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Sarah Palin campaigns for teabagger Steve Lonegan in New Jersey - "Boots on the Ground" report from New Egypt, NJ - UPDATE: Just 1000-1500 people attended the event - UPDATE 2: Sarah Palin, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee "protest" in Washington DC together against their own Government shutdown!

Sarah Palin, October 12, 2013 
(photos in this post by "Comeonpeople")

Guest post by Comeonpeople

Since the Lonegan Rally was only 45 miles away, I had to go.

The rally was at the New Egypt Speedway – such a famous NJ venue that it doesn’t even register on the GPS. I could not find it on the Garmin, so had to run back in the house and get directions off the computer. So, trip was delayed 15 minutes. The rally was not REALLY held at the New Egypt speedway….it was in the gravel entryway.

The Tea Party Express bus was stopped outside of the venue entrance and the crowd was gathered around. There were about 2000 people in attendance at most. The speedway stands hold 2k and the parking lots were full, so this is how I am calculating. (Plus my 13 year old said 2000 when asked to guestimate.)  I did not see any buses other than the TP bus. The speedway owners donated the space and it seems they did not want the liability of actually having the rally INSIDE their facility. We had to climb over the jazzies and wheelchairs and pop up seats to find a good spot – seriously. People were very disappointed in the space and everyone was yelling that they couldn’t see the speakers and yelling  “this is poorly run, this is a joke, get some milk crates to stand on.” The audio cut out early in the program and the eagle fell off the flagpole, but those were the only technical glitches.

It is hard to put into words the crazy that was there. The crowd was mostly older couples but there were also some families with young kids, many people with disabilities, several DS people with their parents and a lot of single scary looking men. Most were older folks though. The thought that the world will be a better place when these people are gone kept going through my head. They just eat up the propaganda and hate.  Most of the crowd seemed unhealthy and dirty and unkempt.  The People of Walmart on Parade. No wonder Palin seems glamorous to them.

I sent a picture of a man who was SMOKING in the crowd. Unbelievable. The older men were yelling at people to take their hats off during the national anthem, but were fine with second hand smoke in a crowd. This is a huge pet peeve on mine. Smoking in a crowd!!

The first speaker actually said “Welcome racists and anarchists.” My son asked me if the speaker really just said “welcome racists and anarchists??” Yessirree. The mayor of Newark said something about everyone being surprised NJ elected a Conservative Republican Governor and some of the crowd said  ”Cause we didn’t. ” When Levin was talking and saying disparaging remarks about Booker, from behind me came the voice of a little girl who sounded about 7 or 8 who said “I hate Cory Booker”. Tragic. Children learn what they live.

Lonegan spoke with his wife and a daughter on stage but it seems he knows this is a hopeless cause. He tried to get the crowd going, but it lacked belief. He also said he was going to make President Obama fall or something. It was so silly I  was tuning him out.  It was odd he spoke before Palin. maybe she was late.  Usually the candidate speaks last, right?

Palin was introduced as a governor, business woman and mother of 5 kids (lol). She got a nice welcome. I was next to a DS young man and his older dad and they were totally in awe of her. WHY are they so enamored, since Palin has done zero advocacy for special needs kids. Palin said, as she often does “I’m so happy I get to be here” which I always interpret as “I get to be here because I’m not locked in the looney bin right now”.

Palin had a ton of makeup on – it was visible from where we were, several yards back. She had on a shirt and vest and made a remark about coming down to NJ to thaw out. I thought she lives in Arizona and it can’t be that cold yet in Wasilla if she is there. It seems Toad was with her, as she kept referring to him, but from where we were standing he was not visible.  She was absolutely a nervous screecher at the beginning, but then she seemed to calm down. She had notes and the content, as usual, kept bouncing from one topic to the next. She was getting tripped up on New Egypt and New Jersey.

One of the Palin kids apparently googled a story for Sarah about a NJ woman from the revolutionary war who was the original mama grizzly. Or something. Palin made an ugly remark about Michele Obama’s video on healthy eating and exercising still being available during the shutdown because “god forbid we get chubby”. Umm, people in the audience were not only chubby, many were downright obese and very unhealthy. In fact, two older ladies near me were almost overcome from standing for two hours and had to keep sitting on their pullout chairs. Palin also made a comment about needing “Leaders, not Tweeters” and I think she said she wrote it on her palm so she wouldn’t forget it. She’s still recycling the same old jokes.

The weather became increasing cloudy as the event went on and it started drizzling when Sarah was screeching. I was hoping for a downpour. She did not speak for very long. She said she and Toad were going to Washington tomorrow for a rally. She mentioned that her PAC was paying for her trip.

I arrived 30 minutes before the scheduled start time, but there was already a crowd and some girl musician was playing god awful racist, treasonous songs that the crowd seemed to be familiar with. The best part about attending this event with my 13 year old son was catching his eye and just laughing internally at the crazy, together. I wish we had arrived 15 minutes earlier to get a better view. I had some signs I was going to flash in her face (tight abs, where is Tri-G’s birth certificate and I know you are not Tri-G’s birth mom)  – but we were not close enough. Maybe another time.

Thanks to my son for accompanying me. He learned a lot today! And thanks to my husband for letting me use his “good camera”.


Many thanks to our reader Comeonpeople for this insightful "Boots on the Ground" report!

Here are more pictures which she shot at this event (click on all pictures to enlarge):

More screenshots from Sarah Palin's screech are included in this comment by annes_123.

Our reader "Caribou "PAYCUT" Barbie™" found the "pic of the day." See the slideshow with more pictures HERE (h/t honestingov).

Sarah's full screech in New Egypt can be watched here.



The website "" posted an excellent photo of the crowd at this event - and as you can see, it really is nothing to write home about:

Erik Larsen, reporter for the Asbury Park Press in Ocean County, who live tweeted the event, estimated that there were 1000 people in the crowd (h/t BellPeppery):



Sarah Palin is very busy these days. Just having cashed in her usual outrageous speaking fee from the "Tea Party Express", the corporate-funded fake grassroots organisation, she is now in Washington DC together with Ted Cruz, protesting against the shutdown, for which the teabaggers are actually solely responsible. This very much reminds me of the old Nazi-tactic: We promise to get rid of the chaos we ourselves created. But will this strategy also work in the USA in the year 2013? Very doubtful.

America Blog reports:

As if the Republican party didn’t have enough troubles, Sarah Palin has now emerged as the new face of the GOP government shutdown.

Yes, there really is a God.

Palin joined GOP Tea Party Senator, and shutdown leader, Ted Cruz and other Tea Party supporters of the GOP’s shutdown of the federal government in a “million vet march” to protest the fact that the government has actually been shut down.

Point of fact: Neither Palin nor Cruz have actually served in the military, and both support the GOP government shutdown which closed the WWII memorial. But don’t let that get in the way of a good visual.

Palin on the shutdown earlier:

“Let government chill for a little bit.”

Palin said Republicans should not “fear some kind of government shutdown.” She then emphasized that Republicans must “stand firm,” “not blink,” and not “allow the media to drive this whole narrative” that a shutdown would be bad for Republicans.

Palin said that a shutdown would allow the American people to realize “how irrelevant the federal government could and should be in our lives.”

And now she’s leading a protest of the shutdown she supported. Adorable.

Here is a picture of Sarah Palin appearing together with Ted Cruz today in Washington DC:

From left to right: Senator Mike Lee (red tie), Sarah Palin (wig), 
Ted Cruz (brokeback mountain jacket, in honour of Peter Thiel, his favourite openly-gay billionaire backer)

"Million Vet March"...? Really?

As Kathleen pointed out in the comments:

Not to make too fine a point about it but surely a "million vet march" should have millions of vets marching and not a few thousand vets standing around. Just sayin'!

Well, more like thousands of "teabaggers", not "vets." In any case: Sarah Palin is not a vet, her husband is also not a vet, and Ted "Harvard/Princeton preferred" Cruz is definitely not a vet either. Let the "non-vets" lead the "vets." Yes, truly adorable!

No surprise: As Linda1961 explained in the comments, the march of the "real vets" will only be on Tuesday. Today was just the photo opportunity for the teabaggers.

One last comment: I actually did not believe that it would be possible that the teabaggers, who were already "politically dead", could bring the world to the brink of a global economic crisis. Unfortunately, "the world" never cared too much about the teabaggers, despite the fact that there always was a lot to discover.


Another photo from today of "The Three Stooges" Sarah Palin, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz (h/t annettek):

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