Monday, May 16, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sarah Palin will never, ever be Donald Trump's VP - However, Sarah Palin left an ugly legacy, which Donald Trump now exploits with a vengeance

By Patrick

Twitter is buzzing with messages about Sarah Palin again, after Ben Carson revealed that she is on Donald Trump's VP-shortlist. The most insufferable presidential candidate of all times together with the most insufferable VP-candidate of all times: What sounds like a very surreal dream will also remain a "dream." Sarah Palin fled from public scrutiny when she suddenly abandoned her quest to become the US president in October 2011. What came as a surprise for many people back then, did not come as a surprise for us.

There can hardly be any doubt that Sarah Palin is one the most unpopular political figures these days. You only need to take a look at twitter, where 99 percent of all messages about her are negative. She definitely would be Donald Trump's downfall, but this is not necessarily why she won't be Trump's VP in the end, as Donald Trump is certainly capable of committing such a "blunder" in my opinion.

The reason why she will never be Trump's VP is simply the fact that Palin is paranoid of being vetted again. As we all know, her life is full of private secrets and scandals, like her faked pregnancy with Trig, and while she was never properly exposed by the mainstream, she also knows very well that far too many people are aware of her secrets. Sarah Palin does not want to be elected, she wants to be appointed. 

The mainstream media used to treat Sarah Palin with kid gloves, and took her far too seriously. There were times when the media was intimidated by Palin and her fanatical followers, and while the media certainly does not want to be reminded of this fact, I still remember it very well. For example, back in 2010, when I was blogging at Palingates about Sarah Palin virtually every day, it was a daily struggle against media ignorance, and it was incredibly important to expose the "real Sarah."

These days, it is also easy to forget how popular Sarah Palin actually was until she folded in October 2011. Far too many conservatives really liked her, and only several years later most of them started to see the "real Sarah." Today, the most active "anti-Palin blogs" are websites like "Red State" and "The Right Scoop", and this is a truly amazing development, and one step towards a more sane political environment (a "small" step, but still).

However, the damage that Sarah Palin has done to the political environment in the USA is huge. She promoted ignorance as well her special brand of nastiness and vindictiveness, and some people think that this paved the way for Donald Trump.

We always warned of the dangers of not properly exposing Sarah Palin, and getting her out of politics for good. While some people might be happy that Sarah Palin causes constant chaos, whatever she does, Palin also showed that even an extreme, nasty politician "can get away with it." She certainly provided the "blueprint" for others, including Donald Trump, who then knew that one could say and do the most outrageous things, and will still not be properly challenged by the media. On the contrary, you will get invited over and over again by the media, because outrageous statements also provide great ratings. Stupidity sells, and the combination "extremism, celebrity & stupidity" makes you apparently irrestible.

So that's where we are now. Donald Trump will the Republican nominee. Sarah Palin won't be his VP, but her ugly legacy remains. However, it will be interesting what happens next, as many conservatives now "morphed" into the most determined enemies of Sarah Palin, Will there be a new attempt for full exposure of this wicked woman? I doubt it, but it is certainly not totally impossible.

I am convinced at this point that Donald Trump's VP will be Newt Gingrich. He looks like the "natural choice", and the fact that "America's ugliest billionaire" Sheldon Adelson, a big friend of Newt Gingrich, now pledged to support Donald Trump, is a clear sign in my opinion that Gingrich will eventually be Trump's VP-candidate.


Jennifer Lawrence's message to Donald Trump as well as Johnny Depp's comments are very appropriate:

But should they be "afraid"...?

Maybe, Yes, Donald Trump is dangerous. I believe that he is capable of doing many evil things. He will not forget. He is even more vindictive than Sarah Palin, judging by his constant threats against critics.

In a new interview with Piers Morgan, Donald Trump openly threatens London's new (Muslim) Mayor Sadiq Khan, who criticized Trump.

Trump's quote:

"I think they're very rude statements and frankly, tell him, I will remember those statements. They're very nasty statements."

So what is "President Trump" going to do? Bomb London?


Well, as usual, we like to end our post about these clowns on a funny note. For the cartoonist, it is truly heaven on earth these days. We appreciate their efforts very much!



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