Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday News Links -Ohio:Tim Ryan Asks Hard Questions; Egypt - Essam Sharaf; USA; Frankfurt Airport Shooting of USA Military,Palin Praises Breitbart


Crooks and Liars reports that Rep. Tim Ryan in a speech against Senate Bill 5 wants to know whether or not US workers who contribute to the wealth of society are going to have their collective bargaining rights respected. Ryan argues that workers collective rights and their pensions should be protected when the State of Ohio wants to push forward estate tax cuts which would benefit the wealthiest people in the state.


Mediate writes that Lawrence O'Donnell confirms that he believes that Sarah Palin, who is trailing Tim Pawlenty in some polls, will not run as a possible contender as GOP representative in the 2012 presidency race because she is not willing to give up her million dollar pay check from Fox. My brain says yes, Lawrence is right! But my heart says no, he isn't!


Justice John G Roberts of the Supreme Court, in a "sticks and stones will break my bones but names can never harm me" decision, ruled yesterday that hate speech is protected if it "addresses matters of public import on public property."

On the otherhand, Justice Alito thinks that "vicious verbal attacks" make "no contribution to the public debate" if they inflict further pain on private individuals who are already suffering. Link to the ruling here.

Palin inserted herself into the Court's decision here.

Wonkette broke down the meaning of her tweet and came to the view that Sarah Palin is a victim. AGAIN.


BBC has announced that Egypt's Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq, who was appointed days before Hosni Mubarack's resignation as President, has resigned. Shafiq has been replaced by Essam Sharaf who has been asked to form a new government. Reuters lists a few facts about Essam Sharaf. A twitter message reveals that Sharaf was recommended for the position by a coalition of revolution groups. The twitter was sent by Ayman Mohyeldin who is a correspondent for Al Jazeera English.


Der Spiegel reports that one US military person and a bus driver were killed, and two military personnel injured, in an incident at Frankfurt airport yesterday. A German born, 21 year old man, of Kosovo Albanian origin is in custody. The shooting took place in an unsecured area of the airport which is open to the public. Whilst German authorities are pursuing the idea that the suspect could have links to Islamist terrorist organisations they also do not rule out the fact that he may have been acting on his own.


Politico informs that Sarah Palin considers pathological liar and dirty trickster Andrew Breitbart an "invaluable asset to the conservative cause." Click the book cover to read Palin's expressions of approval.

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