Thursday, February 18, 2016

A photoshopped photo by Ted Cruz's campaign is the perfect symbol for America's ugly 2016 campaign, and for Ted "Liar Liar" Cruz himself

Marco Rubio is happily shaking hands with President Obama - or is he?

By Patrick

Yes, finally a post about Ted Cruz again! We have missed him dearly, right? The 2016 campaign has largely been a Trump-show so far, but we shouldn't forget the that Ted Cruz is also part of the game. Some people even think that Ted Cruz is more dangerous than Donald Trump. I personally do not agree with this view, as a Trump-presidency would cause complete political and economic chaos worldwide, however, it is obvious to me that the habitual liar and religious extremist Ted Cruz is dangerous as well. However, he is dangerous in a slightly different way in my opinion.

But what I would like to talk about in this post is a photoshopped picture which brilliantly symbolizes the ugly face of Ted Cruz and his campaign. On the photo at the top of this post, Marco Rubio is shaking hands with Barack "The Antichrist" Obama, and Marco has a happy smile on his face, just like a little child. He clearly is in cahoots with the enemy, isn't he, the treacherous Marco Rubio, a friend of the Democrats and a part of the despicable Washington establishment! Who would vote for such a dishonest creature? Boooooo, Marco!

There is only one problem: The photo used by Ted Cruz's campaign is fake. It is a photoshopped "stock photo", but Ted Cruz had of course no hesitation to use it extensively. And, in order to put the cherry on top, the Cruz campaign then lied about the fact that it was a photoshopped picture. Thankfully, we have the internet to quickly expose such tricks.

In detail:

Here is a slightly larger version of this picture:

And here is the "stock photo" which it is based upon - the Cruz campaign simply photoshopped Marco Rubio's and President Obama's heads on this photo:

An internet sleuth found it:

The Rubio campaign is livid, and this is absolutely understandable:

Ted Cruz used this photo also in other "anti Marco Rubio" material. Interestingly, he also used it in the original, "mirrored" way:

The crooks and liars from the Cruz campaign had the audacity to deny that the campaign uses photoshopped pictures:

The people from the Cruz campaign might change their story later, but seriously, these people are obviously in a real competition with Donald Trump's campaign for "Huuuuugest liars of the universe."

We keep our fingers crossed that the American voters will keep these people far, far away from the White House! :-)

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