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Extremely interesting new revelation from Alaska: After Sarah Palin left office, she gave about $ 100,000, which was left in "her bank account", to Mat-Su Hospital in Palmer, where she claimed to have given birth to Trig

Mat-Su regional hospital in Palmer, Alaska: House of many mysteries

By Patrick

We haven't published a post about "Babygate", Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy with Trig, for quite some time. You know, the pregnancy which according to the national mainstream media DID in fact happen just as described by Sarah from Alaska, but which in reality did not happen.

The most ridiculous part of this whole saga is that virtually everyone in Alaska who matters knows that the pregnancy was faked, as we have learned from many conversations with Alaskans during the last five years.

However, as time goes by, more new fascinating details do and will come to light. We sit and wait patiently, and today an incredibly interesting new fact came to light (big h/t to our reader Barb Dwyer), which raises many questions for anyone who is familiar with the details of Sarah Palin's "official pregnancy story."

The Alaska Dispatch News reported yesterday, in an article about the candidates for the race for Governor in Alaska:

Palin’s endorsement, announced Oct. 22, prompted the Alaska Federation of Republican Women, representing 600 women across the state, to publicize a letter comparing Walker to Palin.

The organization had supported Palin during her bid for governor in 2006, even raising about $100,000 for her campaign, said president Rhonda Boyles. But Palin turned her back on the Republican Party.

“She wasn’t very principled in how she dealt with the Republican Party,” Boyles said. “She went on that ticket but she was never part of the Republican establishment and in fact worked against that.”

When Palin left office, she had about $100,000 in her bank account that she could have given to a political entity such as the Republican women’s group. Instead, she gave it to the Mat-Su hospital where she gave birth to Trigg, Boyles said.

“There are a lot of disgruntled women in the state because of that,” Boyles said, adding that support for publishing the commentary was unanimous among the 20 board members who attended a statewide teleconference meeting. “Even if it was just $5,000, it would have been a statement saying 'Thank you for helping elect me.' ”

OK, what??? After she left office, Sarah Palin gave about $ 100,000 to Mat-Su hospital in Palmer, where she gave birth to Trig? That raises a lot of questions indeed. Also, it's "Trig", not "Trigg", as reporters in Alaska should really know by now.

Some questions which should be asked:

First of all: Which account was it? Was it an official account? Where did the money come from? Could she decide about it alone? Was she entitled to give the money away? I am surprised that the ADN did not immediately ask these details.

Then, the choice of the recipient, as well as the timing, is most curious.

Although this is not "officially acknowledged", we do know that Mat-Su hospital took part in a carefully staged event on April 18, 2008, when Trig was "officially born" and "presented" to the public - with only Sarah Palin's parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, to be available for the media.Trig himself, the Down Syndrome baby with a hole in his heart, looked anything but newborn, but looked as if had already spent quite a while on this earth.

Mat-Su hospital in Palmer was long known to have been taken over by religious extremists, as for example Salon reported in a piece about baptist minister Howard Bess already in 2008:

Bess — a fit-looking, 80-year-old man in a gray University of Illinois sweatshirt and blue jeans – spoke with me over coffee at the Vagabond Blues, a cafe in Palmer with a stunning view of the nearby snow-capped Chugach Mountains. The retired minister moved to the Mat-Su Valley with his wife, Darlene, in 1987, after his outspoken defense of gay rights at Baptist churches in the Santa Barbara, Calif., area and Anchorage landed him in trouble with church officials. In the Mat-Su Valley, Bess plunged into community activism, helping launch an assortment of projects, from an arts council to a shelter for the mentally disabled. Inevitably, his work brought him into conflict with Palin and other highly politicized Christian fundamentalists in the valley. “Things got very intense around here in the ’90s — the culture war was very hot here,” Bess said. “The evangelicals were trying to take over the valley. They took over the school board, the community hospital board, even the local electric utility. And Sarah Palin was in the direct center of all these culture battles, along with the churches she belonged to.”

Sarah Palin herself was also a member of the Mat-Su community hospital board in the past, but I cannot find a reference with the correct date right now. I will update later.

Let's look a the pictures from the day when Trig was officially born - the  April 18, 2008. KTUU presented their readers and viewers exclusive pictures of Trig, taken on April 18, 2008 - fortunately, the original story has been preserved:

KTUU - Original story about Trig Palin's birth, published on April 18, 2008


So what prompted Sarah Palin to give "about $ 100,000" to Mat-Su hospital?

Her die-hard supporters would probably says: Thankfulness.

Actually, I would agree - but Sarah Palin was thankful in the first place that Mat-Su hospital took part in her deception. Also, she surely wanted to make sure that certain people would keep their mouths shut, now and in the future.

Also, Sarah Palin might have simply settled a debt:

This new piece of information ties in with a piece of inside information from Alaska, which we already received a few years ago: We were told that Trig was in fact born at Mat-Su hospital, but that curiously his birth was not covered by insurance. So, how could THAT be? Sarah Palin, Alaska's Governor, would have had top-notch medical insurance.

Although this piece of information came from a credible source back then, it was understandably always difficult to verify.. But knowing that Sarah Palin gave such a high amount to Mat-Su hospital after she left office, without an apparent reason, makes this piece of inside information suddenly appear very relevant again.

Because, if Sarah Palin didn't give birth to Trig at Mat-Su, it was somebody else. I think we do not need to look very far.

Also, Sarah Palin might have settled a "private" debt with official funds. That would be a real bombshell.

Sarah, Sarah, I tell you, you won't be able to keep your big secret forever! Especially now, where you have seriously annoyed the Republicans in Alaska. Because I can tell you that, from direct, personal knowledge: The Republicans in Alaska, THEY KNOW about you and your "pregnancy."

When it comes to the ADN (in the past, "Anchorage Daily News", after the sale, renamed to "Alaska Dispatch News"), one also shouldn't forget the memorable interview that ADN-columnist and former editor Michael Carey gave on September 2, 2008 - explaining that the faked pregnancy issue was intensively discussed within the ADN and that he has a friend, a "smart lawyer", who told him that the rumour about Palin's faked pregnancy was "the absolute truth":

(big h/t to Barb Dwyer letting us know about the new ADN-article)


In case you are interested in Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy, please watch this documentary, which was created in cooperation with our researchers a few years ago, and which provides facts which were mostly ignored by the mainstream media.

We are only interested in facts, not conspiracies!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Also, watch how Sarah Palin's description of her "Wild Ride" on April 17, 2008 changed over the years:



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