Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The ultimate video about Donald, the born con man: Trump contradicts Trump, over and over again - UPDATE: Donald Trump advocates the killing of Hillary Clinton and/or her appointed Supreme Court judges

By Patrick

Hi guys, Kathleen and I are still on holiday, but we can make it short and simple. A new, excellent video has been published, and this one is great for sharing. Trump says the opposite of Trump, over and over again, this really needs to be seen.

Watching Donald Trump's contradictory statements is like a journey into a fantasy world, a world that only exists in Donald Trump's head. It's like black magic. He is a born con man, a person who only says what people would like to hear, and it does not bother him at all if he said something completely different in the past. Unfortunately, some people are stupid enough to believe him.

(h/t Mother Jones)




I absolutely knew that Trump would say something like that at some point - sooner or later.

The older guy with the white hair, sitting behind Trump on the right, immediately realizes that Trump said something very shocking - watch:

It can only get worse from here....

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