Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mika vs. Don the Con

By Patrick

Just a short post today:

It is truly fascinating to see that a huge "feud" developed between Mika Brzezinski and Donald Trump. Well, Joe is somehow involved in it as well, but it is mainly about Mika and Donald. He hates to be criticized by women, as he obviously regards them as deeply inferior human beings.

This is an insane and dangerous person, and Mika is calling him out. He does not like it one bit. Yes, Mika and Joe promoted Trump in the beginning, but now things are getting really interesting.

Where is this going to end? It seems to get more serious every day - see also Trumpolini's tweet above. It is only the beginning of September, after all...

The "free press" - this is not Donald Trump's world.

In any case, Donald Trump's world looks more like this, LOL (click to enlarge):

Alternatively, like this:

OK, last one:

Take a look at the following clips from "Morning Joe" - they are well worth watching.




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