Friday, October 18, 2013

Sarah Palin's five craziest word-salads - Which one is the most insane? Vote, and get a good laugh! UPDATES with more clips! - Bonus: The magic background behind Sarah Palin that never moves!

By Patrick

Sarah Palin has become America's biggest clown. She once was a "politician", but those days are over. She is a clown, and everything she touches turns into a disaster of epic proportions. She has managed to almost single-handedly wreck the GOP, which might be judged as her biggest "achievement."

At some point in the future, baffled historians will look back at the rise of the teabaggers, events which will virtually be impossible to understand. However I think that they are actually not so difficult to understand: People simply lost their minds, and their leader was in fact Sarah Palin, a mentally-ill woman who steered the GOP into chaos - even if many Republicans today probably want to forget that Sarah Palin actually exists.

She was the one who created the "suicidal wing" of the GOP, by ranting over and over again against the "GOP machine", the "RINO's", the "permanent political class" and anyone else who refused to hail the whackos. She was the "face" of the movement. She paved the way for a monster like Ted Cruz, a man without a conscience, a fundamentalist rabble-rouser who is thoroughly evil - and I am not even sure if he would really regard this description as an insult.

We have known for a long time that Sarah Palin's severe mental disorder does not allow her to acknowledge that she has lost a fight. However, after losing the latest "shutdown" battle, and with nobody else to blame, it becomes obvious that Sarah Palin now rapidly loses her mind as well.

Yesterday, Sarah Palin appeared at Fox News on "The Kelly File" with Megyn Kelly (who herself isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer, either). There, Sarah Palin delivered one of her most insane word-salads ever. She presented a display of nuttiness which simply cannot be surpassed. Or can it?

Sarah Palin's hilarious performance gave me an idea: Let's present the five most insane word-salads of Sarah Palin which I am able to find, and then ask you, dear readers, which one you "like" most. Basically, which one is the worst? Let's have some fun, shall we!

Number 1 in this list is the latest word-salad from yesterday, including the stunned Megyn Kelly - I almost feel sorry for Megyn:

Number 2 is an "old favorite" of mine. How Sarah Palin endorsed Carly Fiorina in 2011:

Number 3, with the pseudo-intellectual "S.E. Cupp glasses" - "Barack Obama wants to return to the days before the civil war":

Number 4 - the one which quickly became a "classic", with all bells ringing:

Number 5 - of course, the Couric-interview, but not all of it, any of it. I picked this famous excerpt as the most "word-salady":

So, take your pick!

Remember, Sarah Palin's work is not done yet. So far, the GOP has not been totally smashed to pieces, but it can only be a matter of time. She will never shut up. She will keep talking as long as there are microphones around. As long as there is anyone left who will listen to her.

The version that Sarah Palin almost single-handedly destroyed the GOP will of course not enter the history books. It's too embarrassing, and too simple. It lacks sophistication. But you and I know that it's true. She started it, and she won't stop until she is finished. She is the whore of babble-on, and she plays her part well. If Karl Rove cannot stop her, nobody can. Looking forward to the primaries, GOP...?

You wanted this woman to be the US Vice-President, didn't you, GOP...?



I particularly liked the following comment at Mediaite, which was left on the story about Sarah Palin's rambling interview with Megyn Kelly:



A little bonus - but there is just too much! BBT reminded us of Sarah Palin's epic word salad from 2010, in which she tried to describe her solution to the oil spill - the "Norwegians" and "Dutch" with their "dykes!" Watching the clip now, a few years later, this insane rant actually looks like something out of a comedy show - but it was real:

The complete "dyke" interview can be found HERE.



Mellybel and BBT reminded us about a wonderful clip from 2008 that I had missed back then - Sarah Palin and the "fungibles":



I had to add the wonderful discovery of our reader KAO - while appearing on Fox News, Sarah Palin sits in front of a fake "studio image" - an image that never moves! So she is in fact sitting in front of a green screen, possibly with the studio being located in her house in Arizona.

Many thanks, KAO!

Picture comparison, created by KAO:

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