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The Palin-family on Instagram: Teaching swearwords to Trig (who can speak!), giving a $ 4,500 Christmas present to Tripp, showing off their cars and other stuff like luxury handbags. Millionaires having fun!

Bristol Palin, pretending to be poor (Radar Online, July 2014)

By Patrick

During the last months, there has been no lack of excitement with the Palin-family. Especially affairs such as the epic, drunken "Palin-brawl" from September 6, 2014 and the "lazy-dog-used-as-step-stool-affair" from January 2015 which made headlines across the nation, and beyond. In both instances, the Palins claimed to be the victims, as usual.

So it's very lucky that the Palin-family finally provides the world with unfiltered access to their real life - on Instagram, without the filter of the evil media. They do not use their real names there, but one of our readers had no trouble finding the accounts of Bristol and Willow Palin, which are both public accounts, open for anyone to look at them. Their screen names are very familiar, though. Bristol Palin uses "bsmp2", which stands for her full name, "Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin",  and Willow uses "wbf_".

The Palins are no strangers to social media. Bristol Palin herself had a Myspace-account several years ago, on which she posted already in 2007 potentially inconvenient messages like "Track told my parents that I am a stoner", "Mother thinks I am pregnant" or "I am a slut" (long before she got pregnant with Tripp). But Bristol Palin got a rare second chance, the chance to the "re-write" her own personal story by publishing an autobiography, in which she for example pretended that Levi Johnston stole her virginity, and by starring in a reality-series about herself and her private life called "Life's a Tripp", with no less than 14 episodes.

In addition, Sarah Palin is of course famous for having turned facebook into her very own propaganda machine. And Bristol also has her own blog, ghostwritten by Nancy French, in which "Bristol" frequently discussed current political issues.

But that Bristol "headed into the deep quicksand of sexual sin" with Levi Johnston, as she wrote in her autobiography, is already old news. Her son Tripp is now six years old, and he and Bristol now enjoy the good life, with a large house, big cars, expensive toys, and other stuff. They have become a family of millionaires. Times have changed.

On Instagram, Bristol loves to tell the world about it all. But let's start with an item which came as a surprise. First of all, I did not know that Trig, who has Down Syndrome, could actually talk. Second, I did not know that the family is teaching him swearwords.

Before we move on: The Palins, they surely are the victims here, just for the record. Definitely victims, no doubt... ;-)

Bristol posted a clip in which she asks Trig what his "favorite word" is - but watch for yourself:

Bristol finds it hilarious, judging by her reaction...

Screenshot from Instagram (click on pictures to enlarge):

Well, what can I say. I have no words, actually.

So Trig can say "Bullshit", but Sarah Palin actually wrote in her infamous "dog-step-stool" post that Trig has to "sign" the word "up"....?

But they are victims, surely! ;-)

Trig's "bullshit" clip also reminds us of Bristol Palin's highly embarrassing moment from 2012, from her reality show "Life's a Tripp":

It should be noted that Bristol Palin has no problems to publicly criticize the parenting of Wendy Davis or that of President Obama.

From the conservative blog "Twitchy", January 2014:

On her blog, Bristol Palin repeatedly attacked Wendy Davis.

January 22, 2014:

January 24, 2014:

The media responded and called Bristol Palin out - Los Angeles Times, January 2014:

Anyway, let's move on.

What did Tripp get for his 6th birthday at the end of December 2014? Look, a car for children, a "Polaris RZR 170" which costs about $ 4,500. That's apparently several times what Levi Johnston pays in child support per month.


Bristol also made a little clip with Tripp, in which he makes "donuts on the lake" with the car.


Websites name a price-tag of about $ 4,500 for the car, depending on the model:

Just a few days ago, Bristol presented her new shiny handbag - and no, it's definitely not a fake bag.

Take also a look at the hashtags:

The fact that Bristol shows off her Louis Vuitton bag on Instagram is particularly ironic in light of the fact that she wrote in her autobiography (p. 125):

"Cindy McCain was walking with me and pulled me aside to talk privately. You can probably tell from television that she looks like a queen and holds herself like royalty. Her bags were so expensive. I've never seen people with so much Louis Vuitton luggage, so many cell phones, and so many constant helpers to do hair and makeup. When I saw their wealth, it was hard to imagine we'd have anything in common to talk about."

Bristol Palin also presents her large, luxurious house in Alaska, which we discussed in an earlier post from 2012, and which she now calls "my little tree fort":

Let's turn to Willow for a moment. What do you think about this "trig selfie"...?


Willow Palin, who works as a hairdresser, is proud of her large car, and her "custom-made" rims - she is living the good life, like the rest of the family. I wonder why not more people become hairdressers, the job seems to pay incredibly well.

Naturally, Bristol has a big truck as well:

Several months ago, Willow presented "my parents new puppy", the dog "Jill Hadassah", who now became famous as Trig's step stool.


Well, there is much more, of course - for example Willow posing with her brother Track. But what the heck is going on with Tracks right hand...? Is Track showing the "middle-finger" ALL the time, or just during drunken brawls...? 

On the Instagram account of a friend, we can see Track with a huge mustache, his "gangster-look", I suppose...

Back to Bristol Palin:

Bristol with "my boys"...wait, what???

So, Bristol, do you want to tell us that these are "your" boys? 

Well, we can all take a guess, can we. It is actually not a big secret in Alaska that Sarah Palin is not the biological mother of Trig. Especially in the higher political circles in Alaska, virtually everyone knows it, as we know through direct knowledge. 

We have posted a lot of links regarding Sarah's "pregnancy" with Trig also in the sidebar on the right.


Also, curiously, Bristol has a large photo of Trig from his "graduation" in her house:

Oh look, a real gem: Tripp applying makeup to Sarah Palin's face. This green stuff really does not look healthy:

There is so much more, but finally, some family group photos, for example from Thanksgiving and Christmas:

There is so much we can learn on social media.

Good night, and good luck!


More interesting screenshots:

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