Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sarah Palin at the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado: Not impeaching President Obama is an "affront to God", and "we are not gonna dethrone God and substitute him with someone who wants to play God" (VIDEO)

President Obama likes to play God sometimes, just in order to annoy Sarah Palin

By Patrick

Sarah Palin: Look, we know you are stupid and insane.

We know that you are a notorious rabble-rouser.

We know that you hate anyone who doesn't adore you.

We know that Democrats started to love you, because you have turned into their secret weapon.

There is a lot more we know about you.

It's not worth any more to spend lots of time and effort on what you do or say. Only if something you say is even more insane than usual it deserves to be mentioned, because it's entertaining and truly frightening at the same time.

The fact that there are some people who still listen to you is also proof that propaganda does work, regardless how primitive it may be. This should serve as a warning to anyone.

President Obama needs to be impeached? With you, Sarah Palin, as the "leader" of the impeachment movement? Really...?

Maybe it is time to remind the American people again to which conclusion the bipartisan legislative Branchflower-investigation came in Alaska in October 2008: That you, Sarah Palin, abused your powers as Governor:


(Link to the full report)

Quite inconvenient, is it not?

But wasn't there something else? Yes, of course! After you, Sarah Palin, filed an ethics complaint against yourself, in order to bring the matter before the Alaska state personnel board, you had reason to rejoice: "New Troopergate report clears Palin" read the headlines on November 3, 2008, one day before the election. How wonderful for you!

However, why exactly did the "Petumenos Troopergate Report" exonerate you, Sarah Palin?

Well, of course! How should you possibly know or control what your husband Todd does? After all, he is a real man, and he does what he needs to do!

Therefore you should be eternally grateful to the nice Mr. Petumenos, who apparently believes that the Governor of Alaska is supposed to be some sort of brainless robot - oh, wait???

From page 27 of the Petumenos Troopergate report:

But, dear Sarah, I am already spending too much time on you again. After all, as the new secret weapon of the Democrats, we should now be grateful for you existence, LOL!

Finally, let me say that it was still sweet when Mr. Petumenos later, in 2010, determined in another case that were you guilty of breaking Alaska ethics laws (after you set up your legal defense fund, which was just a private slush fund).

What an excellent advocate of impeachment you are, Sarah Palin! (cough, cough)



When I wrote this post yesterday, I forgot one fascinating detail: In Troopergate, Sarah Palin's husband Todd was just a "private citizen", who apparently rather uncontrollably roamed around the great state of Alaska, bullying people in order to fire Trooper Wooten - and Sarah Palin was allowed to do nothing, according to Mr. Petumenos, and was also not liable for his actions.

However, this view on the facts changed completely, when another legal case was to be decided. As I reported at Palingates on June 24, 2010 in great detail, when it came to the question whether Sarah Palin could claim executive privilege for emails she sent to her husband Todd (who was just a "private citizen", remember), an Alaska court suddenly decided that Todd had to be regarded as an unpaid government consultant, and the communications with him therefore could remain secret:

Excerpts from the judgement (download the full judgement here):

Sarah Palin herself was very proud of this judgement - it was yet another win for her, for Sarah, the poor victim of the evil ethic complaints filers. That this ruling was in direct contrast to the findings of Mr. Petumenos in the Troopergate case, naturally did not bother her at. Back then, her lawyer Thomas Van Flein even celebrated this victory on Sarah Palin's facebook in a long post, in which he wrote:

In a well reasoned opinion, the judge explored state law, federal law (including an historical discussion on First Lady Sarah Polk, wife of President James K. Polk), and invoked a too rarely used legal principle – common sense – to throw out this lawsuit. In so doing, the court concluded that Todd Palin, as the First Gentleman, though unpaid, was in essence a privileged consultant to the Office of the Governor, and the court compared Todd Palin’s privileged consultations to First Lady Hillary Clinton, in which a federal court determined that the chief executive’s spouse “acts as the functional equivalent of an assistant to the President.” And, with state government employees assisting the first spouse, Todd Palin had a clear and obvious privileged consultative function and is analogous to a de facto state officer.

That's how things worked back then in Sarah Palin's amazing Alaska: You could move up from a "private citizen" to a "de facto state officer" in the blink of an eye.

But enough now! Let's present without further ado the short excerpt of the speech from yesterday in which Sarah Palin claimed that Barack Obama is an insult to God - and don't worry, the clip is not even a minute long:

(Clip of the complete speech here)

We are now eagerly awaiting God's press release in this matter.

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