Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday News Links - Nine boys killed in Pech District Afghanistan By Nato Forces : Petraeus Apologises + More


Despite Sarah Palin's plummeting poll figures and, hopefully, her lack of a political future her name and brand image still continues to draw attention. One group, however, wants to take back part of Palin's carefully crafted image, her Mamma Grizzly title. As Palin's big oil agenda is at odds with the claim to be a "Real Mamma Grizzly" the conservation group The Wilderness Society has launched a March campaign to "celebrate women of conservation" by "showing the world what Real Mamma Grizzlies stand for -- protecting the wild!" Take the pledge here and show the world what being a Real Mamma Grizzly means.


CNN reports that threats and harrasment of newspaper officials have led to the closing down of eight newspapers on the Ivory coast. The threats are said to have been made by President Laurent Gbagbo's officials and the police. Gbagbo is still holding on to power despite having been defeated last November by Alassane Ouattara. Attacks on the media have come from both sides in the struggle which has left "scores dead" amidst "concerns that the country is headed for a civil war."


BBC reporter, John Simpson, reveals that tension is increasing in Libya as air forces loyal to Gaddafi fight to take control of an oilfield in Brega and are engaged in bombing a munitions dump in Adjabiya. Meanwhile Arab league ministers will draft a resolution which rejects foreign military intervention in Libya. The General Assembly of the UN suspended Libya from membership yesterday. Watch the video.


It's been snowing in Kabul. From Reuters Pictures: Young Afghan boys wait for the bus on a roadside in the snow in Kabul March 2, 2011.

Meanwhile General Petraeus has apologised for the killing yesterday by NATO troops of nine boys all aged 12 and under in the Pech district of Kunar province. The boys were collecting firewood. President Hamid Karzai condemned the killings and his office issued a statement. "Innocent children who were collecting fire wood for their families during this cold winter were killed. Is this the way to fight terrorism and maintain stability in Afghanistan?"

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