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Donald Trump Gives $100K Check to Controversial, Shady Veteran’s “Service Dog” Organization, The Puppy Jake Foundation; Its Founder / Director Becky Beach is a Repeat Criminal Offender & More Money From Donald Trump Is Due To Follow

 Guest post by KatieAnnieOakley

You may have heard that last week, rather than participate in the #GOP Debate, Donald Trump took his toys and went home encouraged supporters to contribute to a charity website (paid for by his political organization? Hmm…) to support Veteran’s groups. Why didn’t he appear at the debate? Well, Donald Trump had a sad, and ended up doing a #DonaldDucks of the event. Can you imagine? The #ShortFingeredVulgarian’s fee-fee’s got hurt real bad when FOX News honchos (any of ‘em, all of ‘em) just wouldn’t make that bloody “coming out of her wherever” Megyn Kelly go away for the debate! Trump wanted her to sit down and shut up. What nerve of FOX News, to stand up to him!

Josh Schoenblatt (red T-shirt) on stage in Davenport, Iowa on January 30, 2016 with two unidentified persons and “Service Dogs” accepts ceremonial check from Donald Trump. 

 The $100K check was the first presented of the night and the first of an implied “more to come” from Donald Trump.  Or is it from the Donald J. Trump Foundation? Well, the check is from the Donald J. Trump Foundation. However, Donald Trump, the GOP Presidential candidate prompted those donations. Hmm… I can see 50 Shades Of An IRS Audit from my front porch. And why not, when the “Service Dog” organization’s Founder has seen the inside of Iowa’s Newton Prison Program? And no, Becky – you don’t get to call it “rehab” with all your associates – call it what it was: PRISON. 

 So – it’s a fair question: Why did Trump select the Puppy Jake Foundation as the first organization to receive funds? In order to understand where I’m going, you have to know where I’m coming from, and you can read more about Becky Beach's criminal convictions here ( required reading). It helps to have lots of friends, connections, and acquaintances… and to be a former half-baked, 100% flake Alaskan half-term Governor’s BFF of 5 years. How could Trump have not done Due Diligence? Google is everyone’s friend. A simple background check would have shown that Becky, despite being a political mucky-muck, is no stranger to a prison cell.  Strangely, not many people know that. Find details here at that Politicalgates article.

OK, so now you’re sort of up to speed; you know that Becky Beach is well-known in Republican political circles, and a formidable fund-raiser. She can also get into your face (at 3:39) when questioned about anything to do with past fundraising events. She’s feisty, and she’s savvy. This makes her comment regarding Trump’s donation all the more curious; it’s pretty damn hard to separate Becky, dog handler & Becky of formidable political clout: 

organization and for a nonprofit that's a lot of money."

The Iowa website "Random Lengths News" explained in October 2014 in detail the fact that Beach has been a Republican political operative for decades… and that she has "very close ties" to Sarah Palin and #SarahPAC. Its very clear: while Beach holds no elected office, she enjoys tremendous political power within the Republican Party and has many decades-long partisan connections. Did Beach’s organization receive preferential treatment from Donald Trump because of what they do – or because of who she is? Given Beach’s background, could one reasonably believe political agreement with Donald Trump, and presume or imply quiet promotion of him to the reticent RNC - while her Foundation benefit$? $100K can adjust many people’s attitudes… and Trump is a master schmoozer, a deal-maker. He delivered a check – what can Beach deliver for Trump? Isn’t this exactly what campaign activity looks like? Will Beach put in a good word for Trump with Karl Rove and The Powers That Be?  Will the IRS wake up and notice?

These are reasonable questions, because obviously, Donald Trump doesn’t know all the facts. Or does he? Would he have made that donation to the Puppy Jake Foundation if he’d know the following…?

Did Donald Trump know that Becky Beach is for example, a repeat criminal offender? That’s she’s served prison time?

Did Donald Trump know that 5 year old “Jack O’ Lantern” Jack - the dog seen in nearly all promotional materials as “Puppy Jake” - and perpetually at Beach’s side was not initially owned by the organization known as Puppy Jake Foundation? He was owned by Paws & Effect, another local Service Dog training center. Jack / Jake lived with Beach, long before Beach started The Puppy Jake Foundation. Note in the photos below – Jake is wearing a Paws & Effect Service Dog Vest.

The dog now known as Puppy Jake was trained through and owned by the Iowa Service Dog training organization Paws & Effect. He was born and was raised in 2010 by Iron Hill Retrievers

Did Donald Trump know that “Jack O’Lantern” Jack, aka Puppy Jake was removed from the Paws & Effect training program following an incident in February 2012, when Jake bit General Timothy Orr of the Iowa Army National Guard? That Jake is essentially a pet, being used as a fundraising gimmick, and that as a dog with previous bite history he is unsuited to any type of service dog duty?

Did Donald Trump know that Becky Beach was released from the service of Paws & Effect under strained circumstances because Beach simply could not keep dog training and its fundraising efforts separate from her political fundraising – which could lead to the very real possibility of  losing IRS non-profit status for a 501(c)3 organization?  

Did Donald Trump know that Becky Beach and the Board President of the Puppy Jake Foundation , Republican operative Jeff Lamberti, came under intense media scrutiny following extremely dubious financial dealings with the "Pacific Battleship Center", another 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which is run by Becky Beach and Jeff Lamberti?

Did Donald Trump know that Assistance Dogs International is the “Gold Standard” for The Veterans Administration for accredited Veteran Service Dog organizations, and that The Puppy Jake Foundation is NOT ACCREDITED by the ADI? 

Did Donald Trump know that Becky Beach, Founder of The Puppy Jake Foundation in 2013, only last year began Dog Training Education Classes and was finally Certified as a Dog Trainer in early 2015? And that it happened only AFTER the Palin scandal broke in the media? (Trig Palin was photographed by Sarah Palin standing on his Puppy Jake Foundation “Service Dog’s” spine; a public outcry ensued, but Becky Beach never made a comment regarding the situation regarding Palin's dog).  Beach has been in business, claiming to be training service dogs and collecting money for it for several years with out a certificate. So – if Beach had no formal training - what Standards were used to train and evaluate her “Veteran’s Service Dogs” prior to that date?  

A few months after gaining her certificate and just 2 weeks after the arrest of one of the owners of Canine Craze, trainers of The Puppy Jake Foundation’s dogs, Becky Beach filed paperwork with the Iowa Secretary of State to open her very own dog training organization – It’s A Dog Thing.  Seems she’s going to do it all herself! 


It's obvious that Mr. Trump didn't do his due diligence regarding the Puppy Jake Foundation, or he would never have picked it as a recipient. It would seem that his donation has more to do with the world of politics than veterans. That he is more interested in raising his profile through giving lip service to veteran causes rather than seeing that the money collected goes to genuine veteran organisations.

So why Mr. Trump, is Beach still accepting donations for The Puppy Jake Foundation? And why are you going to give her more, when its clear – she’s a utter fraud?

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