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The media strikes back! A mainstream news website calls Sarah Palin the "female Bill Clinton": "Someone who sleeps around" - Time for some truth about the pitbull with lipstick! - UPDATE

By Patrick

"Born and raised by hypocrites"

It's Saturday! Time to write a new post! Most of the USA is in a big freeze, but that's not what is on Sarah Palin's mind right now. Believe it or not, she returned from her "remote cabin" just today, where she had "no cell phone service, no TV", the brave frontier woman and ex-Governor let the world know today via facebook.  (This "cabin", which is actually a proper house, is of course the cabin that Sarah and Todd didn't bother to pay property tax for).

So what else is Sarah Palin thinking about? About the evil lamestream media, of course! Today she also wrote on facebook about her "New Year's Resolutions:

Here's #4: Be even more aggressive in calling out media for practicing lapdog laziness. Hey reporters, we know that once Barack Obama got elected you bailed on keeping government accountable; you've been abject failures there. Case in point: Nixon's presidency was over once reporters busted him for allowing his people to spy on political opponents. Today, the Obama Presidency's hallmark is spying (in addition to violating economic and Constitutional liberties), for which you celebrate Barack Obama. Transparently hypocritical, much?

Hey Sarah, I guess some reporters also are sick something: Of being called "lapdogs" and "lamestream" by yourself, America's most hypocritical politician/pundit/TV-personality!

So veteran journalist Doug Thompson, founder and publisher of one of the oldest non-partisan news websites, "Capital Hill Blue", who once was also a former staff member for several Republican politicians (he is not a left-winger!), apparently thought that it is about time for some truth about the half-term Governor! In a remarkable commentary, he calls Sarah Palin out for her hypocrisy and labels her the "female Bill Clinton", describing her as "someone who sleeps around":

In politics, where hypocrisy abounds, Palin is a standout when it comes to being everything she rants and raves against.  The self-styled defender of family values is a female Bill Clinton:  Someone who sleeps around. While dating future husband Todd Palin, the then-Sarah Heath, a sports reporter for an Alaska TV station, reportedly shacked up for a night in a dorm room with a college basketball star in what those close to her say was just one of a string of casual flings by a sexually-adventurous woman.

In college, Palin was known as a wild child who attended five schools in six years.  A favorite photo of her from her college days showed a young woman on a bed in a college dorm room wearing a t-shirt that said:  “I may be flat broke but I’m not flat busted.” After marriage, she embarked on a six-month affair with Palin’s partner in a snowmobile business and news of his wife’s amorous activities led an angry husband to dissolve the partnership. Those closest to Palin say that while the one-time vice presidential candidate who became a political joke likes to spend time in bed with a variety of men, those who sample her favors is apparently not husband Todd.  The Palins, they say, have slept in separate bedrooms for years now.

After her aborted run for vice president with running mate John McCain, whose advisers picked her because they wanted “a celebrity” on the ticket, Palin ended up on Fox News, where channel executives admitted selecting her because “she’s hot.” They weren’t talking about her political appeal. Author Joe McGinnis, whose string of best selling books about politics and politicians have led to more than one downfall of those who claimed to be what they are not, documented Palin’s fling with basketball star Glen Rice while she was dating her future husband as well as her six-month dalliance with Todd’s business partner Brad Hanson after they married. Although Sarah and Todd talked about having a traditional wedding, they eloped and their son was born less than nine months later, suggesting the purveyor of family values was practicing acts that produce families before marriage. McGinnis also discusses use of cocaine by the Palins. Palin denies the drug use, along with reports of her rampant sexual adventures.

Ouch! Oh no, he didn't! But seriously: While Sarah Palin's numerous personal scandals have not been very "popular" among journalists for a long time (and even this commentary by Doug Thompson only scratches the surface), things might be changing. That would really be good news.

So what will Sarah Palin do now? Go again on her "shoutybook" and slam Doug Thompson for being an evil person? Or will she just ignore it? Because let's face it: Sarah Palin's extramarital affair with Brad Hanson for example is well know in Alaska and cannot be refuted. I myself have once spoken on the phone to a member of Brad Hanson's family who confirmed the sexual affair. The National Enquirer back then also had a family member giving a sworn statement about the affair, as I remember, and Joe McGinniss was never challenged by Sarah Palin in court for his assertions in his book "The Rogue." Sarah Palin's lawyer John J. Tiemessen only made an "empty threat" via letter back then, for the publicity, and in order to satisfy Sarah Palin's gullible fans, who love their "combative" Sarah Palin.

So kudos to Doug Thompson, who will certainly now come under fire for publishing this refreshing commentary, in which he mentions some simple, but devastating facts about Sarah Palin which most other journalists have chosen to ignore. After publishing his excellent book "The Rogue", Joe McGinniss was slammed by parts of the liberal media, notably the infamous review by Janet Maslin in the New York Times from September 14, 2011, one of the absolute low points of Palin-related media reporting in the "liberal" media. There, Janet Maslin, who obviously had no clue at all about the "real Sarah Palin", wrote:

Although most of “The Rogue” is dated, petty and easily available to anyone with Internet access, Mr. McGinniss used his time in Alaska to chase caustic, unsubstantiated gossip about the Palins, often from unnamed sources like “one resident” and “a friend.”

The media never liked the "real Sarah Palin" too much. Somehow the "real Sarah Palin" didn't fit into narrative. Isn't she the fearless "frontier woman", the "political warrior", the "pitbull with lipstick", the God-fearing "Saint Sarah", the once popular Governor and the forceful leader of the Teabaggers? This is the Sarah Palin the media learned to love, the Sarah Palin who often guarantees many clicks and high ratings.

Wouldn't it look strange, when this nice presentable narrative suddenly changes to: A woman who liked to sleep around (before and after the marriage), who took hard drugs, who entered into a highly questionable marriage with a highly questionable man, who shortly after the marriage gave birth to a son from a different man, who faked a pregnancy, whose description of her first "wite out miscarriage" is not believable, and so forth? And, most importantly, a woman who then spent much of her time trying to conceal her "private scandals", and spent even more time intimidating the media, with the clear message: If you mention anything from my "personal life", I will turn into a rabid dog and will let the Palinbots and the right-wing bloggers accuse you to be a pedophile and a pervert all over the internet, until your reputation is in the toilet.

One more thing: The "separate bedrooms" of Sarah and Todd. This of course has been confirmed by several other sources before, for example by Levi Johnston in his overlooked book "Deer in the Headlights", but also, unwittingly, by Bristol Palin herself in her "lost" myspace messages from 2007, which were discovered in 2009 (download the complete messages HERE). There, Bristol Palin said in one comment (click to enlarge):

June 14, 2007 9:59 PM
hey, my mon's going to back to juneau for a few days starting tomorrow. and my dad would pay us fat chedar if we painted and re-did her room.

Finally: In these moments, it is always a good idea to re-visit the excellent documentary "You Betcha" by British documentary film maker Nick Broomfield. This documentary, despite its brilliance and accurate depiction of Sarah Palin and her colourful history in Alaska, shared the same fate as the book by Joe McGinniss: It also was also not very enthusiastically received by some critics. Nick Broomfield's serious effort apparently also didn't fit too well into the narrative about "Sarah from Alaska." That's the woman that all the fuss is about? A vindictive, mean creature from a backwards part of Alaska? No, it just cannot be...!


So many thanks again to Doug Thompson, who had a lot of guts to write about the inconvenient truth regarding Sarah Palin, exposing her "super-Christian" hypocrisy. But did you see on twitter? He is most likely a pedophile and a pervert. Who knew!



Doug Thompson commented on the responses to his article about the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin (h/t KalenaSmith):

I love it when rabid supporters of one public official or presidential wannabe finds their idol of the moment under the same spotlight that each side of partisan politics like to shine on those they don't like but then scream when the same tactic is used on one of their own.

From a personal point of view, I don't give much of a damn one or another over who Palin is banging or how often but her hypocrisy on such issues makes it something worth writing about. And the constant quoting of her laughable defense of Phil Robertson made it even more of a topic.

That was the point of the column in the lead paragraph. What I reported in the column are incidents that have already been reported in other media and detailed in the book by McGinnis. Rice appears to have confirmed the one-night stand and at least one member of Hanson's family went on the record and confirmed the affair with Palin and then backed off under pressure. What I wrote was based on what has been reported and the column's only conclusion was that Palin is a hypocrite. The headline simply asked the question of whether or not she is a female Bill Clinton. Did I say flat out that she sleeps around? No, I referred to already published reports that she does.

Interestingly, the predicted backlash of vitriol from Palin's so-called "supporters" did not erupt. Comments on the column have been both pro and con. Many comments did not make it through the spam filter but those rejected have been on both sides of the issue.

It would appear that, yes, her base of support is shrinking and some that once supported her without question now wonder why they did.

Sadly, reporting on the sexual romps of our elected officials becomes necessary when they engage in public hypocrisy on such issues. Consider the outspoken criticism of Bill Clinton' sexual dalliances unleashed by then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who was bedding a House committee staff member behind his wife's back at the same time. Or the revelation that grandfatherly Illinois Rep. Henry Hyde, chairman of he committee focused on Clinton's impeachment, fathered a child out of wedlock. Such hypocrisy makes my job all too easy.

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