Thursday, May 5, 2016

The hostile takeover of a stricken monster: Donald Trump now owns the GOP, and will now try to bully himself into the White House - BONUS: Say goodbye to "GOP dropout" Ted Cruz!

By Patrick

So now have the situation where only Hillary Clinton stands between peace and world chaos. Well done, GOP! You as a party have successfully dug your own grave, and every sane person can now only pray that the voters won't be dumb enough to vote for Donald Trump in the general election.

What I personally find incredibly strange that our "main subject" over the years, this woman called Sarah Palin, who already as a politician was as dead as one can be, has now been "resurrected" once again, by being very close to the designated GOP candidate. This feels just incredibly surreal.

Of course it was nice to see that Sarah actually did not help Trump at all during the campaign so far, just the opposite. She merely made headlines for giving weird and disjointed speeches, and turned GOP voters off. Still, it feels strange. But in any case, if anyone can stop Donald Trump, it is probably Sarah Palin.

I personally do not believe that voters will be dumb enough to give Donald Trump a majority, but this is definitely not totally impossible. Propaganda and demagoguery can be very, very effective, and just like Donald Trump bullied his way through the GOP primary, he will try to bully his way into the White House.

It is good to see that Hillary Clinton fights back with very effective campaign adverts, as well as forceful speeches. She tweeted for example an amazingly hard-hitting advert, in which Trump was slammed by his Republican colleagues, and I also uploaded this clip to Youtube, for easier sharing:

One of the biggest problems during this GOP primary was the fact that Donald Trump was given huge amounts of free time by the US media. He did not have to run an expensive campaign, as he was given virtually all the PR he needed for free. 

The MSNBC-show "Morning Joe" played a particularly bad role in this respect, and it was refreshing to see how "Morning Joe" and his panel was called out by filmmaker Rob Reiner:

In one of the most revealing articles ever about Donald Trump, "Politico" today published a very long list about Donald Trump's statements and glaring contradictions over the years:

By the way, several months ago, "Vanity Fair" already created a terrifying "White House" parody video with Donald Trump - the puppets seem just too real:

If that's not giving you nightmares, I don't know what will! ;-)

So, what else? Oh yes, the


Say goodbye to Ted Cruz! It is important to watch the complete video for the full benefit:

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