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Sarah Palin in "red bathrobe" on Sean Hannity, Fox News: No, I won't get back into presidential race, "we have a good slate of candidates" - UPDATE

By Patrick

In one of her most memorable interviews on Fox News recently, Sarah Palin not only was wearing what looked like a red bathrobe, but also made a few noteworthy statements which are absolute proof that Sarah Palin knows very well that her career as a political celebrity is over. Unfortunately, many of her fanatical fans on Conservatives4Palin, who will probably stalk her to the end of her days, still haven't realized it yet, as numerous comments show.

This interview should be the final blow to C4P's desperate "reconsider" efforts. In fact, it appears that C4P has already started to quietly "purge" articles on their website which deal with their own "reconsider movement", because for example a link to an article by Nicole Coulter on C4P about this topic, which was mentioned in an article on "Congress Arizona", doesn't work anymore - the link gives a "Page not Found" error.

The cached page at C4P of the deleted article from November 28, titled "Ian Lazaran Talks to Neil Cavuto About the Iowa Reconsider Ad" is still available, which shows that it's not a "bad link", but that the article was in fact deleted from the C4P website. The tweet in which C4P linked to this article is also still available.

In the "red bathrobe interview" with Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin says, for example, that "today, my personal endorsement probably doesn't amount to a hill of beans at this point in the race" (at 1:20)

Asked by Sean Hannity point blank at 6:00 in the interview whether there is "any part of you that wishes you maybe did get in" (the presidential race), Sarah Palin answers with one of her epic word salads:

"No, I mean, I have the fire in my belly to see this country put back on the right track, however I can do to help us get there, I want to do that, but, you know we have a good slate of candidates and at the end of the day it will be that GOP constitutional conservative candidate whom we do need to support, we need to back this person up and let them know that we will make them adhere to what they have promised us as a candidate in order to get the country back on the right track and with sudden and relentless reform change the way Congress and the White House is conducting our business."

So she wanted to express is that her fanatical fans can get stuffed, because Sarah doesn't see herself as a politician any more, but as a "pundit", as she says at one point in the interview.

Sarah Palin skeletons in the closet caught up with her, and she knows that the closet will be opened in case she decided to run for president.

Regarding her appearance, Sarah Palin's red bathrobe is possibly not the most unusual thing in the world for housewives in Wasilla to wear, but still a noteworthy event when it comes to national television. Screenshot:

Sarah Palin - Red Bathrobe

Our wonderful reader Azure Ghost has her own take on Sarah Palin's appearance in the interview:

Sarah Palin Elmo

Thank you, Azure Ghost! What an amazing resemblance.



I found an interesting new piece of information:

C4P posted a clip with a radio interview of Sean Hannity with Sarah Palin, which happened yesterday after the "red bathrobe" interview. From about 4:15 in the clip, they talk about how you can prove or disprove that you had an affair, and Palin then starts to talk about the fact that she herself was also subject to similar allegations (Brad Hanson). Sarah then says:

"What I have done is that I have gone to the person who supposedly I had the affair with, which of course never happened, and the gentleman he made a statement along with me saying it never happened. We, we proved it, it's a done deal, the affair never happened."


But wait a moment! Never ever was there a "joint statement" by Sarah Palin and Brad Hanson. When the National Enquirer first published the allegations in 2008, Sarah was absolutely quiet and said nothing. Sarah is just making up stuff again.

But that she (possibly with Todd, her husband and enforcer) paid Brad Hanson a visit and pressured him into denying the affair, that I would believe immediately!

However, Sarah Palin's outrageous lie is even worse, because:

After Joe McGinniss then repeated the allegation this year in his brilliant book "The Rogue" that Sarah Palin had a sexual affair with Brad Hanson (an allegation which according to our own sources in Alaska is absolutely correct!), Brad Hanson finally did publish a longer statement, denying the affair. Or didn't he?

The National Enquirer had its doubts, and wrote in September 2011:

BUT did Hanson actually say and approve that statement?

When ENQUIRER reporter ALAN BUTTERFIELD went to speak to Hanson yesterday at his home in Alaska, Hanson seemed surprised that an official statement had been issued on his behalf.

Butterfield said Hanson appeared perplexed and confused when asked about the statement.

After being asked several times if he had released the statement, Hanson finally told Butterfield: “I think so,” and then he added, “Let me know what you think about it.”

A "joint statement" exists only in Sarah Palin's head. What does seem to exist is a statement by Brad Hanson which was actually put out by the Palin camp for him.

Good for Sarah Palin that she is not running for president. Her closet was filled with secrets and was just about to burst. She pulled the plug at the right moment, and she knows it's "Game Over" for her.

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