Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The best commentary about the election, and the best movie

By Patrick

Well, what is there to say during these trying times. Not much, really! Nothing is going to stop the upcoming disaster, and although Donald Trump apparently promised that he won't lead the USA into chaos straight away, but will keep a few pieces of civilization, there is not much hope. One could of course be cynical and could say "well, maybe it is good that America will finally see what right wing policies REALLY look like"....but then, too much damage will be done.

A good European comparison to Trump is actually Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian Prime Minister, who also was a successful, boastful businessman, who liked the look of scantily dressed ladies, had strong ties to the mafia, was himself deeply corrupt - and finally left Italy in a terrible state. Pretty much a carbon copy of "the Don."

OK, as promised in the title of this post, I present to you the best commentary about Donald Trump's election that I could find - click to read, it really is a "must-read":

OK, well, that was probably a bit one-sided, this analysis, haha, but in general I can highly recommend this wonderful blog called "Medium" which really deserves a larger readership! :-)

The best movie? Well, there is no contest: Of course it has to be "Idiocracy"...!

This little movie from 2006, which Fox tried to bury back then, but which then became a "cult hit" on DVD, provides the perfect narrative for the upcoming Trump-presidency.

I had to think of this movie immediately when our dear friend Leadfoot commented on the previous post:

"The reason that people like my family in Ohio watch FOXNews is because it is packaged for less educated people. They like to feel entertained. They never watched Hillary speak because they literally cannot understand the words she is using. Her vocabulary makes them feel stupid and inferior, so they hate her."

Some of you might not have seen this movie yet. You can find quite a lot of clips on youtube, even the full movie (in bad quality, though), and here are some examples:




If you have the chance to see the full movie, I can only highly recommend it - the DVD is not too expensive.

I would like to close by quoting yet another comment by Leadfoot on the previous post - because reality is always better than fiction:

"It is the same thing that has played out in my own family. I have one foot in L.A. and one foot in Ohio, where my family lives. They all voted for Trump because they are poor and stupid. But, and I have said this a million times here now, so sorry.... The economic frustration they feel is their own goddamn fault. They are LAZY. People were told 30 years ago that we were moving towards technology, and away from manufacturing. They were told to educate or re-educate themselves, and they chose not to. They chose not to leave their small towns for places where there are more opportunities. And they are PISSED OFF at those of us that did. I am sick of being told by my cousins I am a snobby bitch because I had the foresight to move away and did the hard work of getting 2 college degrees. They resent me because I became more than they did in life. And it is THEIR OWN FAULT. I am done. I will not even listen to willful ignorance and fake reality anymore. Donald feels like the world frowns upon him, just like my family does. And they are right. That makes them angry. But they fail to take any personal responsibility. Idiots!"

Very well said, Leadfoot!

Good night, and good luck!



Maya Rudolph, the former SNL-star who also head a lead role in "Idiocracy", had a very funny appearance on "Ellen" a few years ago:

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