Monday, September 26, 2016

Let's all try to survive the first presidential debate together!

By Patrick

While some of you will try to survive the debate, I will be sound asleep in good old Europe. But I am very confident that everything will go well.

Especially for the debate, I resurrected some words from the even older good old Europe:

If only all liars would get 
Such a padlock in front of their mouth!
Instead of hatred, slander, black temper, 
Love and Brotherhood would endure. 

Quote from: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "The Magic Flute"

 Thankfully, Bloomberg will fact-check the debate live, which is great! (h/t Linda1961)


Also, Andrew Sullivan said on facebook that he will be live-blogging the debate, but the exact link has not been provided yet. It will happen on

Have fun, everybody, if that's possible! ;-)

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