Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday News Links - Sarah Palin beaten by Ron Paul; Yemen; Iran Opposition Arrests; Texas Wildfires; Charles Koch; Madison; Libya + More


CNN reports that wildfires which started on Sunday afternoon burned across more than 130,000 acres in Texas yesterday. More than 60 homes were destroyed and 1 five year old child is dead.


In the Opinion Journal section of The Wall Street Journal Charles Koch defends his right to "contribute and stand up for politicians like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker."


Steven Bowen and Alvin Drew spent around six and a half hours in space performing some scheduled tasks. Read more here.


According to a report by the BBC Iranian opposition leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, and their wives, have been taken from their homes ahead of planned demonstrations that are to take place today in Iran. Government officials have denied the reports.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes that public access to the Wisconsin State Capital will be restricted today whilst the Governor, Scott Walker, gives his speech.


Opposition groups in Yemen have turned down offers of a united government and will take to the streets today to protest against the continuation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh's rule. More at CNN.


Reuters writes that as the conflict in Libya enters its third week Muammar Gaddafi shows no signs of stepping down, even as the US repositions its air forces and gunships closer to Libya. Susan Rice, UN ambassador to the United Nations says that "Gaddafi is unfit to lead" and "disconnected from reality."

Al Jazeera reports on the humanitarian crisis in Libya


A pro Ron Paul German blogger reports that Ron Paul beat Sarah Palin to third place in a test poll for leader conducted at the Tea Party Summit held in Phoenix, Arizona at the weekend. The test poll established Ron Paul as the clear winner with 581 votes to the 149 cast for Sarah Palin who came in at a measley third place. Radio host, Herman Cain received 256 votes. It seems that the Tea Party loves Ron and see him as their leader! The German blogger definitely has the hots for Ron as he is running a moneybomb for him. Just in case you wondered we won't be donating.

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