Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today is the day when Donald Trump will lose and we all will win!

No, he won't be President, don't worry!

By Patrick

"The day" has finally arrived! Hurray! The end of Donald Trump is near!

There is so much we learned during this crazy election!

For example:

- We learned how easy it is to manipulate a very large part of the population

- We learned that it is actually possible to hide your tax returns while running for president

- We learned how somebody like Hitler could actually come to power (on a side note, the Nazis received 43,9% in the last "free" elections in March 1933, which will probably be very close to Donald Trump's result)

- We learned that even somebody like Glenn Beck is able to finally "see the light"

- We learned that most of the GOP politicans are disgusting cowards who would endorse satan if their political lives depended on it

- We learned that right-wingers like Ben Howe are actually able to realize that somebody like Trump would rule as a dictator and are not afraid to speak out against him (however, they will start to love other right-wing scumbags again pretty soon, sadly)

- We learned that democracy is very fragile, and that even after this election democracy in the USA will continue to be under threat

- We learned that politics in the USA is not a joke, but deadly serious, especially if you elect the person who will be able to blow up the world

We learned of course many, many more things - maybe you can add more examples in the comments.

It will be an exciting day! Let's praise democracy and enjoy ourselves!



Wonderful "final clip" by the Clinton campaign - "Don't stand still. Vote today."

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