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Sarah Palin slams "socialization" of the USA and supports Ted Cruz's lone fight against Obamacare, but at the same time her husband, children and grandchildren receive state-funded free Alaska native healthcare, as court documents reveal - Can you say "hypocrite"? Watch her meltdown at Fox News during her interview with Cavuto! - UPDATE!

Comrade Sarah Palin: "Socialism is only for me, me, me!"

By Patrick

Dear Sarah Palin, first things first: Steve Schmidt is not anonymous! He is a gentleman called "Steve Schmidt", he grew up in New Jersey, has a degree from the University of Delaware, and despite a rather "checkered" political history, he seems to be a very decent person in my opinion.

Sarah Palin right now seems to be engaged in the "fight of her life", the final battle, so to speak, and it really appears to be like a "life or death" situation for her, given her latest interview on Neil Cavuto's show at Fox News.

Watch her total meltdown:

So what the heck is she saying there? From her world salad, which is rather like a huge flood of words streaming out her mouth, one can decipher for example the following points:

- Sarah Palin hates "socialized healthcare"
- Sarah Palin will not surrender
- That the "GOP machine" is "turning on each other" comes as "no surprise"
- The "GOP machine" controls soooo much in America right now
- Steve Schmidt and "his crew" are sooo mean, and they are also anonymous
- We forget what America "was built upon"
- "If I die, I die"
- Ted Cruz is doing a "quasi-filibuster" right now
- There are no journalistic ethics any more
- Sarah Palin won't be anonymous
- John McCain also hates anonymous sources, he told Sarah
- Karl Rove is an "appeaser", these people are "sheeple"
- Obama and his minions are driving the country towards bankruptcy
- Sarah Palin thinks that she has a "record" and a "reputation"
- Sarah Palin "not surprised" that the "RINO's" turn on her
- Sarah Palin won't run for president, she raises a family, has businesses, hunts moose
- The USA already has a "third party", the "good guys" in the GOP
- Sarah Palin has "always be very independent"
- People said nasty things about Sarah, but she stayed strong, just like Ted Cruz
- Tell the soldiers that they shouldn't storm the beaches...Omaha beach...that they should wave the white flag...
- Tell the people who have fought "physically" for the "sovereignity" of the USA that they should wave the white flag now
- Time is short, we must stop "these things" now which are happening, the transformation of the USA
- Allow the USA to continue to be "exceptional"
- The "socialist healthcare coverage policy of Barack Obama" is "unpopular" and "unaffordable" and will be "implemented" by the IRS
- The IRS is evil
- Don't wait until there is "a smaller hilltop to climb"
- Say no to the "socialization" of the USA

But this interview really has to be watched in order to be believed...

Sarah Palin's interview on Cavuto: She now believes she fights on Omaha beach! Shall we shout "MEDIC"...?

OK, Sarah, but let's get real for the moment. We all know that your brain is doing some crazy things from time to time, and that Fox News is more than happy to transmit some of these brain activities for ratings. But let's get real right now.

Sarah, you don't hate the government when there are things to receive from the government - am I right? You just hate the government when "hating" is good for ratings.

In real life, you love socialized medicine. Yes, you do. Or how would you explain the fact that your family has no hesitation to receive healthcare via the free native Alaskan healthcare system?

This rather inconvenient fact came to light during the custody trail between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston in February 2010, when Bristol and Levi were fighting for custody for their son Tripp.

Astonishingly, Bristol Palin's lawyer explained in one of his submissions during the trial that health insurance for Tripp is "unnecessary". Why is that? Thomas Van Flein explains:

"Tripp is an enrolled tribal member of Curyung Tribal Council within the Bristol
Bay Native consortium. Because the majority of Tripp's health care costs are already covered by the IHS and the Alaska Native Medical Center, Mr. Johnston has no need to purchase additional health insurance and his deduction should not be allowed."


Full document:

Look, look! Those crafty Palins! Todd Palin had a native Yup'ik grandmother, and what does this mean? He himself as well as his children and grandchildren are entitled to receive free fully socialized native healthcare in Alaska!

In fact, the complete side of Todd's family is entitled so receive the free native healthcare - and they surely will take advantage of that!

This is of course not a scandal, but a good thing! Many more people should have free fully socialized healthcare in our opinion!

But surely Sarah Palin would say no to such an evil thing like "free healthcare"...?

Heck, no!

It is a scandal of the highest order that Sarah Palin wants to destroy "Obamacare" on the basis that Obamacare allegedly constitutes "socialized" healthcare, when her family members have no hesitations to accept the free native healthcare in Alaska which is open to them! You can "betcha" that Tripp will not be the only Palin family member who receives this free native healthcare!

That is Sarah Palin for you: A hypocrite to the core, a demagogue par excellence. Time for the media to get the facts straight and expose this evil woman once and for all. Sarah Palin doesn't say no to free healthcare, but it is great for ratings to rant against "socialized healthcare." It makes the teabaggers soooo happy, doesn't it!

Sorry, Sarah, if this was too much of "reality" for you. Now you can continue with your weird brain activities and can continue to fight on the beaches, all bells ringing.



I decided to make an update, because the reported fact that Todd and his children and grandchildren receive free native healthcare in Alaska found a lot of interest on twitter. However, some people were understandably confused by the news and found it hard to believe - examples:

Therefore it could be helpful to go into more detail. Thankfully the fact that Sarah's family receives free native healthcare had already been reported in the past, so it is not difficult to find more information. I found particularly helpful a post that Regina wrote at Palingates in February 2010, where she presents some documents which provide more background.

Regina quoted from an article at the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) from October 19, 2008, in which the native background of Todd Palin's family was explained in detail, and the ADN even specifically mentioned that Sarah Palin's children are being eligible for Alaska native healthcare.


Yup'ik ties give Palins unique Alaska connection
NATIVE: Grandmother on Todd's side calls the governor a 'special gal.'

(10/19/08 23:59:49)
HOMER -- Like many Alaska Natives of her generation, Lena Andree, Todd Palin's 87-year-old Yup'ik grandmother, grew up living between two worlds.

Her father was a Dutchman, Glass Eye Billy Bartman, a sled dog freighter in the Bristol Bay region and caretaker of the Alaska Packers saltry on the Igushik River.

Her mother was full-blooded Yup'ik, growing up in a sod-roofed barabara in the now-abandoned village of Tuklung, somewhere on the tundra between Dillingham and Togiak.

Growing up in two worlds along the Igushik River in Bristol Bay, Lena Bartman spoke broken English with her father and more fluent Yup'ik with her mother, whose Yup'ik name was Ahchitmook and western name was Amalia. Later she would make a career as a translator, bridging the cultures of Dillingham, speaking English with the doctors and storekeepers and pilots, and "speaking Native" with the residents.

"I just love that language," she says today.

Sarah Palin's personal story has captivated America from the time she was named John McCain's vice-presidential candidate.

Yet the Heath family story is a familiar one in Alaska, a pioneer narrative. Her father was a schoolteacher who loved to hunt and fish. They moved to Alaska when Sarah was a newborn.

Todd Palin's roots in Alaska are more complicated and run deeper -- all the way back to that sod house on the tundra and the winter day Glass Eye Billy made a freight stop at Tuklung on a dog run to Togiak.

The musher, who had come to Alaska after leaving Holland at 14 as a cabin boy, saw a young woman dipping water from a frozen creek. The first thing he noticed about her was her fur boots and gorgeous white parka made from the supple fur of reindeer fawn.

The courtship and marriage arrangements took a year.

Their first-born's full name was Helena, her Yup'ik name Tikchu, or Chickadee.

Andree grew up in the 1920s along the Igushik River. Along with her father, a couple of other white men lived nearby and looked after the saltries in winter -- White Headed Pete and Rum and Gum Johnson.

Otherwise, her neighbors were Yup'ik families drawn by summer fishing jobs to live along the river.

"Kids would come to play, and sometimes my sister and I talked English and the kids said, 'Don't talk funny,' " Andree recalls today.

The idea that someday a grandchild of hers would be married to the governor of Alaska, much less to the Republican candidate for vice president of the United States -- needless to say, such an idea never remotely entered the mind of a little Yup'ik girl playing along the tideflats of the Igushik.

"I have to say, is it really happening in my family?" says Andree, a short and sunny woman who now lives in Homer near a son and daughter. "Just to see her running. We love Sarah. She is kind of a special gal to me. She honors my Native side."


As a candidate for governor two years ago, and more recently on the national stage, Sarah Palin has avidly pointed to her husband's Eskimo heritage. Lena Andree is one-half Yup'ik, and Todd Palin is one-eighth.

The Palin children are Native, too -- one-sixteenth, eligible for Indian health benefits under federal law, as lineal descendants of Native enrollees under the 1970 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

During the 2006 governor's race, Palin introduced Andree on stage at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention and described her own family's mixed roots as an example of how whites and Natives can surmount controversies that divide them.

"I look at Alaska as a family, and I want my own family to be used as an example of how it can work," Palin told the state's biggest Native organization that year.

When it came time to debate, however, Palin was often at odds with her Native listeners. On sensitive subsistence hunting and fishing issues, her positions resembled those of urban sportsmen's groups who backed her.

In the election, she finished far behind Democrat Tony Knowles in rural, Native-dominated districts. Urban and small-town votes carried her to victory. As governor, she has come under criticism for not reaching out to Natives, though her efforts to assist rural Alaska economically have been praised.

Culturally, the Palins live a lifestyle of small-town Alaska. Todd does not take part in Native organizations or tribal politics. He grew up in Glennallen and Wasilla. His Native roots can be seen in his dividends from the Bristol Bay Native Corporation and boyhood visits with his grandma, where he learned to tend fish nets along the Nushagak River.

Efforts to reach Todd Palin for this story, through the governor's office and the McCain campaign, were unsuccessful.

From Sarah Palin's financial disclosure form for 2008, which she had to submit as Governor of Alaska, we can see that Todd as well as Palin's children received dividends from the "Bristol Bay Native Corporation", and therefore we have to assume that they are all enrolled tribe members (just like Tripp, see above!) - which is a requirement to receive the free native healthcare (however, it is not even necessary to be an enrolled tribe member - being a lineal descendant of a native person is sufficient in order to be eligible for free native healthcare, as explained below).

In any case, you have to be a Alaska Native in order to be a member of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation. The registration form for descendants specifically asks for the "blood quantum." For more details, see also the FAQ at the website of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation.

Screenshots from Sarah Palin's 2008 public disclosure form:

Full document as PDF:

In a document published by the Alaska Native Medical Center it is explained that people who are for example lineal descendants of a native person listed on the original Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) are eligible for free healthcare as an "Alaska Native." As I explained above, Todd Palin has a native Yup'ik grandmother, and therefore he and his lineal descendants are eligible.


Full document:

So yes, it is actually "true!"

However, it is unlikely that the media will call out Sarah Palin on this. I tweeted the reason - but please prove me wrong, media!

Bonus revelation:

But now comes the "kicker": Sarah Palin herself was also eligible for free native healthcare during her pregnancies - more screenshots from the document mentioned above:

Well, did Sarah Palin take of advantage of that, or should we believe that Todd Palin had sufficient insurance coverage as an oil field worker? We can only speculate, but in any case, "$$$" is Sarah's middle name, so she surely would have taken advantage of the free native healthcare, if it seemed necessary. It's a pity that Sarah's counterparts on Fox News won't ask her these type of questions.

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