Wednesday, November 19, 2014

There is too much snow in Buffalo, and President Obama will probably be blamed for it - Open Post - UPDATE

By Patrick

Well, this headline is of course not meant to be taken seriously, but just wait until the first right-winger claims that God wanted to punish the people of the USA with a big snowstorm....just wait!

Anyway, let's forget politics for now, as a "once in a lifetime thing", a "monster winter storm", as NBC News calls it in their report, struck Buffalo, New York. It's a real spectacle, and for the people who are trapped in it, it's also a really serious disaster - like our reader "BuffaloGal", who informed us about her situation in the comments of the previous post.

Here is the TV-report by NBC:

There are amazing videos to be found on youtube, some with really beautiful impressions of this magnificent storm - an event which is of course a huge catastrophe as well, which has already claimed the lives of several people.

This is a great time-lapse clip of the storm:

Another good clip from youtube which shows the insanity of the situation (please click here, as I cannot embed the clip).


The cars on the road are stuck (the "still picture" below is misleading, however):

Then, there is the beauty of nature again, captured in this wonderful clip, using a camera-drone:

"RAW"-video without commentary by CBS, posted several hours ago:

Our reader BuffaloGal gave us some insights about her situation 10 hours ago:

Storm update: This is beyond belief. I went to bed last night at 8pm because I was panicking and decided to stop watching it come down. Got up at 4am and forced myself to face the reality of what was outside my window. omg. The snow on the walks and streets measures 5ft, easily. I don't know how I can clear it. Everyone is stranded. Few sidewalks are cleared because the personal plows can't handle it. And it's still coming down like crazy. Nat'l Guard has been called to our little South Buffalo area but I've heard that even the main artery that is in my area is still not done. Supposedly the snow is so deep that regular plows can't handle it. Even if a snow hauler ends up coming down here at some point today, I have no way to get to the street. Beyond my little neighborhood, people are still stranded on the thruway and have been there for days. 100 miles of the thruway , still closed. We've had 4 deaths. This is really bad. Nothing has ever been seen like this. And, to top it off, I'm getting really tired of potato soup! (tho i'm awfully grateful for it too)

We do hope that BuffaloGal is fine right now.

BuffaloGal is not the first reader of Politicalgates who was affected by a natural disaster. In 2012, our reader NYCgirl had to leave her house which was destroyed by hurricane Sandy. She was in a really difficult situation, and from what I remember it took quite a long time for her situation to improve afterwards.

So take care, everyone, as it is supposed to continue snowing - this is the weather forecast:


UPDATE: Saturday, November 22

We received a new, very interesting report from BuffaloGal. The citizens of Buffalo helped each other in a very effective way, which is a very positive and uplifting message indeed!

Update - Hard to believe it's only been 5 days. Feels like a month. Good news of the day is that the thaw is underway. Unfortunately, that's also the bad news. So far, the snow is being compacted and not so much melting. Tomorrow will begin the worrisome event.

South Buffalo is almost dug out. You would not believe the number of troops and military vehicles that are here. They have been amazing. We are a small town, but we got hit so very hard. It was an entire disaster. No one would have believed we could be this far this soon. At the moment I can see the lights and hear the beeps of the snow haulers that are finally working on my street. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the help that has come in from all over.

Last night, my son went out to take food to a friend who couldn't get out to the store. On his way back, he stopped to help a National Guard unit, working to get cars dug out and pushed so the plows could come through. Ben stayed with there for 4 hours. He arrived home feeling exhausted but happy to have helped. Also last night, someone in our area had a great idea and posted a call for action and suggested a "Shovel Brigaide". He asked for volunteers to meet up at 9am this morning to go out and help dig people out. Over 500 people showed up and went door to door in different neighborhoods. And today, we heard of the arrival of large group of Amish who came, shovel ready, ready to get to work. The show of caring, empathy, support and love has been overwhelming. Something happened here this week that will never be forgotten.

We are on our way to the other side of this thing. Thank Goodness! You have all been wonderful, sticking with me and Buffalo / WNY. (and seriously, you all really did help to keep me sane. i was really starting to unravel there at one point. ) Thank you, thank you and thank you.

With the newly bought groceries I was able to make a nice meatloaf for my son and pumpkin muffins for myself. And now, I shall also have a cocktail (and most likely, another ).

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