments.  Have fun!

Ain't the American Language Special?

If at first you don't SECEDE!, try spelling it correctly. 

Then feel free to take care of your own state without the pesky help from the federal government's protection that you so love to scorn.

Good luck, hear?

Now I think we can ALL agree that it's important to stay infromed.

After all, there cannot be much truth to a silly study showing that Fox News viewers know less than people who don't watch any news.  Can there?

Thanks, Fox, for keeping them dumb and ignorant and factually stunted.


I'm pretty sure the President has read the Constitution, but perhaps he does need a copy of the Consitution.  

Could you send him one, hon?  The address is  President Barack H. Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C.  20500.


Unfortunately, Mr. Mayor, you left out the P in exceptions.  Are you having a little problem spelling your own language?  I strongly suggest you LEARN IT.  Rather harsh criticism from a man whose parents were Polish immigrants who no doubt took quite a few years learning their adopted country's language.

Photo Credit: Tim Pierce

My goodness, son, why so much animosity toward taxis

I understand that Tea Party hearts and souls are against taxes, but if you actually intend to communicate that via hand-written statements, it might be a good idea to have MORE FUN learning to spell.

Just a suggestion.   You dig?

I don't know whether this guy is bragging or complaining, but at least he's spelled all ten words correctly.

My guess is he's damned proud of that statement and intends for this entire block to remain lily white.

Folks like these protesters have not come to the realization that white is the new minority.

Boy, are they in for a real shockaroonie, eh?


But that's just one reason she's an idiot.

Oh, those tiresome possessives vs. contractions.  They're just so hard.

And it's difficult to know where to put all those pesky punctuation marks, isn't it?

Time Out for Some Sanity

Naming Names, Politically Speaking

Thank you, Connecticut.  Apology accepted.

And speaking of Bush, this from 2006

2008 Republican campaign lawn sign

Some Lifeforms Should Not be Allowed to Reproduce

An excellent method for advertising one's stupidity.


Liberals are always willing to assist the disadvantaged.

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