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Professional hater Sarah Palin says "Fuck You" to Michael Moore, together with gun sights in his name, and Bristol Palin proudly celebrates her mother's statement on her blog and on Instagram - UPDATE: Sarah Palin delivers bizarre speech at "Iowa Freedom Summit" - UPDATE 2: Conservative Republicans in Iowa are shocked by Palin's "terrible", "painful" and "disjointed" speech, now believe that she has become a "distraction"

By Patrick

I actually didn't plan to write another post about Sarah Palin very soon again, as I am really sick and tired writing about this disgusting woman, whose future in politics was decided long ago, when she quit as Governor and decided not to run for President in 2012. But here we go again, it's almost inevitable! Why? Because Sarah Palin is not a professional politician anymore, but she feels more and more comfortable in her role as political provocateur, and she goes even further: She has established her brand as a professional hater, and whoever is the "target" of her scorn, could be up for a pretty rough time.

Sarah Palin now plays the "I might run for President" game again, by saying yesterday that she is "of course interested" to run for President in 2016, a statement which was widely reported immediately. At the same time, virtually everybody knows that the last thing that Sarah Palin, the most divisive person in US politics, will ever accomplish these days is to win an election. And Sarah Palin and her team know this as well. However, what they also know is that there is no better way to get publicity and attention than to incite hate against the political enemy, which will bring lots of headlines, and will rally the base. It will most likely bring donations as well to SarahPAC, which is paying for her luxury travels, and God knows for what other things as well.

Nothing was ever more attractive for Sarah Palin than to whip up the hate against the other side, the perceived enemies, starting with her vicious personal attacks against Barack Obama right at the beginning of her Vice-Presidential campaign in October 2008. She instantly became famous and infamous at the same time by saying in early October 2008 that Obama "is not a man who sees America as you see it and how I see America", and that he is a person "who sees America it seems as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists."

Her very unique way of dividing America into good and evil did not help her chances for winning the 2008 election, but it surely helped her to establish her own brand.

For Sarah Palin, there never can be "bad PR." In Germany we have a saying which translates like this: "Once your reputation is ruined, you can do in life whatever you want." This absolutely applies to Sarah Palin. She just wants the headlines, the attention. Everything else is secondary.

The problem is that her vicious attacks can still bring people in real danger, and this is one of the reasons why it is still necessary to write about this horrific woman, who has no conscience.

As you have all seen yesterday, Sarah Palin proudly posed in Las Vegas for a photo giving a "Fuck You" to Michael Moore, which also included two crosshairs in Michael Moore's name:

There actually exists a second photo of this moment, which was taken by Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol, who published it on her public instagram account:

Bristol's comments about this unconscionable act by her mother is very telling:

Bristol's photo is pretty sharp, and when you enlarge it, you can clearly see Sarah Palin's signature, and the gun sights, the cross hairs:

But there is even more! While "some people" claim that Bristol Palin is super-private these days and does not want to be disturbed in her super-quiet private sphere at all, Bristol even proudly celebrated the statement by her mother on her very public, very own political attack-blog as well, and posts her photo again:

There she also posts the photo again:

So the Palins are clearly very, very proud of what they are doing, as usual.

So what if one whipped-up right-winger takes all this a bit too seriously and tries to take matters into his own hands by physically attacking Michael Moore, or even trying to shoot him? Doesn't Sarah Palin as well as her outspoken daughter Bristol think that gun sights in Michael Moore's name sends the "wrong message"...?

You only need to look at Michael Moore's facebook to discover that the hate against him is very, very strong - there are literally thousands of deeply hateful comments, just because Michael Moore refused to worship the US military:

I think that the Palins couldn't care less whether they even incite more hate towards Michael Moore, or whether they even send out a potentially deadly message.

They are far too interested in headlines, attention and luxury.

As Bristol Palin also proudly shows on her Instagram, the Palins still enjoy their private plane rides - yes, it's such a "fun trip to #vegas", isn't it:

So what is Palin doing now? After cleverly getting big headlines again, today she will attend the "Iowa Freedom Summit", which should rather be called the "Iowa Freedumb Wingnut Summit."

Yes, Sarah Palin is there, and the media already took note:

Some journalists snapped pictures of Sarah Palin in the lobby of the Marriott hotel on Friday, chatting away for example with Newt and Callista Gingrich:

So Sarah Palin desperately tries to stay relevant, and uses every trick in the book. She knows that ugly attacks against the political enemy always get the best response.

I actually planned to write a post about Joni Ernst, who is now starting to establish herself as "Sarah Palin 2.0." But even such a phony, flawed right-wing politician and Koch-sucker like Joni Ernst, who preaches water and drinks wine, seems to miss what made Sarah Palin famous: This special brand of nastiness.

Finally, I would like to remind our readers, especially our new readers, that the personality of Sarah Palin has already been exposed quite a long time again, by people who knew her very well.

For example in 2009, the Alaskan conservative publicist and radio presenter Dan Fagan, who was enraged about the spitefulness of Palin's autobiography "Going Rogue", published a remarkable piece, in which he named exactly what defines Sarah Palin: Her "dark soul":

Sarah Palin: A Dark Soul

Posted on 18 November 2009 10:16am

By Dan Fagan


The Alaska Standard

I will not buy Sarah Palin’s new book because I believe the governor who quit to be a fundamentally dishonest person. Why support the work of someone you can’t trust?

I have read some excerpts from the book and it is clearly a work of vengeance, revenge, and pure meanness. Palin comes across as the rotten on the inside, faultfinding, petty teenage girl we all hated in high school. If you’ve seen the movie “Heathers” or “Mean Girls” you know what I am talking about.

Palin, when writing Rogue, set herself on a course of smallness, triviality, quibbling, sophistry nothingness, and worthlessness. From the excerpts I’ve read, it is hard to draw any other conclusion than Sarah Palin is small in stature, character, and integrity.

Yes I do believe Sarah Palin has a dark soul. A soul obsessed with her image. A soul focused on hurting others. Sarah Palin’s book reveals her as someone unwilling, unable, incapable of living a life of forgiveness. She is a grudge carrier. Settling scores drive her and she is hell bent on revenge, payback, getting even.

Her meanness comes through most clearly in her book when she attacks former legislative director, and former friend dating back to high school, John Bittney.

Palin describes Bittney in her book as someone who was slouching and had his shirt buttoned wrong and poking through his fly. Palin wrote Bittney was a “Blackberry games addict who couldn’t seem to keep lunch off his tie.”

What crudeness, heartlessness, and pure ugliness. Palin can cut to the quick with the best of them. She knows how to enrage her enemies with a cut to the bone insult. It’s one of the things she’s best at.

And you thought Palin laughing at Bob Lester’s vicious attacks on Lyda Green was an aberration. Plain and simple Sarah Palin wants to hurt those she has unforgivness in her heart toward, and she wants to hurt them badly.

Did you see the Oprah interview when she asked Palin about Levi? Palin answered by saying she would not talk about on him on national TV. She then immediately proceeds to slam Levi over and over calling him a porn star and making fun of his new ambition to be a movie actor. It was overwhelming evidence Palin cannot help herself. She has no self-control when it comes to letting things go. She must settle the score. She must. She Will!

Revenge has become the work and calling of her life. Maybe it always has been. It’s clearly what drives her now. Her cutthroat attacks on others will be her downfall. Her inability tocontrol her desire to hurt those who hurt her will end up in the end discrediting her as a leader, as a person.

It’s never too late to change. But time is running out on Palin’s political career. Her poll ratings drop every time she opens her spiteful mouth. Her book will not help.

Truer words have never been written by Sarah Palin, and what makes this piece especially relevant is the fact that Dan Fagan supported Sarah Palin's bid for Alaska Governor in 2006.

So what now? What will Sarah Palin's next desperate attempt to stay relevant be?

In any case, nobody else has developed the "art of dividing a nation" to such perfection like Sarah Palin.

This will be her greatest legacy, and future generations will scratch their heads why such an awful person was ever allowed to appear on the national political stage.



We actually have a source at the "Iowa Freedom Summit", which is taking place right now, where the top-wingnuts of the nation explain to an audience of mainly older conservative white people how they want to run the USA into the ground again, just as George W. Bush did.

Watch the speeches live here on C-SPAN. Ted Cruz is talking, just now where I am writing this, and Sarah "Queen Esther" Palin will follow soon.

Here are the first photos from our source - Sarah Palin's new best friend, top-Republican Iowa operative Becky Beach, is there with her dog (click on photos to enlarge):

What we would like to know is: Will Becky Beach take this opportunity to talk to Sarah Palin about using Jill as a stepping stool for Trig...? The dog "Jill" was supplied by Becky Beach, who is the founder of the "Puppy Jake Foundation", which Sarah Palin promoted heavily on facebook and in the media.



Here we go - Sarah Palin met Becky Beach in Iowa today:

Sarah, a word of warning: Don't try to use Jake as a stepping stool! We understand that Jake might bite...!

Here is another photo from the event in Iowa - Sarah Palin posing with Ted Cruz, his infamous father Rafael Cruz, and Steve King, and Becky's dog again.



Even by her own standards, Sarah Palin delivered at totally bizarre speech today at the "Iowa Freedom Summit" - I uploaded one minute from the speech to youtube, please try to understand what she wants to say here, because I cannot figure it out:

Transcript (many thanks to "Helen Wheels" at Raw Story):
"It must change, things must change for this cover, ihhhh, our government. Look at it. It isn't too big to fail, it's too big to succeed. It's too big to succeed, so we can afford no retreads or nothing will change with the same people and the same (slur)policies, that got us into this status quo another latin word status quo and it stands for, Man, the middle class everyday americans are getting taken for a ride, that's status quo and GOP leaders by the way, uh, ya know, the man, can only ride ya when your back is bent so strengthen it (laughter), then the man can't ride ya Merica won't be taken for a ride because so much is at stake and we can't afford politicians playin' games like nothing more is at stake than oh maybe just the next standing of theirs in the next election."


My favourite comment from the Conservatives4Palin:



Our friend James Rustad, who writes and performs songs about current political events almost on a daily basis, created a song specifically about Sarah Palin's speech in Iowa, and he captures her really well:

There is another song which I had actually missed, and you will like this one as well, I am sure: "I am not your Steppin' Stool"



The Washington Examiner published a devastating article: The Republicans finally realized that crazy Sarah has become a huge problem for them.


As 2016 race begins, GOP faces its Palin problem


The news, given big play on the Drudge Report, heightened the anticipation of Palin's speech to the Freedom Summit. After all, there were still memories in the crowd of her rousing speech at the 2008 Republican convention. But when Palin took the stage, it was clear this would be no inspiring effort.

First, Palin embarked on an extended stream-of-consciousness complaint about media coverage of her decision to run in a half-marathon race in Storm Lake, Iowa in 2011. She then moved on to grumbling about coverage of a recent photo of her with a supporter who had made a sign saying "Fuc_ you Michael Moore" in reaction to the left-wing moviemaker's criticism of the film "American Sniper." Then it was on to Palin's objections about the social media ruckus over a picture of her six-year-old son Trig standing on the family's Labrador Retriever.

It was all quite petty, and yet the complaining took half of Palin's allotted time. She then proceeded to blow through her time limit with a free-association ramble on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the energy industry, her daughter Bristol, Margaret Thatcher, middle-class economics — "the man can only ride ya when your back is bent" — women in politics, and much more. It would be hard to say that Palin's 35-minute talk had a theme, but she did hint that she is interested in running, although there are no indications she has taken any actual steps in that direction.

"Long and disjointed," said one social conservative activist when asked for reaction. "A weird speech," said another conservative activist. "Terrible. Didn't make any sense."

"There was a certain coarseness to her that wasn't there before," said yet another social conservative who noted that some in the crowd were uncomfortable with Palin declarations like, "Screw the left in Hollywood!" (It's not that they like the left in Hollywood — just the opposite — but the crudeness of Palin's expressions turned them off.)

"I know she is popular, but it is hard to take her seriously given that performance," said Sam Clovis, the conservative Iowa college professor, radio commentator, and sometime political candidate. "Palin was a sad story Saturday. With every speech she gives, she gets worse and worse. If one were playing a political cliche drinking game, no one would have been sober after the first 15 minutes of an interminable ramble. It was really painful."

"I think she has a role in the conservative movement and in the party," Clovis continued, "but she needs to get serious about what it is she can contribute and accomplish."

To be fair, it should be noted that Clovis ran in the 2014 Republican Senate primary against Joni Ernst — a race in which Palin endorsed Ernst. (Citizens United, a sponsor of the Freedom Summit, endorsed Clovis.) But Clovis was by no way alone in faulting Palin's performance.

"Calling Gov. Palin's remarks bizarre and disjointed would be charitable," said a well-connected Iowa Republican. "Her shelf-life, even with the most conservative voters in our party, seems to be near the end. In a day filled with strong performances from likely candidates ranging from Scott Walker to Ted Cruz, her remarks were a distraction."

Very interesting: Nicole Wallace explains at "Morning Joe" that Byron York, who wrote this devastating article at the "Washington Examiner", was one of Sarah Palin's "staunchest defenders" during the 2008 campaign.


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